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Imagine a high school that has perfected the art of arts education. It's Idyllwild Arts Academy, a close-knit, working community of students and teachers whose passion for the arts is balanced by a dedication to learning. Idyllwild Arts offers a disciplined college preparatory program for grades 9-12 and post-graduatesalong with world-class training in creative writing, dance, film & video, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre and visual art.


<ul><li><p>IdyllwildA R T S ACA D E M Y</p></li><li><p>You dream about the life you want. You know you can make it happen someday. </p><p>Now imagine a school where you can live that life, a place where you can reach </p><p>the heights youre dreaming aboutnow. If this is your dream, then Idyllwild </p><p>Arts Academy is your dream come true. Imagine living, working and study-</p><p>ing in a community of people like yourselfa community powered by talent, </p><p>driven by dreams, a community of students and teachers who are passionate </p><p>about the arts. That is the Idyllwild Arts Academy, the only arts-based board-</p><p>ing school on the West Coast, and one of only three independent boarding </p><p>high schools (grades 9-12) for the arts in the United States. At Idyllwild, the </p><p>arts infuse and inform all aspects of your life and learning, whether you are </p><p>deep in rehearsals, immersed in a project, learning French in preparation for </p><p>a trip to France or exploring advanced concepts in math. We look at the world </p><p>as you do, through the eyes of an artist. That is what we mean by an arts-</p><p>based education. We are dreamers here, but serious ones. The work is hard. </p><p>We offer you a rigorous college-preparatory education as well as world-class </p><p>training and opportunities in the fine and performing artsthe possibilities </p><p>are boundless.</p><p>We are dreamers here, but serious ones.</p></li><li><p>Throughout the day, we challenge you to think critically and search deeply for connections.</p><p>We are here to educate the whole you. In fact, although we divide the school day between </p><p>academic courses (which begin at 8:00 and run until 1:00) and specific arts training (which </p><p>varies by discipline and occupies the afternoon and, often, the evening), we make no </p><p>distinction in our approach to education between you as an academic student and you as </p><p>an arts major. </p><p>At Idyllwild, you are simply yourself, and you will find the artists perspective as pervasive </p><p>in your academic courses as in your arts training. In the words of one of our academic </p><p>department heads, We see artists as the prime movers of our culture, and we work hard to </p><p>impart that belief to our students.</p><p>Throughout the day, we challenge you to think critically and search deeply for connections. </p><p>The intellectual environment is similar to collegewe encourage you to work hard and to </p><p>be responsible for your choices. Youll find your teachers supportive and eager to help you </p><p>work independently. Because our academic curriculum includes the traditional sequence </p><p>of English, history, math, science, foreign language and physical education courses, you will </p><p>graduate ready to enter top colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. If you </p><p>are an international student, our English as a Second Language (ESL) program will prepare </p><p>you for higher education in the United States.</p><p>A R T S &amp; A C A D E M I C S</p></li><li><p>You will also be prepared to compete for admission to world-class conservatories, art schools and professional companies. </p><p>Our arts program provides demanding pre-professional training in dance, music, visual art, theatre, moving pictures, </p><p>and creative writing. You can major in any of these disciplines or combine your interests as an Interdisciplinary Arts major. </p><p>While the curriculum varies according to discipline, the work required by each department reflects our commitment to </p><p>training the whole artist. Your teachers at Idyllwild are professionals who will work closely with you to help you develop </p><p>the skill, discipline and knowledge to mature as an artist. As one arts teacher remarked, Students reach plateaus at </p><p>Idyllwild, but we dont let them stay there.</p><p>Whatever your passion, we will challenge you to work to your highest level of achievement and share with you pride in </p><p>your accomplishments.</p></li><li><p>Think of yourself here as an apprentice in the writers craft, </p><p>striving to master the intricacies of giving voice, style and </p><p>form to imagination and emotion. It is difficult, painstaking </p><p>and exhilarating work. You will learn to read closely, think </p><p>critically and practice disciplined revision.</p><p>WRITINGCreative</p></li><li><p>WRITING</p></li><li><p>In workshops you will develop the writing and </p><p>language skills to explore a variety of literary </p><p>genres and the vocabulary to offer intelligent, </p><p>supportive feedback to your fellow writers. </p><p>We will encourage your creative powers and </p><p>prepare you for the demands of competitive </p><p>college writing programs.</p><p>C R E AT I V E W R I T I N G</p></li><li><p>Faculty members are professional writers and teachers who will work closely </p><p>with you as you hone your craft and experience the process of literary creation. </p><p>Together, you can design independent study projects focused on your particular </p><p>interests. Specialized literature courses, focusing on analytical skills and the </p><p>study of technique, complement the writing workshops because we want you </p><p>to understand the relationship between meaning and an authors choice of </p><p>narrative style, point of view, structure and characterization. Masterclasses </p><p>by guest artists such as international bestselling author Brady Udall and </p><p>Colorado Prize for Poets winner G.C. Waldrep provide insight into the writing </p><p>life, while workshops with faculty and writers-in-residence allow you to study </p><p>a wide variety of genres in depth, from poetry and fiction to playwriting and </p><p>screenwriting. Students studying playwriting collaborate with the Theatre </p><p>Department for a staged reading of their work.</p><p>All students regularly give public readings, submit work to important writing </p><p>contests for high school students as well as print and online journals, and apply </p><p>for summer program scholarships. Other professional experiences, such as off </p><p>campus events and funding opportunities, are pursued.</p><p>...from poetry and fiction to playwriting and screenwriting.</p></li><li><p>As a young dancer, youve been </p><p>dreaming about your future. When </p><p>you arrive at Idyllwild, you will find </p><p>your vision enlarging to embrace new </p><p>opportunities. Our job is not simply </p><p>to train you as a dancer, but to help </p><p>you discover your natural role in the </p><p>world of professional dance. Free to </p><p>focus on and experiment with dance, </p><p>many of our dance majors reshape </p><p>their childhood dreams.</p><p>DANCE</p></li><li><p>Rigorously trained ballet students may blossom in </p><p>jazz or modern dance. Students once intent on lives as </p><p>performers sometimes discover that they were born </p><p>to choreograph. Whatever direction your dream takes </p><p>you, as an Idyllwild dancer, you will have the technical </p><p>and artistic versatility to succeed. Our curriculum </p><p>concentrates on both technical expertise and artistic </p><p>expression. At the core is ballet, which provides an </p><p>appreciation of beauty, the joy of movement and </p><p>an awareness of the human body as a finely tuned </p><p>instrument. You will prepare for the stage by working </p><p>daily on the artistic aspects of theatrical dancing: style </p><p>and projection, phrasing and musicality. By applying </p><p>the laws of physics to the principles of classical ballet, </p><p>we help you acquire healthy and efficient movement </p><p>habits. You will then apply these skills to the other </p><p>dance techniques you will study every week, such as </p><p>modern and jazz. Through the classwork in modern </p><p>dance, you will learn to use weight, gravity, space and </p><p>D A N C E</p></li><li><p>Whatever direction your dream takes you... you will have the technical and artistic versatility to succeed.</p><p>momentumall natural sources for movementas </p><p>the basis for technical ability and choreographic </p><p>creativity. With its emphasis on the articulation of the </p><p>torso and pelvis, modern dance training will help you </p><p>develop the strong and supple body necessary for a </p><p>long career.</p><p>Our schedule also includes classes in dance composi-</p><p>tion, anatomy, body conditioning, tap, dance history, </p><p>music for dancers and dance appreciation. As part of </p><p>our injury prevention program, you will be evaluated </p><p>individually once a year by a kinesiology consultant, </p><p>and you will learn the best ways to accelerate your </p><p>progress in terms of strength and flexibility.</p><p>All of our dance majors participate in the master </p><p>classes offered throughout the school year by visiting </p><p>guest teachers. Our proximity to Los Angeles and San </p><p>Diego gives us easy access to performances by the </p><p>worlds most renowned dance organizations.</p></li><li><p>ARTSInterdisciplinaryAs an Interdisciplinary Arts major at Idyllwild, collaboration and exploration </p><p>in two or more disciplines of your choosing, will be your primary approach. </p></li><li><p>The goal of the Interdisciplinary Arts major at Idyllwild Arts Academy is the cultiva-</p><p>tion of a community of thoughtful, creative and aware artists who are versatile, </p><p>accomplished and articulate. The program is designed to provide a wide variety </p><p>of experiences and training in two or more disciplines of the students choosing. </p><p>In addition to the core Interdisciplinary Arts curriculum, students schedules are </p><p>tailored to their individual interests, encompassing intensive training in at least </p><p>two areas of the arts. </p><p>I N T E R D I S C I P L I N A R Y A R T S</p></li><li><p>Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary </p><p>Arts program study the relationships among </p><p>various art forms, as well as new and tradi-</p><p>tional movements in the arts. An emphasis </p><p>on critical thinking and evaluative skills is an </p><p>integral part of the program. </p><p>In the first year, the core curriculum provides an introduction to artistic apprecia-</p><p>tion and practice and studio habits for the less experienced artist. The processes of </p><p>creation and training are studied in depth. The Interdisciplinary Arts major is a </p><p>place where students can explore different disciplines, leading to choice of and </p><p>commitment to one of our pre-professional majors, or continued exploration, </p><p>leading to a lifelong appreciation of the arts.</p><p>An emphasis on critical thinking and evaluative skills is an integral part of the program.</p></li><li><p>Lights, camera, action! If you want to tell stories through </p><p>moving images, well help you translate your ideas into </p><p>film, video, and multimedia. In our Department of Moving </p><p>Pictures youll hone your talent and get the solid education </p><p>and technical expertise youll need to pursue your dream.</p><p>PICTURESMoving</p></li><li><p>PICTURES</p></li><li><p>Film schools are looking for the great visual storytellers of tomorrow, people with a distinctive voice and knowledge of literature and the humanities. </p><p>Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor, and as you develop your projects, youll find versatile talent all around you. In addition to screenwriting, </p><p>film history, acting for the camera, and scoring, youll learn the practical craft of production, using cutting-edge digital equipment. Youll use our </p><p>sound stage, editing stations, and specialized software to shoot, edit, and dub your productions.</p><p>Film schools are looking for the great visual storytellers of tomorrow...</p><p>M O V I N G P I C T U R E S</p></li><li><p>Our mountaintop campus outside of Los Angeles is ideally located to tap industry talent. </p><p>Youll work with some of the most accomplished names in the business. Recent master </p><p>classes featured a designer (The Majestic) on creating storyboards, a key grip (About </p><p>Schmidt) on laying dolly track, a cinematographer (Paris Is Burning) on lighting scenes, </p><p>and an operator (Being John Malkovich) on handling a Steadicam.</p><p>By the time you apply to leading college and university film programs, youll definitely </p><p>have the edge.</p></li><li><p>As a musician, you will find an inspiring and </p><p>encouraging haven at Idyllwild. In the solitude of </p><p>a pine forest, your aspirations become realities. </p><p>Our graduates are among the most serious and </p><p>talented musicians of today who go on to the </p><p>finest colleges and conservatories in the world.</p><p>MUSIC</p></li><li><p>MUSIC</p></li><li><p>Your music curriculum will focus on performance and be supplemented by </p><p>classes such as music theory and history. While nearly one third of our student </p><p>body is music majors, classes remain small with great emphasis placed on </p><p>personalized attention. Students attend weekly private lessons from the finest </p><p>professionals in Southern California. Your studies are further enhanced with </p><p>master classes and recitals by some of the worlds leading performers.</p><p>M U S I C</p></li><li><p>In addition to solo practice time, our instrumentalists rehearse several hours a week in chamber ensembles. Pianists study piano literature, keyboard </p><p>skills and accompanying. Voice majors participate in voice performance and ensemble classes, study diction for singers and opera literature. Jazz </p><p>students learn to improvise and work with combos to develop an individualized style. Guitarists can participate in classical and jazz ensembles.</p><p>While some ensembles are open to all students, participation in performances of the Idyllwild Arts Academy Orchestra, one of the premier youth </p><p>orchestras in the world, is by audition only. The IAAO performs regularly on campus, in and around Southern California and has given concerts in </p><p>prestigious venues across the United States.</p><p>Our job is to prepare all of you for a wide range of successful professional careers in music.</p></li><li><p>THEATREThe resources to make a successful life in the </p><p>theatre are already within you. Discovering, </p><p>understanding, developing and, ultimately, </p><p>trusting themthat will be your fundamental </p><p>task as a Theatre Arts student here.</p></li><li><p>THEATRE</p></li><li><p>Our department is Stanislavsky based, and we incorporate self-use techniques to guide you </p><p>toward greater self-awareness. This is concentrated pre-professional training for serious </p><p>students of theatrethe same level and intensity of training you will find in college-level </p><p>conservatory theatre programs.</p><p> This is concentrated pre-professional training for serious students of theatre...</p><p>Theatre faculty will help you develop a program of study based on personal interest </p><p>and your level of training, assessed by auditions each fall. Prior to your junior year, </p><p>we encourage you to take courses in related disciplines such as music or visual art. At </p><p>the start of your junior year, you will select one of three areas of concentration: acting, </p><p>design, or musical theatre. Actors and musical theatre students study movement, </p><p>combat, dance, voice and speech, theatre history, mask for characterization, and </p><p>improvisation, as well as the required sequence of acting classes. A musical theatre </p><p>concentration requires additional study of voice, music theory, dance and participation </p><p>in a musical theatre repertory workshop. </p><p>T H E AT R E</p></li><li><p>In the design concentration, technical classes like costume and </p><p>make-up design, scene painting and stage management provide </p><p>vital career skills and critical insight into the many components that </p><p>make up a theatrical production.</p><p>Sustaining a career in the world of professional theatre requires </p><p>extraordinary determination, discipline and drive. Helping you </p><p>understand that reality, we believe, is the best preparation for </p><p>making intelligent choices about higher education and your career.</p></li><li><p>Visualize this: art studios open and accessible throughout the </p><p>day and evening, all the materials you need at your fingertips, </p><p>a work space entirely your own, exposure to a variety of studio </p><p>arts, and personalized attention from t...</p></li></ul>