Ideas for Halloween Chilling Haunted House Decorating Ideas

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Ideas for Halloween Chilling Haunted House Decorating Ideas


<p>Ideas for halloween: Chilling Haunted House Decorating IdeasDecorate adefrightfulparlor!</p> <p>Assemble the spirits in the parlor after dinner for a lively chat. The room will have a to-die-for ambiance with a gothic mansion makeover featuring a room roll, spooky portraits and an ominous black fringe above the mantel made with a shredded table cover. Keep clicking for more cheeky ideas to turn your space into a Down-tombmansion!Get Discounts with Party City Coupon Codes, Promotions, Party City Coupons! Find and share coupons athereShare some conversation with this chilling chap!</p> <p>Seat a spine-tingling guest on the couch to greet new arrivals to the party! A bowler hat and bloody white rose attached to his ribs give him his funeral-chic party attire. Place a frightening feline companion nearby to tickle the funny bone of onlookers.</p> <p>Skulls rest (in peace) on the mantel</p> <p>Create a marvelously macabre mantel with a row of skulls on display. Give the scene an even more sinister atmosphere with a "bloody" candelabra, cobwebs and creep-tastic vintage portraits. A raven peeking out of the shadows will chill your (living) guests to the bone!</p> <p>The walls have eyes!</p> <p>Replace artwork with spooky portraits and statues for an ominous atmosphere. Make guests feel like they're being watched with a variety of spooky "portrait" scene setters showing people who are better off dead. A serene Medusa bust glows green and bursts into shrieks when unsuspecting guests walk by talk about stone-cold scary!</p> <p>Create a haunting hearth with a pile of skulls!</p> <p>Give the fireplace a graveyard feel with a stack of skulls and cemetery fences. Pile skulls in different sizes by the grate as a decaying bundle of kindling. A glow-in-the-dark skull among his friends will give guests a spooky surprise should the lights mysteriously go out!</p> <p>Throw a to-die-for gothic dinner party!</p> <p>Be the spirit guide to a gathering of skeletons, spooks and things that go bump in the night! Skeletal gents like this one make the atmosphere for your dining room along with candles as mood lighting, a centerpiece of skulls and a dapper dinner guest hes been waiting a long time for dinner to be served!</p> <p>These two are the "life" of the party!</p> <p>Seat a couple skeletal sweethearts at the table to get the rest of your party ghosts talking. This dearly departed couple is dressed to impress in their "haunt" couture consisting of a top hat and bow tie for the gent, and a hair bow for the lady they wouldnt be caught alive in anything else!</p> <p>Tickle their funny bone with "shots" in the arm!</p> <p>Your ghoul-friends will shriek with delight when they snatch a drink from this festively freaky barware. Add a scattering of bones and skulls around the arm to make it seem like this skeleton server was dismantled before the party started!</p> <p>A grim gathering place for reapers</p> <p>Hang these grinning ghouls from the chandelier to keep guests on edge! These graveyard creepers will loom eerily over the party, watching all who pass under. Now that's some creepy mood lighting!</p> <p>These pets have gathered for a bare-bones menagerie</p> <p>Stay was the last command Spot ever learned. Spook your guests with a puppy skeleton thats so cute its creepy. Make her the focal point of a bony vignette beside a skull, a starved spider, snakes and a cat thatfinallycaught the ratit was the last thing he did!</p> <p>A disturbing skull pile teeming with rats and snakes!</p> <p>Make a pile of skulls in a corner and it's the perfect hideout for hairy rats and slithery snakes. Up theeek!with a black crow perched on the top. Spread cobwebs and bloody boards on the wall behind it for a super-creepy scene!</p> <p>Dogs, rats and snakes make afetchingvignette</p> <p>The dog has a bone to pick with the rat! Set up a couple skeletons chewing on a snake beside a knocked-over chair and cobwebs to make the scene look daringly disheveled. Place rats and owls on the fringes, because no haunted house is complete without scavengers they think its a hoot!</p> <p>Every haunted mansion needs a huuuuuge spider!</p> <p>Grand-Daddy Long Legs is watching! Make this spider skeleton a web by hanging bloody boards on a window and spreading out cobwebs. For a more bone-chilling look, add a few small spiders around the webs and a rat on the window.</p> <p>Mason jars + crawly creatures = spooky specimen jars!</p> <p>To make this macabre scene, prepare yellow gelatin in a few Mason jars. Once set, cut a slit in the top of the gelatin to insert a glow stick and a critter of your choice we used spiders, rats and scorpions. Add some black gauze and a skeleton crow and your sickly specimen jars will really creep out your visitors. Oooooh!</p> <p></p>