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  • 1.iPad, You Pad, We All PadHarry Hellenbrand, Provost Deone Zell, Senior Director, Academic Technology Mary-Pat Stein, Faculty Fellow and Biology Professor

2. Introducing myCSUNtabletForavideoandmoreinforma-on,pleasevisit h4p://www.csun.edu/it/mycsuntablet 3. myCSUNtablet Goals and Numbers Increase engagement Improve qualityReduce costs 7 majors 70 faculty in program 44 faculty taught thus far 1,121 enrollments in Fall 2013 1,700 enrollments in Spring 2014 1,873 students Fall Spring 4. myCSUNtablet Goals and Numbers Increase engagement Improve qualityReduce costs 1-1 deployment Students required to use an iPad Payment plans availableCost neutrality3 course sequence iPad and non-iPad sections 5. Why Apple? Integrated ecosystem ADA Accessibility Engaged partner 6. What Can You Do With a Tablet? "ANYWHERE ANYTIME" " " " " " " " " " "Access internet Take quizzesRead eTextsAccess LMS Email Take pictures Take notes Annotate slides Take exams Watch a video Draw pictures Create and edit video 7. Apps Core and Discipline Specific 8. Faculty Retreat January 2013Faculty KickoffApril 2013 9. Branding 10. Trained Faculty 11. Faculty Created eTextsSloane Burke, Ph.D.Dan MathiyakomMelissa Wall, Ph.D.Melissa Wall, Ph.D. 12. First student buys iPad from campus bookstore in August 2013 First 500 students received free Apple Care Authorized Repair Center 13. Supported Students in the IT Helpdesk, Learning Commons Phone support 9 5 chat Online guides 14. Expanded to AthleticsExpanded to Advising 15. Wifi for the New Norm! 16. Bringing Tablets to the Classroom 17. Example of Student Engagement 18. Mapping to Seats 19. Exam Underway! 20. What Impact Do iPads Have? 21. percentageAssessment: Introductory Biology Class #1 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0**no iPadiPadsection oneno iPadiPadsection twoStudent performance on assessment quizzes without and with iPad-based learning for two sections of Introductory Biology, BIOL 106 (section 1, N = 97 students, p< 0.0001; section 2, N = 112 students, p< 0.0001). 22. Assessment: Introductory Biology Class #2 Two teaching approaches iPad and non-iPad Pre, post-test of both methods Correct answers rose from from 36% (no iPad) to 92% (iPad) Results demonstrate better understanding of topic 23. First Semester Student Survey Results Use less paper - 85% Access course material more effectively - 78% Enabled me to study "on the go" more - 72% Engage more with the course material - 65% Learn the material better - 63%Enabled me to improve my grades 58% 24. Insteadoftryingtohurry andcopydownnotes,we couldmakenotesonthe PowerPointwedownloaded. Thatwayyougetmoreout ofyourlectures!Thein-classiPad assignmentsmade sureyouwere payinga(en*on.Ilovedhowit savedpaperand space.Allthe informa-onformy coursewassaved inoneli(leiPad.Iwasableto ac*velydraw thingsinclass whichhelpedwith myunderstanding ofthematerial.Positive Comments 25. Theteacherdidn'tusethe iPads.Thelectureswereon PowerPointbuttheywerenotat allinterac-ve.Itwasbasically pointlesstohaveoneexceptfor thetests.ChallengesTheworstpartwas thatIhadtobuyit whileIalreadyhad Samsungtablet.Alsoit took-meformetoget familiarwithiOS soIwaresincethiswas therstAppleproduct thatIhad. 26. Lessons Learned and Next Steps1. Digital content to reduce costs 2. Support faculty to redesign 3. Enhance wireless4. Build in assessment 5. Go device neutral? 27. We Learned It Takes a Village Information TechnologyLibraryFaculty Technology CenterFinancial AidFaculty DevelopmentChairs and Deans Apple Disability Resources & Educational ServicesFacultyAdmissions and RecordsUniversal Design CenterAssessment & Program ReviewNational Center on DeafnessInstitutional ResearchBookstore AdvancementFinancial Services 28. Questions?


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