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<ul><li> 1. Online Marketing Company Find out more about Ajax Union: Follow Us On Twitter: Like On Facebook: Connect On Linkedin: Call Ajax Union: 800-594-0444 </li></ul> <p> 2. Mushki Deitsch: Social Media Manager Sarah Mogin: Design &amp; Development Ninja 3. Ice Cream Social [Media] Find out more about Ajax Union's products at: 4. Agenda Social Media 101 Social Media Stats Setting Goals with Social Media Facebook Twitter Additional Social Networks Final Thoughts 5. Social Media 101 Social media connects individuals, brands, and groups through mobile and web technology. Hallmarks of social media: User-generated content 2 Way Conversation Frequent updates Trends Pages/Profiles Free(ish) Advertising Dynamic 6. Social Media Stats Monthly Active Users Facebook Twitter Google+ 751 Million 288 Million 359 Million Smartphone users 18-44 spend 84% of their time on their phones on texting, email, and social media Over 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook 7. Social Media Stats 56% of customer tweets are being ignored 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter The Google +1 button is pushed 5 million times a day Websites using the +1 button see a 350% increase in page traffic Sources: The Huffington Post, Growing Social Media, MarketingProfs 8. Setting Goals with Social Media Start with the End in Mind! Understanding the Why Think about: 1. Your business objectives 2. Your target audience Action Items: 3. Establish Metrics 4. Analyze, Measure and Adjust 9. Facebook Leverage your existing audience - Email - past orders or newsletter sign up box - Foot traffic - Site Traffic - use social buttons Create and Publish Content - Know your marketing message - Know who your audience is - Use great imagery, strong calls to action, links when necessary - Keep it seasonal - Edgerank - #Hashtags - Publish via Facebook use scheduler tool 10. Broadcast with Ads - What are your goals? - Marketplace Ads - Sponsored Stories - Page Post Ads - Ads Manager vs. Power Editor Facebook Contest Time! - What are your goals? - Types of Contests - App Providers Wash, Analyze, Repeat - Page Level Data - Post Level Data - Advertising Performance 11. Twitter Broadcast your message in 140 Characters or less Fast paced and concise Customer Service - @connect tab Reach out to key industry experts Reach out directly to people who are looking for your product/service 12. Additional Social Networks Google+: Googles a growing social network that we have to stop ignoring A must for local businesses Lots of visual potential Useful for SEO (long-form content) Google+ communities Add +1 button your site: Be an individual (not just a brand) 13. Additional Social Networks Pinterest: visually centric social network that requires a soft touch from marketers Pinterest visits can lead to sales 80% of Pinteresters are female; 50% have children Pins with prices are 36% more likely to be repinned Dont pin. Get people to pin. 14. Additional Social Networks LinkedIn: business network where its more important to be established than active Fill out your profile Create and fill out your company profile Focus on personal networking YouTube: video-centric network that you should use even if you dont have videos Create/update your channel Support SEO effort Create videos that answer questions Show important content in first 15 seconds 15. Final Thoughts Know your Goals Get Social on Facebook Outreach on Twitter Establish a presence on all major networks and compare successes on: Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube 16. Check out: Free Networking Mixer Celebrating Business Events NYs 1 Year Anniversary Tuesday, July 30 from 6 to 9 pm 230 Fifth Rooftop Garden 17. Sign up for the rest of our Summer Academy! Try out KiwiSEO today! 18. Request a Free Quote: Call Us Today: 800-594-0444 </p>