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Idyllwild area resources for home improvement and land management. Published annually by the Idyllwild Town Crier.


<ul><li><p>Homes &amp; Land ImprovementI D Y L L W I L D 2 0 1 2</p><p>Our town: A tradition of community involvementThe building of </p><p>Town HallResidents have historically stepped up to join in the effort to improve our town. As the community plans for and works toward building a new community center and playground, we look back on the history of such projects in Idyllwild. Construction of the playground is slated to begin in June, when local builders and organizers will coordinate a workforce of residents who are asked to volunteer their time to build something lasting for the benet of our town. In 1946, Idyllwild residents set the foundation for this level of community involvement when they gathered to build Town Hall.</p><p>By Ernie MaxwellPublished in the EMax Almanac, 1984</p><p>Although not entirely completed, the Idyllwild Community Building (now Town Hall) was ofcially dedicated July 10, 1947, with dancing </p><p>to the music of the Mounted Music Makers. Gene Kincaid, chamber president, was master of cer-emonies. Harold Sanborn, chair-man of the build-ing committee, was given a present and a long list of con-tributors to the project was read. A community building was cho-sen as a project late in 1945 after a committee picked to develop an annual Tahquitz Pageant decided a meeting place, rehearsal facility and place for storing costumes came rst. The Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce was </p><p>incorporated on February 6, 1946, when plans for the building were already underway. At rst, it was thought another structure now Silver </p><p>See Town Hall, page 6</p><p>Above, Locals worked to nish up the forms for the Town Hall foun-dation in December, 1946.At left, mixing con-crete for the Town Hall foundation (fore-ground, from left), Rol-lin Humber, Chuck Roberts, Vic Poates, Bill Hirsh and Jim Patton.</p><p>All photos courtesy of Idyllwild Area Histori-cal Society Museum</p><p>INSIDE: Interim Fire Chief Sherman on re safety and abatement, pg. 4; Winter, where are you? Preparing for a drought, pg. 5; Ask an Expert, pg. 7; and a short history of the Mountains and the community we love, pg. 8</p></li><li><p>Page 2 - Idyllwild Home &amp; Land Improvement Guide 2012 </p><p>Specializing in Energy-Saving Dual-Glazed Windows Sales &amp; Installation</p><p>IDYLLWILD GLASS CO.</p><p>Fireplace GlassReplacement Glass</p><p>Mirrors v SkylightsShower Enclosures</p><p> Wardrobe Mirror DoorsScreens v Sliding Patio </p><p>Doors v WindowsBrian BoettcherP.O. Box 730 v 54821 N. 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Just as Town Hall, of cially dedicated in 1947, remains a gathering place for locals today, the creation of a community center in Idyllwild will serve the town for generations, when most of us are long gone. With such a milestone on the horizon, we thoguht it appropriate to not only revisit the building of Town Hall, but the history of our mountains and their occupants. We hope youll enjoy the historical articles (on the cover and continued on page 8) that weve resurrected here, written by Town Crier founder Ernie Maxwell, and nd common threads linking our efforts today with the tradition of involvement that spans our communitys history. Were proud to be part of a community that can organize the energy and work power needed to execute projects that bene t us all. In this edition were also looking forward at the prospect a potentially volatile re season. As we near a dry winters end, IFPD Interim Fire Chief Michael Sherman urges the community to use common sense in the forest. Sherman shares helpful hints for abatement for private residents, commercial businesses and vacant lots. See page 4. Pine Cove Water Disrict conservation specialist Vicki Jakubac reminds us that conserving water should be a daily habit and reviews water conservation stages 1 through 3. For that story, see page 5. Weve added a new feature to this years Homes and Land Improvement guide. This year, we asked readers to send us their questions about home improvement and we took them to the experts. You can nd those helpful questions and answers on page 7. Id like to thank our contributors and advertisers that make special publications like this possible, and of course, the entire Town Crier staff for always producing quality publications. Remember, when in doubt hire a professional. </p><p>Greetings from Grace</p><p>From the archives: Article and photo published in the Town Crier on Sept. 22, 1967</p><p>INSIDEThe building of Town Hall, pg. 1Tips from Chief Sherman, pg. 4</p><p>Water conservation after a dry winter, pg. 5</p><p>Ask an Expert, pg. 7Plants for your local garden, pg. 7</p><p>The history of our mountains;Settling these Hills &amp; Stories from olden times, pgs. 8-11</p><p>Special thanks to our advertisers:Vicki Streeter (2), Idyllwild Glass Company (2), Kintz Construction (2); Pearson Wood Service </p><p>(2); Griner Construction (3), Forest Lumber (4); Hemet Fireplace (5); Diamond Valley Union 76 (6); The Eviction Center (7); Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council (7); Harold Voorhies (8); Chris Skeeters (8); Espinoza Firewood (8); Ballard Gas (8); Townsend Construction (9); Rainbow Gut-ters (9); Pine Cove Water District (9); Deborah </p><p>Geisinger (9); Patty Perez (9); Freys Antiques (10); Custom Choice Insurance (10); Suburban Propane </p><p>(10); Chaneys Plumbing (10); Idyllwild Garden Club (11); Padgett Design (11); Mike Reno (11); Mountains Edge Landscaping (11); Acorn Pest </p><p>Control (11) and Village Hardware (12)</p></li><li><p>Idyllwild Home &amp; Land Improvement Guide 2012 - Page 3</p></li><li><p>Page 4 - Idyllwild Home &amp; Land Improvement Guide 2012 </p><p>P.O. Box 24854200 Pine Crest</p><p>659-2609659-9691 FAX</p><p>Front row: Kaleigh Cumberland, Julia Lister, Bob Waltz, Wendy Fender, Jeff Adams and Jim Adams; back row: Tim Gilbert, Daniel DeJarnette, </p><p>Nathan DeJarnette and Eric Sleme</p><p>Everything you need for your home or your 2nd home!</p><p>L IGHTING BUG CONTROL INSULATION ELECTRICAL NEEDS</p><p>LU</p><p>MB</p><p>ER</p><p> SC</p><p>RE</p><p>EN</p><p> DO</p><p>OR</p><p>S N</p><p>AIL</p><p>SW</p><p>IND</p><p>OW</p><p>S </p><p> PA</p><p>INT</p><p> T</p><p>OO</p><p>LS</p><p> S</p><p>IGN</p><p>S</p><p>SUMMER FLOWERS WINDOW GLASS PLUMBING HARDWARE</p><p>FOREST LUMBER</p><p>Since 1949</p><p>Mon.-Sat. 8 am-5 pmSun. 9 am-1 pm</p><p>Common Sense in the Forest We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful environ-ment. As Americans we have the freedom to move about this great country and choose to live wherever it suits us best. Many of us choose to either live full-time or part-time in the beautiful mountains that exist in Southern California. I know, as the interim re chief, I will only be in Idyllwild for a short time, but my beautiful wife Betty and I lived our last 5-1/2 years in a mountain environ-ment very similar to Idyllwild. This brings me to the efforts of this writing, common sense. In my more than 37 years in the re service, 26 years as a re chief, I have noticed that people tend to get along better and have happier lives when common sense prevails. This is true both in interactions with each other and especially with government where many times common sense cant be found. My specic topic is common sense in the forest. Heres how this applies to the forests that we live in. We have the great privilege of living here and one of our respon-sibilities is to maintain a safe environment where we live. If someone moved in next to you and was storing open 100-gallon containers of gasoline, you would probably object. One of your concerns would be safety. The regu-lators would agree with you because of the greater good for the community. I nd it interesting that re departments are forced to use wildland abatement laws like Public Resource Code 4291 because a few people dont get it. To me, it is just basic common sense. Since we live in one of the most hazardous wildland re areas in the world, you would think individuals would want to ensure a re safe envi-ronment. It is denitely for the communitys greater good that each of us maintain a re safe environment on the property we own, whether it is a commercial business, a </p><p>Sitting around the campre by Michael B. Sherman, Interim Fire Chief</p><p>vacant lot or a residence. So, what might common sense look like in our for-est? If you are admiring your beautiful piece of property, look up, look down and look all around. If you look up, check your rain gutters and roof for pine needles and debris. While still looking up, check the condition of your chimney screen. Are tree limbs hanging onto the roof or into the reach of embers from your re place? When was the last time your chimney was cleaned? Is your roof constructed of ammable material? If your eaves have openings, are they screened? What is the condition of the paint on the siding and eaves? When you look down, are you standing in light ashy fuels (grass and light vegetation)? Does that fuel run con-tiguously to larger ammable materials such as woodpiles, the siding of outbuildings, under wood decks or to the house walls? Are other stacked or piled ammable materi-als close to outbuildings or the sides of the house? When you look all around, can you see through the forest near your home? If you cant, why not? Is it the tremendous density of the trees and bushes? If so, do you know that extremely dense forested areas are often less healthy and are overly subject to stress and dying than a properly thinned forest? Is your view restricted because of low hanging branches from large trees that intertwine with lower vegetation to create what are called ladder fuels? Is your access to your property just barely wide enough for your small car to get to the property? How about a re engine or ambulance? Is your address posted in a highly visible area? If many of the above conditions apply to your prop-erty, consider both the effect those things could have on your safety as well as the safety of the community and its residents. If common sense prevails and individuals take </p><p>necessary steps to mitigate the above conditions we will all live a happier life in the forest. If not, those charged with enforcement, the U.S. Forest Service, CAL FIRE and Idyllwild Fire will nd it necessary to be the mediator for the good of the community. I personally have always favored using the carrot instead of the stick, so please use some common sense and help our mountain forest remain healthy for all to enjoy. If you need help in being re safe, please contact the above agencies, Forest Care or the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council. They really are available to help make this community a safer place. Also, remember your neighbors. Sometimes individuals for one reason or another (disabled, elderly, or nances) cant help themselves as easily as many of us can. When possible, lend a hand or let others know of the need. We truly are blessed to live or visit our mountain forest, so lets extend that blessing to others by doing our part to be a re safe community. If a catastrophic re consumes our forest, the ora, fauna, wild critters, our pets, the community, and we will all suffer loss. That loss will be the loss of the pleasure of living in this beautiful environ-ment. And by the way, campres in Idyllwild are restricted to campgrounds and during high re danger season, re-stricted entirely. Check with the re department for more information. Its time to put out the dog and douse the re.</p></li><li><p>Idyllwild Home &amp; Land Improvement Guide 2012 - Page 5</p><p>Contractors Lic.#717572</p><p>HEMET STORE: 1960 E. Florida Ave., Hemet (951) 658-2778</p><p>OUR NOW-FAMOUS GAS LOG SPECIAL!24 log set, ONLY $149 and </p><p>18 log set, JUST $129!What a Deal!</p><p> HEMET FIREPLACE &amp; BBQ</p><p>Above offers valid through March 17, 2012</p><p>HEATING PELLETSBagged Bear Mountain pellets ONLY $7.49 (a low ash and low klinker pellet)</p><p> BBQCHIMNEY </p><p>SWEEPINGKeep your family &amp; home </p><p>safe with a chimney cleaning</p><p>from Hemet Fireplace. Call our sales </p><p>associates for schedules </p><p>&amp; pricing</p><p>BIS NOVAEPA-approved wood burning </p><p> replace. 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