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Post on 13-Jul-2015




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  • PhotoshopEffect ideas:Cassette tapes foran Indie/vintage look.I thought of using stamps because I thought It went with the title Outside The Box and this Also looked vintage.Splatter print effect stamp on Photoshop, there were a rangeto chose from so I put most onhere. I chose to use grey so itwouldnt look so harsh and wouldstill be neutral.

  • All of these photos have inspired my own photo shoot. There are pictures from Josh Rothstein, MissBliss Photography,Samuel Bradley and Vicki Roach. I like these images because they are all decent clear portraits that all show peoplewith different expressions, ad they all caught my eye. For my front cover I think Im going to do a simple portrait in black and white.

  • Text Style Ideas:USP:My magazine caters to the tastes of the alternative music Listeners as there are not enough magazines That cater to this demographic.