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A spiritual look at the Faiths of the World through the eyes of those who would share their space with others. Join the conversation and participate in a competition of the heart, soul and mind--pictures and essays that tell a story of interfaith.


  • 1. AND
    A Photographic Essay Competition2011!
    United Religions Initiative (URI)
    Cooperation Circle

is worth a thousand words and
Create a story!
3. AND
Based on the popular car game I Spy With My Little Eye, the 2011 NaYA CC project is designed to bring awareness and increase knowledge about interfaith, intercultural and spiritual relationships through photographs and essays. The I Spy With My Little Eye project captures stories of faith and culture through brilliant imagery and gives photographers (beginners and experts) an opportunity to share pictures that tell a story; real stories of real people, places and times. The mission of this competition is to create an exhibition of inspiring photographs that help us understand the Faiths of the Worlds Religions, the worlds traditions and culture. The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words can work wonders in helping others to understand the complexity of an interfaith world. I Spy With My Little Eye is a peace initiative of Think Peace Media and Communications and NaYA CC. We are United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circles.
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
4. AND

  • The purpose of the competition is to inspire interfaith cooperation through imaging and storytelling;

5. To share the stories of welcome and hospitality, illustrate cooperation and respect, and provide evidence of religious and cultural harmony throughout the world; 6. To provide exhibitions for future events in support of interfaith work and collaboration; 7. To provide support to cooperation circles and affiliates of United Religions Initiative; 8. To introduce interfaith to a wider audience; and 9. To help build understanding of other cultures and faiths through a myriad of voices and images.United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
10. The theme behind this competition is interfaith cooperation: offering groups and individuals an opportunity to share a story of communities organizing an event, religious traditions and rituals, women and childrens activities; imaginative photography that supports religious and faith traditions, supporting philosophical, sacred and spiritual texts, or illustrative images of people, places and times. There are no limits to the number of submissions, and the body of work presented and photographic entry must be a singular image. Telling a story with each image can be supplemented with quotes or an essay (limited to 150 words).
The Arabic translation for word is pronounced kalema.
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
11. Examples
Photographer: Saba Al Muhtaseb
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
12. Women of Faith at Rest
Photographer: P. K. McCary
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
13. Interfaith
Mosque and Church in Harmony
Photographer: Saba Al Muhtaseb
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
14. Dialogue of Faiths
Photographer: Barbara Hartford
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
15. Never Forgotten
Photographer: Saba Al Muhtaseb
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
16. 0
Quotes (religious, sacred or philosophical)
Essays (150 words or less, original work)
Theres a genius unique to each faith tradition.
Exercise of non-violence requires far greater bravery than that of swordsmanship.
The ultimate sense of security will be when we come to recognize that
we are all part of one human race.
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
A Competition opened to URI Cooperation Circles and affiliates (individuals and groups). Submissions include:

  • Photograph that tells one distinct story (e.g., peacebuilding, education, conflict resolution, environment, etc.)

18. Each photograph should carry a caption that becomes the theme of the story being expressed. 19. Submissions are to be sent during a 5-week period beginning February 7, 2011 (beginning during the annual World Interfaith Harmony week, a UN-approved proposal led by King Abdullah of Jordan) through April 11, 2011 20. Judging will take place May 12-14 by a panel of judges that include professional photographers and members of URIs staff and Think Peace and NaYA CCs. 21. Photography Exhibit will take place in both San Francisco and Jordan, can be held in other regions organized by cooperation circles or affiliates. 22. Exhibits can be with actual photographs or video/slide show in different regions.United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle

  • Website page (introduction) by February 1, 2011

24. An online kit with rules and requirements for submission can be downloaded from our website (1000KALEMA.org)by February 2, 2011and photographs and essays can be sent to our email address at submissions@1000KALEMA.org starting February 7, 2011 25. Site (in San Francisco and Jordan) for exhibits to be decided by May 15, 2011 26. List of committed judges by February 7, 2011 and available at our website. 27. Sponsors (throughout process) (e.g., Nikon or Cannon, Professional photographic societies/organizations, media, non-profits, governmental organizations). 28. Screenings (judging process will be done through internet). Various galleries may be commissioned to show photographs in other regions of the World.United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
Middle East
Morad Al-JarrahNaYA CC
Linda KhouriDarat altasweer
United States
P.K. McCaryThink Peace Media and Communications Network
Rachael Watcher
Don FrewMulti-Region Region for URI
URI Staff/San Francisco
Barbara Hartford
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
To introduce the world to the work of the interfaith community through various photographic journeys and essays from the following organizations:
United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circles
Affiliates of United Religions Initiative:
Peace and Religious Organizations
Womens Organizations
Youth Organizations
Non-Governmental Organizations
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
Photographic Guidelines:Photos must have the following resolution:
For a 4" x 6" print, the image resolution should be 640 x 480 pixels minimum.
For a 5" x 7" print, the image resolution should be 1024 x 768 pixels minimum.
For an 8" x 10" print, the image resolution should be 1536 x 1024 pixels minimum.
For a 16" x 20" print, the image resolution should be 1600 x 1200 pixels minimum.
Photos must be well-lighted and have enormous clarity. Submissions will be judged on a photos clarity, expression and creativity. Submissions must be sent individually with the following information:
Name: ____________________________ Organization: ________________________________________
Faith Tradition: ______________________ Place of Origin: ______________________________________
Theme: _______________________________________________________________________________
Title: __________________________________ Size/Resolution: _________________________________
Contact Information (Address, Email, Phone): ________________________________________________
Essay/Quote Guidelines:
Each essay or quote must support the picture and its theme. Essays are limited to 150 words. We reserve the right to edit for content. More thorough guidelines will be available on our website at www.1000kalema.org.
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
The selection and award process:There will be two screenings.First screening
Selection will be done by I Spy With My Little Eye artistic and editorial staff.
The first screening will be conducted to accept or reject the submitted works for each international region.
Within 1 week after the reception of the images sent for consideration of the jurors in the first screening, submitters will be notified by email detailing which series have been accepted and which have been rejected. Together with the notifications email a brief structured feedback will be provided.
Second screening
Second selection will be done by the judges.
Accepted images of the first screening will catalogued and judged. Those works which passed the first screening will be exhibited for one year in the online gallery, and available for sale (postcards, posters). A book will be published and available for sale at a date to be announced. There will be:
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners andHonorableMentions
Entrants of the second screening will receive the following awards.
High tech camera equipment, film and lens.
Honorablementions receive a poster of photograph(s)
During the second screening, the above pictures will be selected to be featured in book I Spy With My Little Eye, a publication of Think Peace Media and Communications Network. Each individual or group whose pictures are used will receive a copy of the publication.
United Religions Initiative (URI)
Cooperation Circle
33. Future Events and Contact Info
The events or showings will take place in both a gallery in the Middle East and
North America. Subsequent showings will be commissioned throughout the
Year as fundraisers for cooperation circles. Gallery showings c