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Presented By: Rahul Dutt Avasthy - 8 Ankit Jain - 23 Gaurav Saxena - 49 Agamdeep Singh – 59 Integrated Marketing Communication of ICICI Bank Ltd.

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integrated marketing communication presentation of ICICI bank, an ICICI advertisements


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Presented By: Rahul Dutt Avasthy - 8Ankit Jain - 23 Gaurav Saxena - 49Agamdeep Singh – 59

Integrated Marketing Communication

of ICICI Bank Ltd.

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Hum hain na!


India’s second largest bank 614 branches and

extension counters 2200 ATM’S Biggest private sector bank

in India Most valuable bank in India

in terms of market capitalization

Described by the competitors and industry expert in one word – “Aggressive”

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Hum hain na!

Firsts in the Industry

Introduced concept of branding in the Indian banking industry

Process, People and Physical evidence – brought to life by ICICI

Product Innovation Introduction of DSA’s Unleashed the power of the internet First bank to focus on retail banking as a driver

for growth Comprehensive data centre availability & data

protection solutions

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Global Brand Ambassador: Shah Rukh Khan


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Focus areas of marketing effort

Target marketing and customer acquisition

Share of wallet Channel strategy and management Relationship management and

database marketing Product development & innovation Credit approval

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Basis for segmentation Occupation Different products for different occupational

segment identified Income Minimum balance serves as a income segment

barrier Geographical Concentrated on Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities trying to

extend reach Age Different products like student account

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DifferentiatedMarketing Strategy

Tailors its marketing campaigns to meet the needs of its target prospects

Creates differentiated product offering for different segment

Use of technology in tracking customer segment

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Positioning Core proposition – ‘Hum hain na’ – trust,

credibility, total financial solution provider (brought about through its cross selling effort)

Modernization – process and physical evidence – technology as the backbone and accelerator

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Product Promotion

Aimed at generating sales

Communicates product features and benefits

Mainly through print media

Point of purchase promotion tools for different products to reach the relevant customer segment



Product Branding

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360 Degree Marketing

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Ad Campaign – Safer. Simpler. Smarter


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Ad Campaign – Hum Hain Na


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Latest Ad Campaign – Vishwas hai to sab kuch hai


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Public RelationsPurpose - To deliver communication that is uniform in its

message and yet customized for specific target audiences

Media relations Press conferences Press Releases 1-1 interviews

Investor relations

Analyst relations

Government relations

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Print Ads


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Outdoor Activities ‘Need to be seen…


Events at corporate campus

Promotional material at channel partner outlets

Billboards Signboards Kiosks in residential

and commercial complexes

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Awards & Events


The ‘Emerging India Awards recognize and reward India's most globally-competitive SMEs whose business practices are at par with global giants.

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Hum hain na!

Other Initiatives In-film promotions – Baghban

Co-Branding Initiatives Alliance with Amway India for launch

of the international credit card. The card will enable Amway distributors to purchase Amway products and earn and redeem reward points

Indian Railways Catering And Tourism Development Corporation, in conjunction with ICICI Bank, announced the launch of mobile payments and ticketing system, offering IRCTC customers to book railway tickets via SMS and make payments through their ICICI Bank accounts

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Other Initiatives

Cross brand associations - acquiring databases of high net worth clientele of lifestyle products : Tie-up with ‘Woven Hues’

Young Stars Account – Promotion through tie-up with Cartoon Network, and in-series promotion through Tom & Jerry

Seminars in partnership with media channels

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Go Green Campaign

Green Products & Services Green Engagement Green Communication Green Partners

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Customer Education Series


ICICI Bank's communication strategy steered towards• customer education• category development

The bank started the 'Safe Banking' series to educate customers on best practices for banking safely and the 'Customer Education' series to educate customers on the details of different products and offerings.

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