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 IAB Russia 2014 Community and activities IAB Russia The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Russia A part of an international network of IAB associations. The primary goal - the growth and development of online advertising market. Key directions activity of IAB Russia 2 Working on formation of industry standards, guideline and glossary; Research in the Internet advertising field within existing international methodologies and practices in this area. Educational activities; Holding industry events, including MIXX Conference and MIXX Awards; IAB Russia official web-site: www.iabrus.ru IAB Global C 1996 The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) combines interactive advertising market participants worldwide. IAB Branches successfully operating in more than 40 countries on 4 continents. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is considered to be "the Voice of Industry: In US is more than 460 leading Internet sites, agencies, technology companies. Their total share is - 86% market share of online advertising in the United States: www.iab.net; In Europe - is more than 5,500 companies in more than 30 markets: www.iabeurope.eu; More than 200 industry events, the key of which - MIXX Awards www.mixxawards.com; More than 50 research and analytical reports per year, among which: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, Internet Audience Trend Report, AdEx Report www.iab.net; 3 IAB Global official web-site: www.iab.net IAB Russia Mission and Philosophy Mission Integration of Russian market into the world digital advertising market Two-way exchange of information and experience Distribution of digital advertising standards to Russia Provision of infrastructure for communication with foreign community Developing projects for demonstration of market potential in Russia Philosophy Transparency and frankness of relations Out of politics atmosphere Balanced positioning of various market participants Focus on the industry needs 4 IAB Russia members (General membership) 5 IAB Russia members (Personal membership) Nataly Dmitrieva Dmitry Mojaev Anton Nosik Boris Omelnitsky Ekaterina Rudikh Fedor Virin 6 IAB Russia members of the board 2014 IAB Russia president: Omelnitsky Boris (ADFOX) IAB Russia Vice President, Chairman of the Education Committee: Virin Fedor (Data Insight) Chairman of the IAB Russia Research Committee: Belyaev Alexey (VI) Co-chairman of the IAB Russia Standards Committee: Karmanov Dmitry (Afisha-Rambler-SUP) Co-chairman of the IAB Russia Standards Committee: leonov Vsevolod (Google Russia) Chairman of the IAB Russia Committee on contextual advertising and related markets: Chernitskaya Maria (iContect) 7 IAB Russia members of the board 2014 Head of the working group on the development of the market data Kashin Valery (Auditorius) Head of the working group to develop a standard for measuring the effectiveness of online branding Kharitonov Dmitry (RBC) Head of the working group for the development of Internet advertising in television Filippov Dmitry (SPB TV) Co-chairman of the IAB Russia Standards Committee: Ekaterina Rudikh Co-chairman of the IAB Russia Standards Committee: Romanenkov Alexey (Begun-Price.Ru-Ferra) 8 IAB Russia executive team CEO of IAB Russia: Smolyakov Valentin Projects manager of IAB Russia: Shatalova Tatyana PR director of IAB Russia: Shpuntova Irina 9 Membership types: Personal membership Format of membership to individuals Annual charge: 10,000 rubles. Condition: You must be a unanimous recognition by current members of IAB Russia Individuals as an expert in online advertising market. General membership Format of membership for legal entities Annual charge: 200 000 rubles. Condition: You need two recommendations from current members of the IAB Russia and approval of candidate at the General Meeting of Members. Advanced membership Format of membership for companies that are members of RACA and IAB Russia in the same time Annual charge: 250 000 rubles. Condition: Confirmation candidates at the General Meeting IAB Russia and the Board of RACA. Associated membership Format of membership extends to advertisers Annual charge: Free Condition: Advertising spending on any media carriers in Russia for 2013 should be total more than 30 million rubles without VAT (confirmation - billings of agencies, research and monitoring companies). 10 History and achievements since the beginning of operating activities in 2011, March by 2013, November 11 Standards Development of Interactive Advertising Glossary iabrus.ru/projects/glossary/default.aspx Construction and development of programmatic buying market in Russia according Open RTB 2.1 specification. From 2012 to 2013, held 11 meetings of the Working Group to discuss the overall development agenda and agree on the next steps of the market RTB. Local standards: 1. Common classification of advertisers categories from TNS 2. Agreement on pricing in local currency Adaptation of video advertising standards VAST and VPAID on Russian market for every key on-line video broadcasting platform 12 Research Russian Digital Market ecosystem 2011,2012,2013 Classification of Internet market players - Russian advertising on its individual Segments and drawing graphics card of segments with key players By: IAB Russia Find more: http://iabrus.ru/projects/eco/default.aspx MediaScope 2012 Panel reflects the pattern of crossmedia consumption in Europe, which tracks the performance of media consumption changes since 2003 in relation to the general level of the population in various media resources and compares them with each other. Includes Russia since 2011. By: IAB Europe AdEx Benchmarck 2010,2011,2012 Annual survey of the advertising market in Europe. By: IAB Europe 13 Events & Education MIXX Russia Conference 2013 IAB Russia main event: 400 participants, 40 speakers. Report to the Russian key advertisers and professional community global trends and drivers that will accelerate the market development of interactive advertising from industry leaders Cooperation with key interactive market events in Russia for program development and expert content: Russia Internet forum, Russian Internet week, eTarget, BrandDay, Red Apple Festival. Accreditation IAB Russia members in global events: IAB Global Summit, IAB MIXX, IAB ALM, Interact Barcelona, WEBIT. Regular seminars for advertisers, agencies and specialists in the training center IAB Russia / RACAR inviting Western and local experts. 14 2014 Plans 15 Working groups Context & performance advertising Standardization of tools in contextual advertising . Rules of tenders for SEM Programmatic buying: RTB Construction and development of programmatic buying market in Russia. Adaptation of Deal ID for Russia. Programmatic Premium introduction to the Russian market Mobile Advertising Adaptation of the Russian market standards in order to regulate the mobile advertising market . Introduction and promotion of best practices. Internet TV Construction and development of the Internet TV market Digital Video effectiveness (With RusBrand advertisers association) Developing a standard that describes the methodology for evaluating of Digital Video effectiveness Industrial Glossary Development and regular updating of a dictionary of professional terms agreed with experts IAB Russia and RACA . Data Management Formation data for using in interactive advertising purpose to increase the effectiveness of all promotional tools industry. Digital Video Advertising Digital Video Measuring in Russia. 16 2014 plans Research Russian digital market ecosystem Classification of Internet market players - Russian advertising on its individual segments and drawing graphics card segments with key players AdEx Benchmark Annual survey of the advertising market in Europe. Russian advertising market volume Annual research of volume of the Russian advertising market in its distribution. What online advertisers are thinking about? Needs analysis and plans of advertisers in online advertising tools to improve feedback between advertisers and professional companies online advertising market . 17 2014 plans Education Certification of specialists Development of classification of occupations with competencies in the field of online advertising and providing this information to educational institutions as industrial order. Workshops MOBILE ADVERTISING june 2014 Mike Berry GLOBAL DIGITAL TRENDS september 2014 Mike Berry HIGHT-PERFOMENCE CUSTOMER CULTURE november 2014 Engage 18 DATA MANAGEMENT febrary 2014 comScore DIGITAL VIDEO april 2014 Google News Bulletins IAB Russia Newsletters Informing about key events of online advertising market. Informing about activities planned for the next 2 months and reporting data from past industrial developments. Market monitoring of Data Insight Providing to members of IAB Russia a free market monitoring of key industrial news. Project is being prepared in conjunction with the RACA. Events Partnership with all key activities of the advertising market for program development and expert content. www.iab.net/mixx 2013.russianinternetweek.ru 2013.russianinternetforum.ru webitcongress.com 19 brandday.ru festival.ru MIXX Russia Conference 2014 Date: May 30, 2014 MIXX Conception is to organize high-level dialogue between major brand-advertisers and the reconciliation ways of industry development. As the guests of the conference are expected participation of large amount of major Russian players and industry representatives from USA, Europe and Asia, who are interested in the Russian market. The format of the conference will include a variety of opportunities to establish personal contacts. Saving tradition MIXX Russia Conference 2013, the conference speakers are the only world-class experts, who are the TOP-managers of global international companies. Official website: www.mixxrussia.ru MIXX Russia Conference & Awards licensed by IAB Global (New York, USA) 20 MIXX Russia Awards 2014 Date: May 30, 2014 International conference MIXX Russia Conference will combine MIXX Russia Awards, which is already world-recognized as an expert competition in the region of interactive advertising. The works are estimated exceptionally high-qualified jury, invited from all over the world, each of whom has made an exceptional contribution to the digital industry. The winners of MIXX Russia awards will have an opportunity to take part in the global international competition MIXX Awards 2014. Important! All works and comments of judges will be collected at the official website and open for review and opportunity of obtaining of invaluable experience for all players digital market. Official website: www.mixxrussia.ru MIXX Russia Conference & Awards licensed by IAB Global ( New York, USA) 21 Contacts Smolyakov Valentin General manager Omelnitsky Boris President of IAB Russia Shatalova Tatiana Producer of the projects +79165846909 [email protected] +79161159349 [email protected] +79672662333 [email protected] 127018, Moscow, street Sushchevskiy Val, 16, Building 5, Office 1100 Phone / fax : +74956613988 E-mail: [email protected] 22