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CREAM LAPSEby Martina Ondrasekova

Menu du Jour

321Whats Time-Lapse?What Goes Into Time-Lapse?How to Time-Lapse?

What Is Time-Lapse Photography?its about manipulating

Where Did Time-Lapse Photography Originate?

Eadweard Muybridge (yes the spelling is correct)

bizarre spelling of his name murdered his wifes lover time-lapse pioneer

What Goes Into Ice Cream Time-Lapse Recipe?

Say no to drugs and chocolate ice cream!

What Equipment Goes Into Ice Cream Time-Lapse?

Nikon D700 FXCambo UST Tripod Soft Box Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50 mmPocketWizard Plus II Transceiver

First Steps

How long does it take for ice cream to melt?

650 pics for 6 seconds = 30 seconds long movie

What Process Goes Into Ice Cream Time-Lapse?


BEFORE AFTEROdd Numbers Compositional Element

Adobe Premiere CS 5.5

Default 24 or 30 (29.97) frames per second (fps)14 frames per second (fps)


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