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Crash Course on Creativity. Challenge Assumption 2


  • ChallengeAssumption 2 About the Snoring these are our ideas
  • Bedding
  • 1, , 10An automatic bed that tilts to one side when the snores are too loud, forcing the snorer toassume a distinct positionAn automatic bed that lifts the head if the noise is loudAn intelligent bed that will learn the snorers comfort sleeping position and little by littleforces any other position into the right one and at the same time preventing the snorer tosleep on his backSound proof night pod bedsCreate a bed with a little incline.A recliner that absorbs the snoring sound but you have to sleep sitting upAn intelligent bed that works like the ocean rolling you over so you dont settle into asnoring positionBeds with infused smells like camomile which keeps you asleep no matter what noise thesnorer makesBed sheets that wrap around you like elastics and keep you on your side and from snoringBeds that slosh like water beds but louder to drown out the other noise
  • Recycling
  • , 11, , 20A wireless iPhone charger, which gets charged through the snoring soundEar plugs which convert the snoring sound to music waves which enhance the sleepingpleasureAn electronic device which would turn the snoring sound into musical wavesTrap the air that comes out of the mouth while snoring in a cylinder and then use it topower a small windmillNight lamps which produce beautiful shades through the snoring sound energyAA or AAA battery charger which uses the vibrations produced by the snoring sound torecharge the batteries, which in turn can be used for different appliancesWater alarm clock that doubles as sound absorption so even if you do snore all anyonehears if the dripping of waterTaking the water alarm and add a microphone that not only absorbs sound but feeds backto your headphones so you wake up to stop snoringUnderwear with sensors for snoring vibrations that links to a wireless phone so itrecharges and wakes you if too loudUSB clips that harness snoring to run your computer, and run funky night lamp shadeswhich have coordinating music, if snoring hits certain decibel it switches to punk rock towake you.
  • , 21, , 24USB clips that go to your computer and hook up to an online piano, when you snore musicplays so youll sing alongTape that goes across your mouth, picks up vibrations from snoring and uses energy tocharge your carA special vacum that picks up your exhaled air and noises and recharges the vacume withit.Fish that are trained to swim faster when they hear snoring creating energy to spinturbines and make electricity
  • Sleepingarrangements
  • , 25, , 27A testdrivesnore hotel where the couple can check if they can sleep together smoothlyA sound proof room wouldnt allow the snoring sound to pass on to other roomsSleep in another room, another house, another town, another country
  • Personal Action
  • , 28, , 39Go on a diet (sometimes snoring is due to weight)Do relaxing exercises (snoring can be stress related)Have surgeryTry meditationMedication which prevents throat muscles relaxing during sleep timeA medicine, which gives you a one nights relief from snoringGet a divorceRun 20 miles before bed, youre so tired that snoring doesnt wake youSpray yourself with skunk repellent so snorers dont want to sleep beside youUse itching plants like poison ivy on snorers, so they scratch instead of snoreBorrowing someones baby to cry all night so neither of you sleep, and then sleep well thenext nightWatch 2 slasher movies everynight before bed so you cant go to sleep anyway
  • , 40, , 50Chop off his/her headKick him/her hard enough to send him/her flying off the bedSmother his/her faceHave a siesta during the day to catch up on sleepTurn on the radio at a low volume to create an overriding noiseGet used to the soundGet drunk every night so you are too unconscious to noticeMake him/her stay awake all nightThreaten no sex if he/she doesnt go to a doctorGet him/her to wear a mask that muffles the soundSend him/her back home to mother
  • Accessories
  • 51, , 65A sound proof night capA mouth guard that inflates opening the mouth when the snoring gets too loudAn intelligent pillow that will inflate or deflate if the snores are too loud, forcing the snorerto change positionA head gear with a grip attached to the tongue to prevent if from folding into the throatEarplugs that will prevent the snoring waking sleepersEarplugs for the snorer that amplify the noise to levels where the snorer is woken upA cap with an extension to the mouth that will automatically close the mouth if the noise istoo loudA mask that pulls the air into de lungsEarplugs for the partnerA silicone based tongue holder, which keeps the tongue in the right place to avoid snoringFoam based ear plugs which filter soundA sound pulling machine which hangs about a foot over the snorer (like a mic) andabsorbs all the snoring soundA robot which pokes you when the snoring gets loudA BB app which tells you which is the best posture for you to sleep in, so that the snoringsound is minimisedA device that trains your mind to get used to the snoring sound
  • , 66, , 75A wrist clock that reminds you what not to eat when bed time is comingWhen the snoring gets too loud measured by a device attached to the nose that triggers asignal in the device (nose tickle) that mildly annoys the snorer, forcing him to changesleeping positionAn electric teaser (mild) that your couple can apply to the snorer when the snoring getstoo loudA Grandmother voice tells you stop snoring and there is a mouth guard that keeps yourtongue held down if you dont listen. It then gives your tongue a shock.Grandmother cloud, hooked to the computer with an ear piece. When your breathingrhythm changes a grandmothers voice gives you encouragement not to snoreGirl Guide Cookies filled with laughing gas that you take before bed which give you gigglesduring the night and disrupt collapse of throat walls.A stretch cap with sensors that talk to the smart pillow so you can alter your brainwaveswhen the pillow picks up snoring, and talks to you so you can roll over and stop.Underwear that senses your body vibrations and shocks you when you hit a certain level ofsound so you wake up and stop snoring.An App for your phone that is based in Hypnosis, you can keep it beside your bed and it tellsyou to act like youre eating something which disrupts the airflow and stops the snoringSpecial pet dogs that are trained so you can curl around them and it keeps you on yourside to lessen the noise.
  • , 76, , 87Special pet dogs that are trained so you can curl around them and it keeps you on yourside to lessen the noise.Beer infused with throat muscle toner that works on the walls of the throat muscles toprevent them collapsingA recliner that has a separate head pillow that absorbs the sound and inflates/deflates ifpicks up snoringAn alarm clock that rewards you with bursts of smells like bacon and coffee all night longas long as you dont snoreGum that makes your throat muscles tense so they dont collapse and make noiseNeck massage tool that gives pulses for the inside to tone muscles so they dont collapseand the outside to tone flabby skinIpad App that is linked to your brainwaves which tells a story and asks you questions whilesleeping so your mouth answersA sensor that releases lemon juice into your mouth when you snore to make you puckerand stop the soundA robot which pokes you when the snoring gets loudCandies taken before bed that freeze your throat muscles and lessen snoringA video game you play that trains your brain to sleep through all noise except your alarmTape you put across your nose that picks up vibrations and closes your nostrils, stoppingthe noise
  • , 88, , 99Books that you write in before bed and the words get played back to you in a story if youwake up, will put you to sleepSlipper that use acupunture before bed which make you temporarily deaf from snoringnoisesSocks you wear to bed that massage your feet and keep you from going into deep snoringLip gloss with plant extracts that keeps your tongue asleep and lessens snoring noisesEarplus that spray sleeping gas directly into your brain so you sleep through any noiseAir humidifier that you plug in which makes ocean noises and distributes sleeping gasesStuffed animal that when you squeeze it gives off sleeping botanicals to put you to sleepagainA dance class especially taken just before bed with snow sleep filled moves and musicA toothpick bed insert that can be put on the snorers side to keep him on the edge of sleepIce cream with sleep ingredients a tasty treat that makes you sleep through everythingIpod docking station that senses the snoring and turns on music to wake the snorerTshirt for sleeping that have a smell built in, too many vibrations will release a nasty smellthat wakes you up
  • , 100, , 103Running shoes that link with your ipod, during the day it gives you suggestions on ways tostop snoring as you walkPlaydough that