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I Read It, But I Don’t Get It “Some kids are born good readers and some kids aren’t. I’ve always been a bad reader and I always will be. It’s too late for me.” By: Melissa Antonelli and Jaclyn Clark

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  • 1.I Read It, But I Dont Get ItSome kids are born good readers and some kids arent. Ive always been a bad reader and I always will be. Its too late for me.
    By: Melissa Antonelli and Jaclyn Clark

2. Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers
3. Part 1: Setting the Stage FAKE READING
I faked comprehension for years. I knew it would eventually catch up with me. But I didnt know what to do. I thought I was just born a bad reader.
Cris Tovani Author
Influenced by Ken Goodman and Frank Smith
-- Involved in PEBC
Writters on Mosaic of Thought
4. What do you do if you read every page but still have no idea what the book is about
Fake Reading
Establishing Expectation
Cheating on book reports!
Disarming the Defenses
Struggling readers are embarrassed
Form used to bring out literacy
Realities of reading
Teacher are busy!
Resistive Readers (Lisa)
Word Callers (Mike)
Meaning from print
8 out of 22 high school students can read the science textbook
5. Part 2: In Support of Strategic ReadingPurpose for Reading Access Tools
Readers Purpose Affects Everything
Thinking aloud: making sense of the text
Planning for think alouds
Select a short piece of the text
Foresee difficulties
Read and share thinking telling students what you are doing
Point out trigger words
Marking Text: teach codes and have students practice
Double Entry Journals
6. Part 2:In support of Strategic ReadingContinued

  • Comprehension Constructors

7. Background knowledge 8. Read text 9. Write down questions while reading 10. Write a response to text 11. Find answers to questions in text 12. Modeling 13. Share real world reasons for reading 14. Monitoryour own reading