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<p>ICE CREAM INDUSTRY ICE</p> <p>BERG</p> <p>Deals with Kulfi and Ice Creams, a shop located at Saddar</p> <p>EVOLUTION OF ICE CREAM AND KULFI </p> <p>"Cream Ice," as it was called, appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century In 1660 that ice cream was made available to the general public Caf Procope, the first cafE in Paris introduced the basic Procope, recipe of ice-cream iceKulfi is a popular South Asian, ice cream made with boiled milk typically from water buffalo Kulfi differs from western ice cream in that it is richer in taste and creamier in texture. As well, where western ice creams are whipped with air or overrun, kulfi contains no air; it is solid dense frozen milk.</p> <p>Industry Snap ShotCompetitionBranded Ice cream Distributors Walls Yummy Hico Igloo Rocco Branded Vendors Gelleto Affair Moven pick Unbranded Vendor Baloch Raju Karachi Ice cream Chaman Ice cream</p> <p>ICE BERGS Direct Competitors </p> <p>Bhashani sweets Peshawari ice cream, Raju and Baloch Sony sweets Hanif Rajput, Sada Bahar Caterers</p> <p>ICE BERG STRATEGY</p> <p>ICE BERG- A NICHER BERG-</p> <p>PRODUCT PORTFOLIO </p> <p>REGULAR FLAVORS SEASONAL FLAVORS EXCLUSIVE FLAVORS OUR SPECIALITIES KULFI</p> <p>Customer Profile </p> <p>Types of Markets Consumer market Resellers Market Overall Market Geographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation Psychographic Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation</p> <p>CREATING OF NICHE MARKET</p> <p>It evolved in market with KULFI being its USP , it knew the mind set of consumers and with its minimal resources it targeted a small segment of market, it also started up with providing its kulfis in occassions of Boree caste</p> <p>EXPANDING NICHE</p> <p>It started providing kulfi in vast number of marriages, events and special occasions like a Family Feast, there is a huge number of its target customers who specially buy ICEBERGs products as a desert in their special occasions Available in buffet restaurants like Lal Qila</p> <p>COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE</p> <p>DIFFERIENTIATED PRODUCTSDifferent layered and variants in a single product- Sicilion, they are productthe market leader in providing packaged liter packs which is now copied by Walls by the name of WALLS SELECTION Kulfi in different flavors Diet Kulfi available</p> <p>DIFFERIENTIATION IN DISTRIBUTIONIts kulfis and ice-creams are widely available for order in icemarriages and special events at affordable prices which makes it easy to buy in bulk unlike any other vendor</p> <p>LOWEST COST PRODUCER</p> <p>Single scoop for just Rs 17/. as compared to Rs 30/- of its direct 30/Competitor which is evident of that fact that it produces deserts at the most low cost which makes it possible to sell at low prices than that of competitors</p> <p>RECENT MARKETING STRATEGIES </p> <p>INCREASE IN DISTRIBUTION COVERAGE FLANKER PRODUCTSYOUNG TARGET MARKET-Vanilla Cadbury, Coffee Fudge MARKETADULT TARGET MARKET- Roasted Almond, MARKETVanilla Fig( Injeer),Badam Zafran</p> <p>PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTStrawberry Cheese Cake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie</p> <p>FRONTAL ATTACK Introduced Diet Kulfi after its indirect competitorBHASANI SWEETS its Saddar near its shop introduced Diet Rabree, thus protecting its health cautious and diabetic customers</p> <p>ANALYSIS OF Costumer Value Hierarchy</p> <p>SWOT</p> <p>MARKETING ISSUES</p> <p>RECOMMENDED MARKETING STRATEGIES</p> <p>CREATING BRAND EQUITYRevise logo, unattractive slogan and poor color combination</p> <p>Revised slogan</p> <p>We cherish your moments with traditional kulfi and icecream as never before</p> <p>Communicating with your target market via Pamphlets Standees Diaries More Usage</p>