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A collaborative infographic essay on a favorite frozen food by Joy Stoffers, Christine Tynes, Ngoc Le, and Kae Yamane. Submitted for information design (Spring 2012) at Rutgers.


<p>How Did Your Ice Cream Get to You?Invention History in America Production</p> <p>The origins of ice cream are contested, but the Chinese are usually given credit for inventing ice cream around 3,000 B.C. The ice cream was actually a mixture of milk and ice.</p> <p>?</p> <p>InventionThe Roman Emperor Nero (54-86 A.D.) supposedly liked a mixture of juices and snow, which was harvested in the winter from the Apennine mountains and then stored in ice cellars.</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>When Catherine de Medici became Henry IIs wife, France was introduced to ice cream (in 1553). In England, during 17th century dinner parties thrown by Charles I, Cream Ice was regularly served. The first official account of ice cream: in a 1744 letter by Governor William Bladen, a guest of Maryland. The first ice cream advertisement was on May 12, 1777: confectioner Philip Lenzi advertised his ice cream as being available almost everyday in the New York Gazette. Dolley Madison served strawberry ice cream at President Madisons second inaugural banquet at the White House. Insulated ice houses were invented around 1800; ice cream manufacturing became an industry and then ice cream became available to people outside of the elite.</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Picture Source:</p> <p>FUN FACTGeorge Washington spent about $200 for ice cream the summer of 1790.</p> <p>History in America</p> <p>Ice cream production also grew due to technological inventions like steam power.Source:</p> <p>Ice cream was an edible morale symbol during WWII; after dairy product rationing was lifted in 1946, Americans consumed more than 20 quarts per person! Today in the U.S. total frozen dairy annual more than 1.6 billion gallons.</p> <p>Source: media-kits/ice-cream/the-history-of-ice-cream</p> <p>FUN GRAPHIn 2010 the U.S. imported 30,287,299 kg of ice cream, worth $51,540,972. Talk about screaming for ice cream!</p> <p>Production1.Mix TankRaw ingredients (milk, cream, milk powder, whey protein, and liquid sugar stabilizers) get blended in mix tank to make uniform mixture</p> <p>Source:;d= ComTrade&amp;f=_l1Code%3a22%3bcmdCode%3a210500</p> <p>2.</p> <p>Homogenizer</p> <p>Homogenizer breaks up oil droplets in the mix to make a fine dispersion</p> <p>3.</p> <p>Heat Exchanger</p> <p>Mixture is heated up to predetermined temperature to prepare for pasteurizationSources: content922.html</p> <p>4.</p> <p>Pasteurizer</p> <p>Mix is held at predetermined temperature for a predetermined length of time to ensure microbiological quality</p> <p>5.</p> <p>Cooler</p> <p>Mix is cooled to five degrees Celsius</p> <p>6.</p> <p>Aging &amp; Storing Vat</p> <p>At five degrees Celsius mix is stored and aged to allow oil droplets to solidify</p> <p></p> <p>7.</p> <p>Continuous FreezerAeration, continuous freezing, and whipping take place</p> <p>8.</p> <p>Packaging Machine</p> <p>Ice cream gets packaged/ formed into final product</p> <p>9.</p> <p>Transportation</p> <p>Ice cream gets frozen again and stored until trucks distribute</p> <p>Flavors of Ice CreamFinland:Chili</p> <p>Flavors around the world</p> <p>Prepackafed chili ice cream is a staple around the country and is readily available.Source: Environmenta/</p> <p>Japan: Squid Ink It doesnt always come from a squid, either, but is often extracted from the squids cousin, the cute and cuddly cuttlefish. We couldnt find much information on the actual taste of squid ink, but the descriptions we did come across described it as either sweet, salty, metallic or even fishy.Source:</p> <p>America: Gilroy, California The self-proclaimed Garlic Capitol of the World. Their annual festival features garlic being used in virtually everyway imaginable. So its no surprise that it ended up in an ice cream recipe.Source:</p> <p>Located in the university town of Mrida, Heladeria Coromoto made the Guinness Book of World Records for having nearly 900 kinds of ice cream.</p> <p>Philippines: Ube Ube is actually a purple yam, ot ruber which is purple inside. It is one of the most loved flavors in the country. It tastes like a normal yam with a slight hint of savorinessSource:</p> <p>Chocolate 14.3% Vanilla 27.8% Strawberry 3.3% Chocolate Chip 3.3% Butter Pecan 2.8%</p> <p>How popular is your favorite ice cream flavor?Vanilla continues to be Americas flavor of choice in ice cream and novelties, in both supermarket and foodservice sales. This flavor is the most versatile, mixing well with toppings, drinks and bakery desserts.</p> <p>Others 57.5%Source: The NPD Groups National Eating Trends In-Home Database</p> <p>Thomas Jeffersons FavoriteCertainly the American taste for ice cream owers much to Thomas Jefferson. A recipe for French Vanilla ice cream in Jerffersons handwriting is part of his collected papers and can be seen on the Library of Congress Web site. He apparently acquired this recipe while he was the U.S minister to France in the 1780s.Source: Ice Cream U Lee Stout 2009</p> <p>Seasonal FlavorsTurkey Hills Egg Nog and Peppermint Stick are examples of the different seasonal flavors that companies make during the different holidays around the year.</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Dress it up!Enhance your ice cream flavor by adding you favorite toppings. Be creative and have fun! The sky is the limit when it comes to ice cream.Source: ArchiExpo</p> <p>Try Adding TheseSyrups/Hard Shells Strawberry syrup Chocolate syrup Caramel Assorted Candies Oreos M&amp;Ms Gummy Bears Nuts Peanuts Walnuts Cashews Fresh Fruits Bananas Strawberries Kiwi Mango Whipped Cream Sprinkles Chocolate Sprinkles Rainbow Sprinkles</p> <p>Do you know whats in your ice cream?The GoodThe bone builder calcium can be found in ice cream, although you can get twice the amount from the same serving size of milk. Slow-churned ice cream often has the same rich taste as regular ice cream with half the fat and a third of the calories. Fresh fruits used in ice cream are a healthier option than articial fruit avoring.</p> <p>The BadPiperonal, used in place of vanilla, is also used to kill lice. Butyraldehyde, used in nut avoring, is one of the ingredients in rubber cement. Ethyl acetate, used as a pineapple avoring, is a cleaner for leather and textiles and has dangerous vapors. Diethylglycol, used in place of eggs as an emulsier, is also used in antifreeze and paint removers. Amyl acetate, used for banana avoring, is also used as an oil paint solvent.</p> <p>The UglyBeaver anal glands are sometimes used in vanilla or raspberry ice cream. The substance is known as castoreum and if it is a small enough amount, it does not have to be listed on the container.</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Typical IngredientsStabilizers &amp; Emulsiers (~0.5%) Water (~59.5%) Sweeteners (~17%) Milk Solids (~10.5%) Milkfat (~13% greater than 10%)</p> <p>One Ingredient Ice CreamYes, it is possible! Although it may not be considered true ice cream because there is no dairy, a frozen treat that tastes similar can be made by putting frozen bananas in a blender until smooth. Its easy and good for you. Bananas that are slightly brown work best. Honey, chocolate, peanut butter, or other ingredients can be added for extra avoring.Source:</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Frozen Yogurt Ingredients: Are They Healthier?Typical frozen yogurt ingredients: Yogurt cultures Sweeteners Milk solids Gelatin Flavoring &amp; coloring Frozen yogurt is generally healthier, with less calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar. This graph compares vanilla bean ice cream and frozen yogurt from the same brand (Turkey Hill)Sources: and turkeyhill.com150</p> <p>Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean All Natural Ice Cream Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt</p> <p>120</p> <p>90</p> <p>60</p> <p>30</p> <p>0</p> <p>Calories</p> <p>Calories From Fat</p> <p>Total Fat (g)</p> <p>Sat. Fat (g)</p> <p>Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg)</p> <p>Sugars (g)</p> <p>Consumption &amp; PopularityTop Ice Cream Consumers in the Worldby annual per capita consumption averages (in liters)Canada9 liters per capita</p> <p>Norway</p> <p>11 liters per capita</p> <p>Sweden</p> <p>Denmark</p> <p>26 liters per capita 1.52 billion gallons of ice cream produced in 2009.Source: International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA)</p> <p>USA</p> <p>Finland Switzerland Israel</p> <p>Compare: The Japanese consume 0.01 liters per capita.Source: Canadian Dairy Information Centre</p> <p>Ireland Belgium &amp; Luxembourg</p> <p>23 liters per capita</p> <p>New Zealand</p> <p>Note: Variations in methods of reporting and types of products included or excluded make world consumption data difficult to compare. Data for countries without discrepancies are shown.</p> <p>The world average per capita consumption is</p> <p>2.3 litersSource: DARE India</p> <p>18 liters per capita</p> <p>Australia</p> <p>National Icon flavor is Hokey-Pokey.Source: New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association</p> <p>Sources:</p> <p>The US Ice Cream IndustryLargest in the world Over 90 percent of households purchase ice cream.</p> <p>Ice Cream Trends20.0</p> <p>Is ice cream becoming less popular?US per capita consumption of frozen desserts</p> <p>Lbs. per capita</p> <p>The industrys main target market is children and families (34% of families with children consume four or more quarts of ice cream per month). As an affordable treat and comfort food, ice cream tends to sell well even in a bad economy. Total U.S. exports of ice cream reached over 59,500 metric tons in 2009 - worth about $63 million. California produces the most frozen dairy desserts in the country.</p> <p>15.0 10.0 5.0 0</p> <p>Consumption of full-fat ice cream has been decreasing in recent years.</p> <p>Low-fat options are becoming more popular.YearIce cream (full-fat) Low-fat ice cream Other frozen desserts Frozen yogurt Sherbet</p> <p>Source: International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA)</p> <p>Source: University of Winsconsin Dairy Marketing and Risk Management Program</p> <p>Seasonal PopularityNot just a summer treat Production figures in recent decades show less and less variation in production throughout the year. US Production of Frozen Dairy and Related Products (2010) Sunny days and optimistic weather forecasts contribute to increasing sales of ice cream.</p> <p>So more and more people are enjoying frozen dairy products even in the winter!Source: icecreamfranchises/icecreamfranchisestudypart1/78/254</p> <p>1,000 gallons</p> <p>Dec</p> <p>Jan</p> <p>Feb</p> <p>Mar</p> <p>Apr</p> <p>May</p> <p>Jun</p> <p>Jul</p> <p>Aug</p> <p>Sep</p> <p>Oct</p> <p>Nov</p> <p>More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week.</p> <p>Peak SeasonSource: University of Winsconsin Dairy Marketing and Risk Management Program Image Source:</p> <p>Source:</p>