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Do you need to create a digital video wall? ICE AV Technology has a range of solutions within our LED product range. From LED screens designed to roll up, front and rear opening, out doors and indoors, large and small there is a solution. The modular tile LED units are effective as they do not have the bulk of typical metal cabinet screens. They are ideal for effects, digital signage, ideal as a rental unit, portability, able to with stand air movements and can be used out doors. For further details and project assistance, please contactICE AV Technology LtdP.O. Box 303013North HarbourAlbany, AucklandNew Zealand +64-9-414 2348


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2. LED Curtain Screen20mm Rigid 3. LED Curtain This LED curtain P20 developed special for Stage, TV studio, Fair, Bar etc. as background.The following is 4.2m *62m in Automobile Show. 4. LED CurtainFront view 5. 6. 7. 8. CabinetFront view Cabinet 960*640*40mm Aluminum 7kg per piece Pixels 20mm pixel Pitch (SMD 3 in 1) Brightness peak white, 1800cd/ ( Nichia led, Japan) 2000cd / (Cotco Cree,USA) 1200cd / (Taiwan) 9. 10. 11. LED CurtainBack view Control Power supply. Insert in cabinet or hang on cabinet 12. 13. Receiving card Power supply 14. Connectivity Powerconnector Easy to connect 15. DatasheetPitch20mm IP20 Protection Level (IP) -20 +50 Work environmentSynchrony Transfer Control Mode 180Hz Refresh rateAC 220V/110V Work Voltage 120~160 Avg. Power Consumption (W/m^2) 200 Max Power Consumption (W/m^2) 1200-2000cd/ m 2Brightness Peak whiteHorizontal 140 Vertical 140 Viewing angle13bit Gray Grade (Rank) 16777216 Display Color 2500dots/ m 2 Density (Real) (dots/m^2) Display 7 Cabinet weight( kg)1/4scanDrive Mode 48*32 Cabinet resolution 960*640*40 Cabinet size 1R1G1B(SMD 3in13528) LED Standard Nichia; Cotco Cree; Taiwan Led20mm Pitch (mm) Parameter ItemCabinet 16. About ICE AV Technology Ltd ICE AV is a wholly owned private NZ company that specialises in innovative communication technologies that integrates technology themes of Interactive Communication Entertainment We are active in large scale LED displays, interactive Surface and screen technologies. We partner and contract with a range of leading manufacturers, clients and world wide in distribution, representation and OEM partnerships. [email_address] Official Sponsor 2008 Biz Competitor Innovation Category 2008 SimDeck Nominated as Best Team Building Event 08 ICE AV Technology Ltd, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND Contact Person: Kevin Andreassend Tel +64-9-414234


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