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I. Kitab Book of Dead Names Sura 1. Preduvedomlenie reading the book, even A book is this - the mysteries of those who wrote it opened in dangerous journey s on earth and heavenly deserts countries. 2 Se is The Book of Laws and Customs of the sleeping dead, written by me, Jabir ibn Abdallah ibn Abdallah ibn 'Amr al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, your servant, and a poe t famous volhovatelem. 3 Use the secrets of this book, I said to the dark spirits, koi bestowed upon me the treasures of the great - as wealth and knowledge. 4 I have tasted and know the unknowable, led by the Ancients, the power of which I knew. Five had forgotten about them Zardusht, Musa did not know, is not comprehended D aoud, Yahya moved away, but Jesus told the faithful, Mani knew, but concealed, M uhammad denied. 6 But I learned about living and existing before men in dreams to this day, Velm a, and found them awful. 7 One of them taught me these things, and powerful sorcery. 8 The book tells the story of those wonderful places, of which I visited, the ho rrors of the heartless, with whom I encountered, koi to genuine madness took me, as shown in my notes, memoirs of a madman. 9 For to be crazy, in order to believe in those things, I saw the koi in those c eremonies, koi, I have worked for, in those places, of which I visited, and the times I have visited koi. 10 Yes naidet mukarrib still up in the pages of all the knowledge I have gathere d some of the time so maddening journey. 11 But is this book will serve as a warning against those who expect to Outland. Sura 2. Certificate Majnun ¹, a wanderer and scholar ¹ Majnun - (In Arabic) Obsessed jinn, a madman. 1 Behold there is evidence of all that I saw, and all that I learned for those o f summer, when I had three seals of the mountains of Ararat. Two thousand and one moon, I saw with my birthday, and it is true only so for th e life of a human life, though in the book of Moses recheno that many more were living prophets. I have 3 Weak and ill, and bear the burden of fatigue and exhaustion, and a sigh hangs in my breast, like a lamp extinct. 4 I'm too old. 5 jackals sing my name in their midnight psalms, and the voice of this quiet, su btle appeals to me from afar. 6 And the voice which cries out closer to the ear of my thirst with wickedness. 7 The severity of my soul will determine the final resting place of my.

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  • I. Kitab Book of Dead Names

    Sura 1. Preduvedomlenie reading the book, even

    A book is this - the mysteries of those who wrote it opened in dangerous journey

    s on earth and heavenly deserts countries.

    2 Se is The Book of Laws and Customs of the sleeping dead, written by me, Jabir

    ibn Abdallah ibn Abdallah ibn 'Amr al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, your servant, and a poe

    t famous volhovatelem.

    3 Use the secrets of this book, I said to the dark spirits, koi bestowed upon me

    the treasures of the great - as wealth and knowledge.

    4 I have tasted and know the unknowable, led by the Ancients, the power of which

    I knew.

    Five had forgotten about them Zardusht, Musa did not know, is not comprehended D

    aoud, Yahya moved away, but Jesus told the faithful, Mani knew, but concealed, M

    uhammad denied.

    6 But I learned about living and existing before men in dreams to this day, Velm

    a, and found them awful.

    7 One of them taught me these things, and powerful sorcery.

    8 The book tells the story of those wonderful places, of which I visited, the ho

    rrors of the heartless, with whom I encountered, koi to genuine madness took me,

    as shown in my notes, memoirs of a madman.

    9 For to be crazy, in order to believe in those things, I saw the koi in those c

    eremonies, koi, I have worked for, in those places, of which I visited, and the

    times I have visited koi.

    10 Yes naidet mukarrib still up in the pages of all the knowledge I have gathere

    d some of the time so maddening journey.

    11 But is this book will serve as a warning against those who expect to Outland.

    Sura 2. Certificate Majnun , a wanderer and scholar

    Majnun - (In Arabic) Obsessed jinn, a madman.

    1 Behold there is evidence of all that I saw, and all that I learned for those o

    f summer, when I had three seals of the mountains of Ararat.

    Two thousand and one moon, I saw with my birthday, and it is true only so for th

    e life of a human life, though in the book of Moses recheno that many more were

    living prophets.

    I have 3 Weak and ill, and bear the burden of fatigue and exhaustion, and a sigh

    hangs in my breast, like a lamp extinct.

    4 I'm too old.

    5 jackals sing my name in their midnight psalms, and the voice of this quiet, su

    btle appeals to me from afar.

    6 And the voice which cries out closer to the ear of my thirst with wickedness.

    7 The severity of my soul will determine the final resting place of my.

  • 8 before this same hour I shall trace here all that I can, I, of the horrors of

    the koi come close Outland and koi are waiting at the door of every man, for beh

    old there is a secret ancient ancestor bequeathed, but forgetting all but the fe

    w fans of the Ancients (May be crossed out their names!).

    9 And if not, I will conclude this work, take what is stored here, and look for

    stuff, because the time is short, and does not know the human race does not unde

    rstand the evil that awaits him on every side, day after all the gates open, and

    after every broken barrier , mapping every careless acolyte before the altars o

    f madness.

    10 For behold is the Book of the Dead, the Book of Al-Khema, koyu I wrote a thre

    at to my life, as it gained in the worlds efreet, cruel celestial spirits from b

    eyond the stars wandering.

    11 May all who read the book, even through her forewarned that the abode of men visibly and significantly for this people of the Ancients - the gods and devils -

    since before the time, and that they seek revenge for that forgotten battle that

    occurred in the distant spaces and split at the worlds Adam's kind of the begin

    ning, when the senior wandered in the spaces;

    12 people of Marduk, as he is known to the Chaldeans, and Nariks, our mistress,

    lady magicians.

    13 Know therefore this day that I walked all the worlds of jinn, as well as plac

    es of Outland, and went to the place of unclean mortal and eternal thirst, to wh

    ich the path leads through the gates of oblivion, built in Ur, in the days befor

    e Babylon.

    14 Know also that I have talked with all kinds of jinn and the Devas, whose name

    s are not known among the nations of men, or have never been led by.

    15 And the printing of some of them are here, while others should I take with me

    when I leave this world.

    16 Yes, have mercy on my soul Naksir!

    17 I saw the unknown lands that are not applied to any map.

    18 I lived in the deserts and wastelands, and spoken with the Devas and the soul

    s of men were slaughtered koi, and wives, koi died in childbirth: the victims of

    Jeannie Idhi.

    19, I traveled under the seas in search of the palace of the Lord, and found the

    stone monuments of vanquished nations, and was able to read the writings of som

    e of them, while others are still hidden from all the living.

    20 And these nations were destroyed because of the knowledge stored in this book


    21, I wandered among the stars, and trembled before the jinn.

    22 Finally, I found a conspiracy, with whom I have passed through the gates of h

    eaven, and I wandered into the forbidden area of the wicked efreet.

    23 I lifted the devas and the deceased.

    24 I Called the spirits of my ancestors to the existent and visible on the tops

    of the phenomenon of ziggurats, erected in order to reach the stars, and constru

    cted in order to touch the lowest chambers Dzhahannama.

  • 25 I fought with a black magician Azathoth, vain, and fled to the ground, crying

    out to Shub-Niggurath and her brother, Marduk, the lord of the double-headed ax


    26 I lifted the land beside a horde of the east, calling for the hordes of devas

    , I am forced to obey me, and by doing this, I knew Nguo, the god of wrong, brea

    thing fire and roaring like a thousand thunders.

    27 The fear I have known.

    28 knoweth I am the gate leading into the Outland, with which the ancient ways o

    f looking at our world, next to whom custody shall be forever.

    29 I smell permeated the ancient, the queen of Outland, whose name is inscribed

    in the writing of a monstrous Magana, the covenant of the people who died, whose

    priestesses, who seek power, opened the gates during the last terrible, ominous

    , and vanished forever.

    30 I have found these skills under circumstances quite unimaginable when I was a

    n illiterate shepherd in the land of Mesopotamia, conquered by the hordes of ser

    vants Allahovyh.

    31 Behold! for the cross is the beginning of my path and turned koy unexpectedly

    eerie laughter Azathoth, Him who is the second of the Great Outer giving rise f

    rom the depths of Outland, and whose calling myself as partners in their pride.

    32 He made fun of me because, apparently, insignificant charms of my strength before the Ancients.

    33 Official Gazette to me that I have now lost to the ways of men, but I prayed

    and gave thanks, and do not bow like this shahinshah wish genies, but despised h

    im and cursed him, and therefore, he left me for a time.

    34 Perhaps he believed that I was stronger than previously thought to him, or ma

    ybe I made something that he did not expect.

    35 Once in adolescence, heading north and east of the mountains of Noah, which i

    s called by the people living there Masis land, I came upon a gray rock with thr

    ee marvelous carved signs.

    36 was the same person onaya height and girth of a bull.

    37 She sat firmly in the ground, so that I could not move it.

    38 Assuming that they are no more than letters, treasured the memory of the deed

    s of the king, in order to note an ancient symbol of victory by the enemy, I thr

    ew a fire at its foot, in order to protect themselves from wolves, wandering in

    those parts, and went to sleep, because it was these things at night, and I was

    far away from my village in the Beth-Arabaye.

    39 About three hours before dawn, the nineteenth Sabat, I was awakened by the ho

    wling of a wolf dog il, extremely loud, and almost at arm's length from me.

    Flame died at 40 of its hot coals, and red, bright spark threw its faint gleam o

    f dancing on the stone monument with the three characters.

    41 I began to quickly grow a new fire, when suddenly the gray rock began to slow

    ly ascend into the air, as if she was a dove.

  • 42 I could not stir il publish the sound of fear overcame my spine and skull hla

    dny fingers gripped me.

    43 Meeting with Iblis himself would have been less shock to me than the vision o

    f this, he escapes from the palms of my hands!

    44 Soon I heard a voice soft at some distance, and experienced a more down to ea

    rth tatyami fear of the night, ready to attack me, and trembling, I fell back in

    to the grass high.

    The voice of a 45 merged with the first, and soon several men in black robes, th

    ieves gathered at the place where I stayed, surrounding the floating rock, befor

    e koeyu they did not show the slightest trepidation.

    46 Now, I could clearly distinguish between the three characters on the stone mo

    nument shining crimson flames, as if a rock enveloped in flames.

    47 strangers together muttering prayers il call, from which one could distinguis

    h only a few words, and those on a completely unknown language to me.

    48 Yes, have mercy on my soul Naksir!

    49 Rites of these are not a mystery to me now.

    50 Strangers, whose parties I could not discern il admit Created by insane wave

    in the air with daggers glittered coldly and sharply in the mountain night.

    51 beneath soaring cliffs, from the very firmament, where it was before, seemed

    to uplift a broad-tail snakes.

    52 This serpent was, indeed, more than anyone I have ever seen.

    53 The thinnest part thereof has a thickness of two masculine hands, and as long

    as he towered above the firmament, followed by the second, although the end of

    the first was not yet clear, and he seemed to have reached the most heat.

    54 they appear one by one, and the firmament trembled under the weight of the te

    ntacles still, the huge and numerous.

    55 Songs of the priests, whom I know now as the ministers of some secret power,

    becoming louder and more shrill all.

    56 "Y'a! Y'a AZAG su! 57 Y'a! Y'a askak su! 58 Y'a! Y'a Kululu su chickens! 59 Y



    Y'a! Y'a! Spirit of the reserved!

    Y'a! Y'a! The spirit of unfettered!

    Y'a! Y'a! Cthulhu, alien to the spirit!


    60 Land where I conceal, became something of a damp, dripping from the place of

    action, to whom I became a witness.

    61 I Touched the liquid and found that the family is blood.

    62 I cried in horror and discovered my presence before the priests.

    63 have turned it to me, and I saw with disgust that the daggers, of which the f

    irst power, they lifted the stone, they split the sake of their breasts some mys

  • terious purpose, koyu at that time I could not understand.

    64 But now I knows that the blood of the very essence of the food of spirits now

    , making the battlefield after the light is shining unnatural fray, giving thus

    the presence of feeding the spirits.

    65 Naksir bless us all!

    66 Cry of my cast ritual into chaos and confusion.

    67 bestowed me these things required a moment, and I rushed down the mountain pa

    th, which led me here, so quickly, how these things allow me to my feet, crying

    out to Nariks, so she brought me safe on the trail.

    68 And the priests chased after me, although some seemed to have remained: perha

    ps, in order to complete the rituals.

    69 No matter how these things when I'm rushing like a madman down the hill in th

    e night, coldly, and my heart was pounding in my chest and my head was filled wi

    th warmth, - the sound of crashing thunder of rock and rocked for me, and shook

    the very firmament of any way I ran.

    70 I fell prostrate in fear and haste.

    71 Climbing up, I turned around, so to meet face to face any attacker that would

    have been next to me, though I was small and unarmed.

    72 To the amazement of my mind, I saw a priest of ancient horror, no caster dead

    Sim owns a secret art, but only the black robes that had fallen into the grass

    and thistles without the visible presence of life il bodies beneath them.

    73 I went up to the nearest care and picking up a long twig, pulled her dress ou

    t of the tenacious briers and thorns.

    74 All that remained of the priest, was puddle of slime, like green oil, the sme

    ll of the garments as they were such, if the body lay for a long time, decomposi

    ng in the sun.

    75 This inversion of the stench and my belly was nearly threw me down, but I was

    determined to find the other, in order to behold, whether they suffered the sam

    e fate.

    76 getting up the hill, to whom only a moment ago was running so scared, I disco

    vered the dark and the other priests in the same condition as the first.

    77 I went on the path, avoiding garments as they move mine, I will not dare to s

    tir them more.

    78 Then went I, finally, to the gray stone monument, koy risen unnaturally into

    the air at the bidding of the priests.

    Now 79, he again rested on the ground, but the writing is still shining flame of

    the wicked.

    80 il serpents that seemed to me then Serpents, disappeared.

    81 But among the dead coals of fire, now hladny and black, resting, glittering,

    iron tablet.

    82 picked up as the judges and I saw that on it, as well as on the stone, printe

  • d letters, but dyuzhe intricate, and in a manner whose comprehend I was not able


    83 signs have been other than marked on the stone, but I had the feeling of such

    , though I could almost read them, but he could still, as if I had known these t

    hings before an adverb, so long forgotten.

    84 The head of my aching, as if Iblis pounded my skull in, when a ray of moonlig

    ht touched the talisman srebryanogo (For me now knows that these things were), a

    nd the voice came into my head and told me the secrets of the action, to whom I

    became witness to one word: Cthulhu.

    85 This in a moment, as if a fierce whisper in my ear told me, grasped me.

    86 Signs of these are carved in gray stone, koy gates are in Outland:

    116 Secrets of these, I will grant you a koi in the lives of my pain, but will n

    ever be entrusted to the uninitiated, the exiled il, il servants of the ancient

    serpents, but even these should remain in your heart, always silent to such.

    117 Peace be with you!

    Sura 3. Dar Ebonor

    I had the luck to leave an edge of this mountain and spend the night in the vall

    ey, exhausted but alive.

    2 Since then, after this fateful night in the mountains of Ararat, on all sides

    of the world I wandered in search of the key to the secret knowledge, something

    was given to me.

    3 But I did not know, not a Cthulhu and His messengers, enjoying my fears, thoug

    ht up a long torment for my soul before devouring my flesh in revenge for my sin


    4 For I know that the way forward cut off, and returned to the land of Mesopotam

    ia, feeling the breath of devs behind the back of mine and saw the tents of the

    enemy in front of me, and I hid them in the ruins of ancient castles of Babylon.

    5 And left edge of this later, I went further south, until he reached the great

    desert, the Rub Al bride-Khali.

    6 And the journey was signified painful and lonely, and at the time these things

    I did not take a wife, no home anoint il village of my house, and lived in vari

    ous countries, sometimes in caves in the deserts of il, and many adverbs I have

    learned so far could study them a stranger, in order to bargain with the merchan

    ts and find news and practices them.

    7 But I did not know until then that the deal was with my strength, koi in every

    country live.

    8 When seven years have passed since I left my mother's family, I learned that t

    hey all died, putting his hands on himself, for reasons about which no one was a

    ble to tell me, and their cattle have fallen, as if the victims of the plague ou


    9 And soon after that I was able to comprehend much of what I previously did not

    know otherwise than in dreams.

    10 There, amid the dunes of the great deserts of the Rub Al-Khali, I found somet

  • hing that did not look out of the hands and the mouth of the Messenger of the ji

    nn, and was able to comprehend much of what I previously did not know otherwise

    than in dreams.

    11 One morning I awoke and saw that the world has changed: the skies darkened an

    d thundered the voice of evil spirits, and color, and life itself have been abso

    rbed by them.

    12 Then I heard a cry calling, shouting something from the dunes, which called f

    or me.

    13 Call vozbudorazhil me and threw it into the pot, and finally could not stand

    and I decided to see what kind of animal can co-create this cry calling.

    14 I left my tent and went into the desert, where the call has surrounded me on

    all sides.

    15 I went into the wilderness only a great dress, it was with me, and I have bee

    n wearied by the heat from the refrigerant during the day and night.

    16 But shouting did not stop calling.

    17 Three days later, on the eighteenth hour of the day after this, the cry stopp

    ed calling, and before me was a man.

    18 Her husband was still all black, face and clothes, and he greeted me in my la

    nguage and my name.

    19 told me the name of her husband, and his name was Ebonor, and he was of the J


    Ebonor 20 and published this cry of calling, and I still did not know that he wa

    s not just a junior Dev, tortured helpless, but the Messenger of evil jinn, call

    ed the Old Ones, which they can not subdue the greatest of magicians and the Mag


    21 Jeanne gave me this gift of understanding all sorts of languages, written mol

    vlennye il, il human animal.

    22 Therefore I could, Abdallah ibn Jabir al-Khazraj, read the scriptures, for de

    cades confuses many deaths, but I lost the rest forever.

    23 For even when I tried to lie down and sleep, I could hear the creatures besid

    e me, talking with me, I could hear the birds and insects of the desert, but, wo

    rst of all, dragons, koi growl and bark madly in the coming of the Ancients.

    24 Now that the shouting has stopped calling, I returned to my castle with my ne

    w knowledge, and spent many sleepless nights, listening to the voices of small a

    nimals and devas invisible whispers, and only among the dead, it seemed to me, i

    f I could not sleep.

    25 After many days without sleep, I went back again into the desert, hoping to m

    eet Ebonor, in order to return him his gift, because I found it terrible of curs


    26 Three days and eighteen hours I wandered again and on the eighteenth hour Ebo

    nor appeared before me.

    27 I fell before him and begged him to take away the gift of him, for he has dep

    rived me of my mind, but he showed no compassion.

  • 28 Instead of this he said that he will reveal to me more knowledge.

    29 He took me by the hand and led me by the Frigid desert sands, down a long lad

    der, inaccessible to man, until we reached the gates of the secret chamber.

    30 "Here you obryaschesh ultimate truth, but you can comprehend only a fraction

    of it," - told me a genie, opening the gates of these.

    31 Then I heard a cry calling emanating from the gate, but it was this time a th

    ousand times stronger than before, and took my right hand Ebonor and dragged me

    through the door.

    32 Through these gates, I saw countless knowledge, but only a few kept my mind.

    33And, knowing this, I found myself in the desert before Ebonor, koy izgalyatsya

    me and sneered that the human mind is much weaker than that of the Ancients.

    34 And I learned about in the secret chambers of the Ancients, and they were ter

    rible and naizlobneyshimi spirits, were the koi from outside of creation, in ord

    er to live on earth.

    35 Then, at the dawn of the kind of Adam, were expelled them from the ground, be

    cause the stars were unfavorable.

    36 All were expelled from the land, except for Nyarlathotep al-Khem , Messenger o

    f the Ancients, one of whose faces were Ebonor.

    Al-Khem - (In Arabic), Black, or Egyptian, or Alchemist (From al-Khem - Black Ea

    rth, or Egypt).

    37 turned away from me, laughed Ebonor again and told me that one day's time wil

    l come when the stars will rise again and the true ancient gates.

    38 Having said this, he vanished, and again I was left alone, like the hapless B

    edouin, caster dead, the circumstances I have heard of Ibn Ghazi (May Allaah hav

    e mercy on him ancient!).

    39 Once, when for the first time in the great desert of Rub al-Khali, the afores

    aid saw a tall man all in black, standing on the crest of the dune under the sta

    rs, with his head sideways, as if he listened to the sounds of songs, though, ex

    cept for the wind, no sound broke the silence of the night is not .

    40 his face was hidden in the shadows robe, and his back was turned to the stran


    41 emboldened by his inattention, climbed the slope of the dune Bedouin with a k

    nife, in order to cut the throat of a stranger, and steal his coat and boots.

    42 And when he threw the knife, then realized that he could not move.

    43 The stranger turned and beheld the same to him, and shouted, Bedouin, for the

    re was no person under the robe, only two stars shining.

    44 In the small moments of stars pierced his soul, and devoured as the judges.

    45 The stranger is, and was Ebonor koy, rotation, not a word uttered, and retire

    d, the caster also fell to his knees and wail because of the feeling of emptines

    s limit.

  • 46 I've decided to rest, although my cursed gift was still staying with me.

    47 When he came to, I said that I hold in the palms of my book, the book also ha

    d many names of Nyarlathotep, messenger of the Ancients.

    Only 48, I was able to read the book, even, but others can not, for it is said t

    hat the word does not understand them in the pages now.

    49 From a book containing the knowledge of these things, I went in search of new

    abodes for themselves, because I could not go back more than a village native,

    because you need me there was a time in order to study the ways of the Ancients,

    and I need a place was dead, so my sleep no one violated.

    Sura 4. Voice in the wilderness

    1 In order to be possible to become a magician, you should try to accomplish the

    most dangerous, because you have to endanger not only your life and your mind,

    but the immortal Zu - koyu uninitiated minds called soul - too.

    2 Can you beat this, and the difference to become a god, but most likely you'll

    become a madman.

    3 Or - and this, perhaps the worst - can you do both.

    4 O thou, who writes angry, remember: it is always inspired by the evil fathers,

    with whom you will meet after preidesh.

    5 Because the dark turn your thoughts from the road in Jahan to repentance and p

    rayer, which is shorter than that in which you believe you, Let not thy soul wil

    l be bad as gloomy as this scripture.

    6 O thou grasp the wisdom of secret things, and crossed the shady paths under th

    e stars, hear that song of pain, emaciated to those who went unseen before you,

    so you could follow the voice of his songs through the shifting sands conceal th

    e traces of his feet!

    7 Input into the wilderness walks alone, but wherever he went alone, and another

    may come.

    8 Majnun seeks terror koy powered by human tears.

    9 Do not turn away your thoughts from the same fear in the night, but joy locked

    them up in his arms.

    10 Yes master the horror of your body and let your proidet through the veins, in

    toxicating you so deprived of the judgment, the most of your mind.

    11 In the madness of the night all the sounds become distinct.

    12 He who believes in himself and in his power, he who knows his place, still ig

    norant forever.

    13 mind its closure.

    14 can not learn it in life and death he has no knowledge, just an endless confi


    The highest achievement of his 15 - to become food for worms that lurk in their

    burrows, and twists, because in his unconscious smooth clean they are not corrup

    ted by reason of their purity and elevates them above the pride of Adam's sales.

  • 16 on its belly, groveling in terror pejorative, you ascend in the realization o

    f the truth, cries, koi, unbidden, fill your throat, clears the mind from the de

    cay of faith.

    Believe in Nothing 17.

    18 There is no purpose in birth, there is no salvation for the soul in life, the

    re is no reward after death.

    19 Abandon hope - and, indeed, become free, and combined with the freedom you ob

    ryaschesh void.

    20 Night Creatures that jump and slide, barely touching the surface and flutteri

    ng, flickering in the flames of the fire, only to exist, to teach you, but their

    words are not clear to man, if he had not lost in the terror of his name in rem


    21 Be as free as the son of the steppes - wild ass, for all the good things of t

    he world are not worth of wisdom to that obtained in the travels!

    22 Two maidens shall come to you when you're alone vozlyazhesh and'll take you t

    o a place inside you, something unknowable, but felt.

    23 The fear and despair - these maidens.

    24 Let them take you to the nightmares of the night that followed one after anot

    her, like a grain of sand carried by the wind, until they cover all the mileston

    es in your mind.

    25 When you get lost in the wilderness of endless Nothing shall come beasts at n


    26 Leave all hope, all the rest of itself leave you, leave only fear.

    27 Your name is forgotten, your memory does not make sense, without the desire i

    l intentions, unaware of regret, you would lose your miserable existence, and wo

    uld become one with the grandeur of the night, if not fear.

    28 Be it your fear of your stronghold amid the darkness of the abyss.

    29 Do not you be able to avoid him, for he is all that will remain in you.

    30 embracing the fear of uncomplicated, it is smooth without shapes and colors,

    so the people in a state of fear indescribable is not associated with any produc

    t of terror in this world il in other worlds, now and ever.

    31 And in the unity of the family, in whom all wisdom is acquired, the mind of h

    is creature, and otverznut glagolyut night.

    32 Pain is fear of the body, and because the body is but a pale reflection of th

    e mind, the pain and the flesh is no more than a distant echo of the horror befo

    re the dreams.

    33 But even with this and do not despise your pain, for there on her own benefit


    34 pain of the mind attaches to the body.

    35 No pain, the mind soars and lost in the clouds in the interstellar spaces, an

    d dark absorbs it.

  • 36 How the mind can lose their property, but never cease to be afraid, because t

    he body can lose their strength and sense of il desires, but will always have pa


    37 As long as there is life there is pain, fear lasts well even when there were

    no life.

    38 Despair is inseparable from fear, but it comes when the fear of weakening.

    39 When fear fills the mind, there is no room for anything else, but when he ste

    ps back a little bit (As these things happen, because he hath ebbed rolled forwa

    rd like waves of the sea), while the mind remains clear and empty, and behold th

    ere is despair.

    40 In desperation, there is a feeling of emptiness, Koya filled years.

    41 Let the night things to fill their whispers, and through these things vzraste

    t wisdom and understanding of the secret paths of this world and worlds unknown

    to men.

    42 Of all the suffering of smoothness is the most useful, because he worries con

    stantly, like a worm in the grave.

    43 Se there is access to the void, a vast and infinite, no matter how much was f

    ood and whatever it is, the void does not saturate.

    44 All living creatures have nothing but the embodiment of famine.

    45 Man is a hollow tube that absorbs the food on one end and which distinguishes

    the stool on the other.

    46 It is possible for man to be my only weapon other than a blank?

    47 The natural state of mind - emptiness.

    48 All efforts to fill it - the interim measures are not able to reject this tru


    49 Master the secret wisdom of the problem is simple.

    50 Purify the mind with fear.

    Cleanse the body of 51 boliyu and iron.

    52 Vyidi in the deserts of the world, who are the miserable likeness between the

    desert stars.

    53 The fact that he lives here, always in sight.

    54 For it is only there in order to teach.

    55 For fear comes despair, and despair Shadows language comprehensible reason.

    56 When you empty your mind away, the night creatures will fill it with his wisd


    57 the wisest of creatures now have a black beetle that lives in the faeces of o

    ther creatures.

  • 58 dead food is better than the food is alive, because it Jauhar closer to the f

    inal state of decomposition, to whom all of us to aspire to.

    Jauhar - (In Arabic) soul, essence, quintessence.

    59 From the expansion goes back a new life.

    60 expansion of the fill itself, in truth, be reborn from it, even bude mushroom

    s sprout and shine on the faces of the dead koi are buried in the graves of thei

    r long summer.

    61 Imitate beetles and worms, and learned the teachings of them.

    62 devoured the dead, lest you absorb the emptiness.

    63 The living can not teach the dead, but the dead can teach the living.

    64 They live in the desert creatures such, koi can not carry the light of reason


    65 As a man is a creature of the day and no longer recognize themselves in the h

    ours of the night, and the emptiness of these creatures are no longer clearly di

    stinguish themselves in the hours of daylight.

    66 they sleep during the day and awake at night, in order to get enough.

    67 Fear of man are food them, their bowel movements - the supreme wisdom of him.

    68 discharge the same entities may be so absorbed only when the mind is empty of

    fear and is in a receptive state of despair.

    69 If the mind is not fully cleared, the bowel movements of their pluck will per


    70 Intoxicated with joy famine keeps all the food and secretes juices are nutrit

    ious, even from the shells of beetles and worms.

    71 digested the wisdom of darkness and rest during the day.

    72 separated himself from the kind of Adam, for what use you from now, the pale,

    empty-headed fools and their endless complaints?

    73 They are worthless in life and in death they are - just food for the critters


    74 separated himself from them, embracing your fears and listen darkness.

    75 And shall come thy teachers, and when they will come before thee, to absorb t

    he wisdom of them.

    76 Grind chitinous shell between their teeth and swallow thy Jauhar them.

    77 The noise of their wings, and the rustling of their feet is the sound of the


    78 Sozhri everyone, even other creatures, koi shall come to thee: those who do n

    ot have bodies, but only the teeth and eyes that glow in the dark.

    79 Creatures crawl teach the body, and the shadow creature will teach the mind,

    but the wisdom of those and other so absorb you.

  • 80 There is only smooth in the universe.

    Devour all 81.

    Sura 5. Hiding place of the Ancients

    After a decade of wandering in the desert, I was in the cavernous ruins of Irem,

    hail a thousand pillars, in any way I decided to stop.

    The magnificence of his two still pursuing my dreams crazy, because this place i

    s shrouded in silence unbroken, long unknown to men, and avoid even the ghouls a

    nd ghosts at night.

    3 Many of the eyes of mortals forbidden, I saw my wanderings in the dark and for

    gotten under a hail of symmetry.

    Four motionless, likening the darkness of the past years, so, great severity of

    crushed my soul when I walked in terror with these weaves, fearing that my steps

    might awaken terrible creators of this hiding place, where the hand of the time

    confused and the wind does not whisper.

    5 Great was my fear before this place, but it was a wondrous charm, this dream t

    hat gripped my mind and guided my steps through all the following areas unknown.

    6 The lamp cast a glow me on his wall of basalt, illuminating the pillars of the

    mighty, no doubt, not by human hand is created by, where bizarre stained obelis

    ks were covered with horrific images and cryptic signs towered over me in the da


    7 Code of inclined unto me, and I went down.

    8 Eternity seemed to me a time when I was coming down, absorbed in contemplation

    of horrible faces, stretching endlessly at arm's length, representing the wondr

    ous deeds of those great, that no mortal womb born.

    9 They lived here and gone, but the walls of her palaces still vyscherbleny sign

    s them, undeniable similarities with those monstrous creatures of old carved und

    er the firmament unknown constellations.

    10 Down, all rushed down the path is infinite.

    11 The passage of time has left my mind, the lord of dreams, Nat Hortat and eter

    nity my soul possessed.

    12 How long, how far was I?

    13 I did not know this.

    14 Then, like the awakening from the dream, Nat Hortata, my eyes have seen the d

    oor, barred my way.

    15 Seal of the Ancients could be seen amid the pillars of Irem: sign, koy I saw

    inscribed in the burial caves of Lang and carried by a mysterious idol before Az


    16, I began to tremble, beholding the dark letters, covering the jade stone, win

    ding like a thousand hideous reptiles.

    17 Sometimes the shape of serpents they dug each other, as if in battle, sometim

    es intertwined, copulating and creating creatures even more sickening quantities

  • in order to break up into a ball of writhing black zmiepodobnyh images.

    18 in the sight of my door she turned, as if it pushed, and I stared into the vo

    id behind it, where the stars were moving between the marvelous huge darkening s


    19 Like the moan of wind great and terrible voices broke into my ears to the cri

    es of thousands of tortured souls.

    20 names of Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and many other, who are the undo

    ubted haram again scorched my brain like a caustic vitriol, returning me to the

    day of my meeting with Ebonor.

    Haram - (In Arabic) Prohibition, sin.

    21 Ancient Minds penetrated my soul and I knew things wicked and snivshiesya dea

    th, to which only touched on the day of that memorable, and the area outside of

    our time and creation, where the blind Azathoth, shahinshah jinn, inhabit the ab

    yss of Chaos countless times infinity .

    22 Then, with a thunderous roar the stars whirled before me in a great swirling

    vortex, and I was fascinated by this very nameless into the abyss, like a leaf b

    efore the storm.

    23 Cries of terror drowned in my merciful oblivion, and the darkness swallowed m


    24 I woke up amid the silent sands of the Rub Al-Khali, in order to behold the g

    reat orb of the sun, proclaiming the dawn.

    25 After this many days, nights, I worked in the privacy of my art, and knew man

    y of the names Nyarlathotepovyh, and called me from the other Old Ones, with dis

    astrous consequences dyuzhe, because I was not prepared for destruction, koi, th

    ey cause: no circle is not it a reliable barrier .

    26 When the blood of the western horizon of a black and turned around twilight,

    I, in my solitude, wandering in the remote areas of the time.

    27 In the ancient palace of decay of copper censers strange shadows danced among

    the vaulted ceilings and a rich velvet curtain.

    28 And they filled the stone chamber of the distorted echo of the language spell

    glow illumined the forces of Outland.

    The walls 29 intersect at unimaginable angles and devas unearthly, koi crazy hor

    rors are in life, wandered among them.

    30 Frozen in fear, I remained invisible.

    31 And before the rosy glow of dawn approaching Eastern forerunners of the night

    I was tricked out of my delirium, and returned to the place, from which I went

    to the palaces of dreams.

    32 Only then can these images disappeared and melted away with the morning mist,

    as long as my release from the evening Morokov really did not give them life ag


    33 At the end of my privacy as I got up and directed my steps to the south, so t

    hat decades later, to the north, to Damascus led me to my path.

  • 34 Here and now I'm writing, the scribe of the Ancients, all that can be written

    , from what I tasted, so knowledge of these things are not gone and not lost aga


    35 For dreaming black crystal Hastur calls from rocks Jibal al-Tariq.

    Kitab II. Book of the Ancients

    Sura 1. About the heritage of ancient times and prednachalnye

    A book is this - the Ancients, where they were, where they are buried and how th

    ey shall come again.

    2 Generation of dark stars will be revealed to you today.

    These are the stories of three years old: legends, led by only a few, because th

    ey make you look calm in the madness of thy terrible.

    4 people ignorant of peace, for his vision of the earth due to the hills and sea


    5 people inhabits itself on a small island of ignorance, unaware of the seas ins

    ane nonsense surrounding this small little world.

    6 Do not be assumed that the mighty forces of evil will come before us the great

    est in the repulsive appearance of the peri il Devas.

    7 There is no though.

    8 Smaller, visible devils are merely manifestations of the greatest forces of de

    struction, remaining awake: devoid of the shell and is much more sparse wisps of

    evil; which attach themselves to live like leeches to the murdered flesh of the

    great leviathan depths koy devastated hundreds of coastal castles before death

    rather than fall with thousands of abandoned harpoon, quivering in his flesh.

    9 For the mighty forces are not subject to death and thrown harpoons inflict the

    m, at most, only very small scratches heal soon.

    10 Verb, I'll say a before and again, until late obryaschennaya my wisdom will n

    ot be accepted as the truth of my brethren unshakable: before the face of Him wh

    o was for ever and ever the Lord be upon sorcery, only the shame and despair wil

    l know you, bude reassure temporary victory, for it is not can be with them hope

    in the triumph of the eternal.

    11 Se is the Book of the Ancients and the way they, Or the story of the horrors,

    with whom they came to earth, ways, with which they were fallen, and how should

    they go back.

    12 Se is the Book of the Ancients and the times prednachalnyh, Koya details muka

    rribu tell about the phenomenon of the Ancients and the future of their preordai


    13 Se is the record of the descent of the Ancients to the ground as they left th

    e gates, for wherewith they were expecting, and what horrors and marvels at the

    way they left her.

    14 Pisano Musoyu the prophet that God created the world in six days, and he has

    accomplished on the seventh day of his acts, and he rested on the seventh day fr

    om all His work.

    15 First, than he began his business, was formless and empty land, and darkness

    was upon the face of the deep, and when he finished them, he saw that these thin

  • gs are well and completely:

    16 and the lights in the firmament of the heaven

    17, and herb bearing seed,

    18 and the tree yielding fruit,

    19 And every living soul, koyu the waters

    20, and every winged bird,

    21 and beasts, and creeping thing and beast of the earth,

    22 and the sea, mountains and valleys.

    23 And when He created the noblest, He created Adam, the first among men, more b

    eautiful than the angels, because his face was created in the image of the face


    24 And these things happened at the end of the sixth day, and was this latest cr

    eation the Creator, and put a man dominion over the fish of the sea, and over th

    e fowl of the air, and over the beasts, and over the cattle, over all the earth,

    and over every creeping thing that creeps on earth, for he knew their names.

    25 Thus it is written, and those who believe in Allah, take this word for the sa

    cred word of his god.

    26 But other of our race, koi do not want to take these things for granted unrea

    sonable, as the baby takes its milk, must constantly seek out those who are hidd

    en, and remember that in the intervals between the different days were created b

    y other creators and creation, as the nights were created, they remain invisible

    , and they were lurking in the shadows.

    27 The ancients were on the ground, and said others, that they have created the

    human race as slaves for their evil famine.

    28 The ancients were on the ground, but they have brought here life.

    29 Long before the arrival of their Ubbo-Sutley, Great Skin, settled in the swam

    ps seething earth newborn, for Ubbo, Sutley has a beginning and an end.

    30 Se is the record of the times prednachalnyh, long before Adam kind.

    31 For the legacy of the Ancients - for times past.

    32 A few scientists have tried to explain the wise message them through the inco

    mprehensible connection with the elements of the earth.

    33 View this so do not bring thee astray: in essence, is not guided by the aspir

    ations of ancient men.

    34 Judgments of their distorted, and their mysterious ways.

    35 These things have not vanished ancient.

    36 Wait, they honed in places forgotten where they dream of a time when the star

    s will rise again is true.

    37 They feed them from the dreams of men and their dreams fed by nightmares of m

  • en, many men robbing the thread of dreams, and giving only a little, the doomed

    elected, that have been taught about the time prednachalnyh, places il stories,

    long forgotten.

    38 Therefore, only a few will never be forgotten them.

    39 The ancient dream and wait.

    40 still stained the ground of their presence.

    41 For the underground walls, sleeps Y'ig Golonak, responding from his dreams to

    the call of those who seek evil.

    42 Deep in the caves of the lowest of the BSL, gnawing worm, grows up and feeds.

    43 Mukarrib who wants to become a stranger, but to prepare for having cut their

    way to such places.

    Sura 2. On the Ancients, kind, and their worlds, in whom they live

    1 Do not you ever thoughts of that man's oldest il are the last of the masters o

    f the land, Or that many living creatures, led him to be moving in this world al

    one, without any other entity.

    2 The ancients were, is ancient, ancient re-will.

    3 At the dawn of time, in the midst of infinity, called the Naksir, were ancient

    and not-been, they were swimming in the waters of darkness with no appearance i

    n Naksir without form.

    4 Tiamat, the great abyss, had not yet been created, because it arose only after

    the void Naksir as disclosed this in Sofinerome Astlante priests.

    5 In the darkest areas of Nadur uttered his name, and through these things creat

    ed a circle of the gods.

    6 And were ancient, invisible and terrible.

    7 Prior to the beginning of time, they held sway.

    8 ineffable horror whispered indescribably harmonious universe from outside: the

    re, where you do not hear the dreams of men.

    9 Infinite Azathoth, shahinshah jinn, without fear il appearance of the image, t

    he primeval chaos, wickedly curling and swirling in the midst of the infinite No

    thing - my husband and son Naksir.

    10 Pervodvizhitel darkness, the destroyer of thought and image, whose name will

    not dare to utter nobody's mouth.

    11 Higher expression of the primordial elements of fire, He - The Lion, the rend

    ing sword.

    12 star Bela him, and he found concealed in his house south.

    13 And were declared before Nyarlathotep aeons.

    14 And they were created before Nyarlathotep Ahura.

    15 Nyarlathotep! Crawling Chaos!

  • 16 he opened the mystery Oth, and his reward was great.

    He is 17 - Messenger of the Ancients.

    18 And he set his house on the north, at the top of the mountain great.

    19 He will remain there, but part of his wandering, the Dead, in infinity, being

    born among men.

    20 Cthulhu, Lord of the inhabitants of depths!

    21 inhabitant of the west, where the howling winds, where the darkness - royal m


    22 gloomy place these ever did not know the world.

    His 23 Sign - Scorpio sky.

    24 Hastur and his brother lives in the heights, which is above the heavens.

    25 He chose the east cloister, and there is an invisible throne.

    He was 26 - the voice of the Ancients, the avenger and destroyer, one who goes,

    furrowing the polar winds on a fiery chariot.

    27 He - unnameable, since Taurus he stalk the okoemu.

    28 Y'a Shub-Niggurath!

    29 Black Kozlitsa a thousand youthful - co-ruler of Azathoth.

    30 The image of her sow terror everywhere.

    31 And Nodens, lord of the abyss, from which came the gods.

    32 And Yog-Sothoth, charioteer of Chaos, the master image, the original proclama

    tion of the Word.

    33 Gates of emptiness, he - the keeper of the threshold of primordial terror.

    34 First of birth of the person they were dark stars, invisible and terrible, th

    ey came down to the pristine land.

    35 In the sea they were expecting a great many times, until he lifted his right

    hand Naksir mighty firmament and not plucked from the sea.

    36 And the ancients, and settled in the lands of their generation, and they are

    in many voskisheli, and darkness reigned in the firmament, and the children they

    will abide for eternity.

    37 In the north, they built a mighty castle, and in the southern highlands, they

    arranged a place to stay, and at heights - temples to those of no power wherewi

    th nature, and who cursed the Elder.

    38 Shantaki of Leng - the creation of their palms, ghasty living in the wild lan

    ds the eternal vaults of Zin, they revere their masters.

    39 And they gave rise to the Nagas and the ghosts of the night; shoggoty - slave

    s of them, the great Cthulhu - the brother of the Ancients, but he could only va

    guely distinguish the look of them.

  • 40 Dholy forever elevate their paltry honor in the ancient dark valley Pnakota a

    nd ghouls shakaloglavye sing praises to him under the peaks of the ancient Troc.

    41, they marched among the stars, and they were on the ground.

    42 City of Irem in the great desert has known them;

    43 Leng in the icy wilderness of saw, as they passed;

    44 in the strongholds of imperishable eternal city Khabir wrapped up in the clou

    dy haze altitudes Kadafi remained unknown sign of them, for they have establishe

    d their dominion there.

    45 There they live, and where they will live when they are reborn in the end tim


    46 There also remained the ancient, aimlessly wandering the ways of darkness, an

    d they were great blasphemy on the ground.

    47 All creatures bowed before the might of their anger and they know it.

    48 And it came time to divide, and they fought among themselves, the brother bes

    ide a brother.

    49 And hath Older, first-born kings, his eyes, and beheld the abominations that

    co-create their offspring, ruining the land.

    50 Truly great was their anger!

    51 And it came down to Nariks Betelgeuse, and raised his hand of suprotiv the An

    cients, and grabbed them in the midst of their exactions, and overthrew away fro

    m earth into oblivion, into the land of Khar, the emptiness of Outland, where ch

    aos reigns and the images are not constant.

    52 And they dwelt there, separating and connecting again.

    53 And when the earth plunged Nariks Khar.

    54 And the ancients fled to the underworld, where they laid his older superior s

    eal on the gate, and the power of the Ancients has been unable to resist the pow

    er of them.

    55 Then rose from the depths of monstrous Cthulhu and collapsed in utter rage at

    the Three Guardians of the Earth.

    56 And they tied his poisonous claws strong enchantments and imprisoned him with

    in hail R'leh, where he will sleep, hidden in the waves, the dead sleep until th

    e end of the era.

    57 And when they were banished to the underworld, they plucked out of the twelve

    worlds, so as not to behold them ever again.

    58 And there they realized the futility of war between brothers, and they raise

    up the world among themselves.

    59 And he opened the brave Hastur gates leading to the worlds, and rewrote them.

    60 Worlds in worlds that the gate in the gate!

  • 61 Such was the deception of the kings of the firstborn, that the ancient gates

    of hell have not found, because while they had not yet come.

    Naksir 62, the highest of the first-born rulers, locked in the land of Cthulhu N


    63 Hastur - in the lake Khalil Khan of land;

    64 Marduk - Lag in the land;

    65 Azathoth - the ruins of Haktne;

    66 Dagon - in Hug.

    67 Nyarlathotep wanders in the wilds of Warne;

    68 Yog-Sothoth imprisoned at the threshold of time and space in the ground Nahat


    69 Shub-Niggurath wander freely in the vast expanses.

    70 Three of the great city founded by the ancient: Thaar, Muun, Lin built them i

    n hell.

    71 For the gate is now held by the ancient, not in open spaces, led by men, but

    in the angles between them, are they silent and wilderness, is the worlds invisi

    ble to us.

    72 Outside of the land they now prevail, longing, and waiting for the return of

    her incessantly moment when they would break through the great gates, for the ea

    rth may know them, and the earth knows them.

    73 And the ancients chose Shahinshah his vile, devoid of the image appearance il


    74 and stay with him in an incomprehensible black cave in the midst of infinity,

    75 where the predatory bites He prednachalny amid terrible chaos, blind, insane

    battle hidden drums, discordant screech of the wicked, piercing flute and incess

    ant lowing of immense, blind, irrational gods of Outland, which is eternal, with

    out waddle goals and fanciful waving his hands.

    76 Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep - brother, rival and His Messenger, the essence r

    emains the same Azathoth in Yog-Sothoth, koy will give the sign of the ancients,

    when the stars indicate hour of their coming.

    77 For Yog-Sothoth is the gate by koi living in Outland will come again.

    78 Driven by Yog-Sothoth weave of time, for all time, united to Him.

    He was 79 Gazette, where the ancient broke and he was himself at the time of the

    last first, and where they are destined to appear again when the complete turno

    ver of your wheel.

    He was 80 Gazette, why no one can behold them when they pass.

    81 And the descendants of the Great Old Ones recheno also these things:

    82 "Sometimes humans can learn about their presence near the smell of them, stra

    nge to the nostrils, and similar to that of primitive creatures;

  • 83 is an image of, unknown to men, sometimes recognizable in terms of those whom

    they gave birth to Adam's kind of broad.

    84 So are a great many, some are like a person, other same - invisible shadows a

    nd devoid of shape, and these are terrible to the eye, and three terrible ones t

    hat gave rise to them. "

    85 But the servants of their similar outburst by a thrown stone surface of the w

    ater by how they differ from the true shape of the human and wonderful idols - f

    rom the images without any kind of il matter what the ancients have.

    86 They are invisible, they are flawed in a secluded place, where say a word and

    the rite of the season prorevet your blood is different from the seasons of hum

    an koy.

    Winds of 87 rokochut indistinct voice them; firmament whispers that the proceeds

    from their minds.

    88 They bend the forest and they raise their waves, and they destroy the castle,

    but no wood, no sea, nor hail shall not see the hand of, means affection.

    89 Kadafi in the icy wilderness Kevaal knows them, but whom it is given to know

    the wonderful expanse Kadafi?

    90 Ice Desert south of the island, and immersed in a deep, stone crypts harbor,

    on whom the carved seal them, but who among mortals saw the castle with a deep F

    rost captured the tower, wreathed with garlands overgrown with algae and shells?

    91 Great Cthulhu spells assigned to the gates of Outland, that no jerk did not d

    are to violate them.

    92 And the ancients expected, patient and powerful.

    93 Cthulhu sleeps in the sunken city of R'leh, waiting for his moment of awakeni


    But only 94 said the word Nyarlathotep, he will wake up and come back with horde

    s of His land and His kingdom will be brief, but will last for eternity.

    During the 95 day fall night, summer becomes winter, summer and winter appeal.

    96 people now reigns, where they reigned;

    97 days, but the man preidut, and soon they will once again prevail, where he no

    w reigns,

    98 and when the gates are, nothing can resist them, and all man is inclined thei

    r heads before them and serve them as their rulers.

    99 Yog-Sothoth are the key to the gate, through the koi found worlds.

    He freed one hundred and ascension of earth roads,

    101 and those who are led by the gate, awake, in order to make straight the path

    of the ancients, and serve them as they wish,

    102 but those who unwittingly opens the door, but understand with what will be j

    udged according to this.

  • 103 Then the hideous tribe, that will come followed suit, Yajuj and Magog, learn

    s it, and the power to break through to the ground.

    104 According to the stench of their wickedness, and learns of their humanity, a

    nd the curse of flood land and stain it.

    105 Hand them forever in the human larynx, from the beginning of time until the

    end of the known knowledge of the time, but no one eye does not behold them, as

    their house - near the threshold of your fortified.

    106 Those few that commemorate the presence of their ancient spells and sacrific

    e that was brought into places of power they will command the sons and daughters

    of Adam Havva, koi bleat like lambs, and reptiles, like cattle, led to the slau


    For the 107 men of the food for them, and the cattle, working in the field.

    108 Prayers of the prophets are not able to resist them.

    109 Neither the crescent nor cross, nor fire, nor the star does not prevent the

    invasion of them, when once again give the sign and the gates of heaven a otverz


    110 They shall come to us in the dark, but because of the fires they kindled the

    brightness of the night of pure brass, obscuring the face of the sun.

    111 These are the acts of the Ancients, beside a rebel and overthrow the kings o

    f the firstlings of the underworld.

    112 Y'a Nyarlathotep!

    113 time these things are here!

    114 an hour, when they proidut gates, meaning at times.

    115 Therefore, wait.

    116 alert, for the hour is near.

    Sura 3. On the descent of the Great Old Ones and the gate time

    1 is written these things about the descent of the Ancients from the stars in th

    e Book of Yvonne:

    2 "The first thing that was here, it was black and had these things Tsatoggua, c

    ame to the gloomy Saturn koy no further than after the creation of life on earth


    Of the three Ancients Tsatoggua naizlobneyshy except Nyarlathotep.

    4 The image of his face is a giant toad with the head of the human, property wid

    e mouth and eyes bulging.

    5 He walked through the interstellar space he, but paths, koi lie between the st

    ars, and the verb Yvon, that he appeared before the ascension into the world of

    the top to the ground, the place faded through these things.

    6 Countless times he lies alone, infinitely Gladney, in the darkest depths of th

    e deep underground N'kai, fat and embittering the rivers of blood spilled on the

    altars of His ruthless fans.

  • 7 And after that the great Cthulhu was here, and his whole family from long dull

    green star of the Labor Code, and the inhabitants of the deep and nasty yuggi,

    koi have been favorites of them.

    8 And the goddess-whore of Shub-Niggurath followed them with terrible Yaddita, a

    nd all her attendants, even a small timber narodec.

    9 However, not all ancient generated by Azathoth at the beginning, descended on

    this land.

    10 Azathoth himself, shahinshah jinn, the one who should not be named, concealed

    from time immemorial in the dark world near Aldebaran in the Hyades, and with h

    im were his sons, koi came down here to the place of him.

    11 Similarly, Ktugha chose to dwell His star Fomalhaut, where he produced a terr

    ible Yarnak Aphum-Zhah, the essence of dopolyarnogo refrigerant.

    12 And they dwelt on the Ktugha Fomalhaut, and flaming ghouls that are called by

    Him, and fires of madness, and Ftaggua, their leader, were in the world, called


    13 Pisano Pnakota creators of manuscripts, koi have read these things in the anc

    ient tablets Tsanthu:

    14 "C Fomalhaut soidet lightning to the ground at the call of magician:

    15 Ktugha raleff'ka ETT Ktugha Nuva skarak! "

    16 Repeating the mantra these things three times with due expression, you can ca

    ll Ktughu the earth, and shall come with His servants, all flammable and incessa

    nt changes of its melting steel Damascus.

    17 But it is written Yvonne, what must you first find Ktughi rod, or as you come

    down on his anger.

    As for the 18-Aphum Zhah, she went down and settled before the time of His coldl

    y region, where ever a sign of the Senior constrained.

    19 Hastur unnameable left a dark Yuggoth, in order to tarnish the ground at the

    beginning of it.

    20 And Vultum hideous, horrible one koy are black Tsatoggua brother, came down t

    o the power of His dying on Mars, the world which He chose for his reign.

    21 Next generation of those recheno Azatotovyh, koi do not remain within the sec

    ret places of the earth;

    22 For when the Great Old Ones descended from the stars in the misty early, they

    brought the images and the similarity of their brethren with them.

    23 Official Gazette of them, that the hounds Tind'losi serving Hastur, have reve

    aled to the world of shining trapezohedron from Yuggoth, where he was created wi

    th the skill only in the days before the advent of the first life on earth it.

    24 And these things come to pass through radiant trapezohedron, koy are terrifyi

    ng mascot Nyarlathotep, when called to the aid of the Great Old Ones themselves

    stalking the power of Chaos in its hour of great need, at a time when there were

    a senior in his wrath.

    25 Just The inhabitants of the depths and brought into this world a terrifying i

  • mage of zmeibradogo Byatisa son Y'ig-Golonaka,

    26 through koy worship Him first before falushiane gloomy appearance of man on e


    27 and then the inhabitants of the same primeval Pacifis,

    28 until he went down and plunged Senior ancient lands in the boiling water.

    29 For it was a prediction of the Great Old Ones of the day and hour of need, wh

    en they were destined to appeal to the side of his brethren of the terrible, lon

    g the world of koi chosen as the seat of his, and that this brought for the purp

    ose of these images here.

    30 Now the star of the idols still led by only a few men.

    31 Recheno that they were created bizarre charms of art and that volhovateli sor

    cerers and the earthly world is not worthy of pochli Great Old Ones, in order to

    tell them the secrets of these.

    32 But recheno these things in the ancient, forbidden books, that hides a formid

    able force in the images of these,

    33 and that through them as through outlandish hole in time and space, those tha

    t live far away, may be invited, and sometimes are called here,

    34 as they were here in the fullness of time, until then, until he came down int

    o this world senior in his wrath.

    35 Official Gazette as that of the Ancients is a set of minions that inhabit amo

    ng men;

    36 and that they like and not like men, zealous to do the will of their masters

    in return for blessings terrible genie, Nyarlathotep, the Messenger of them.

    37 And they worshiped the Ancient through the image and likeness of them, but th

    is has to be careful,

    38 For these unclean idols, and from ancient times known as the drinks lives of

    those who owned them unreasonable il who seeks to encourage the Ancients through

    the images of those in this world, and how to survive.

    39 There is nothing in the range of human knowledge, in order to destroy the ima

    ges of these, and many sought to ruin, what a calamity found her.

    40 But now, because the images beside a star sign has the power of the greatest

    of the Senior,

    41 But beware, lest in the battle between those who dreams of far away, and thos

    e who encourages you to destroy the likeness of Him, you have not been absorbed

    and swallowed,

    42 or he will be destroyed by Him, and, of course, your soul is immortal - too.

    43 is written on the Ancients, that they are always waiting at the gate.

    44 And the gate is any place at any time, for it is alien to any notion of time

    il places, but at all times and in every place they can come.

    45 And there are those among them, koi can take full shape and properties, and a

  • ll ispostas, and every face, and the gates for them everywhere,

    46 but first among them the ones I opened the koi made, namely: Irem, the holder

    of the pillars, a city of desolation.

    47 But wherever uttered the forbidden words of humans, they will call it the gat

    e, and through any koi koi should expect those that come through the gates,

    48 and between them dholov, and E th, and the people of Cho-Cho, and the inhabit

    ants of the depths, and ghouls, ghosts and night, and shoggotov, and Worms, and

    shantakov that guard Khadafi in an ice desert plateau of Leng.

    49 All of them - equal children of the Elder, but great people and great Yita an

    cient, having failed to gain the consent of one with another, and both - with th

    e oldest, were divided, leaving the Great Old Ones into the possession of the la


    50 people, the great, the gate of the Yita, chose to further his abode at the ti

    me of the edge of the earth, unknown even to those who come on the firmament of

    the day.

    51 And the people staying there Yita long until he will come back are the winds

    and voices koi ruled them much earlier, and forever they wander on the winds abo

    ve the firmament, and in the interstellar spaces.

    52 And all the Ancients seven times seven and one, whose two.

    53 And three of them amid the hangings of Nothingness, and behold there are Othe

    rs, Great Exterior: Ubbo-Sutley, the root cause unbegotten, Azathoth, the blind

    mad god, and Yog-Sothoth, the key and the gate.

    54 Of the other is eleven - the most important for men, and behold there Tsatogg

    ua, toad-god; Yidra, black mother;

    55-Y'ig Golonak Zul-Qarnain, unnameable Hastur, Lord Marduk, the owner of fifty


    56 Ktugha, lord of the flame, Shamash, named Utu, Shub-Niggurath, the great Kozl

    itsa with thousands of youthful;

    57 Nyarlathotep Al-Khem, Crouching Chaos; Nodens Srebroruky, and Cthulhu, koy ou

    tside, but one of them.

    58 These are the Great Old Ones, and link the names of Amesha, seven of them, wa

    ndering stars to heaven, but above the small bodies of ancient date.

    59 Not because they live in heaven now, talk about them as ghosts wandering star

    s, and not because these stars have power over them, but only from the limited v

    iews of men.

    60 Names of the other kind of whisper uttered in deep caves, and some of the les

    ser of the Ancients at least the Great, but these are the overriding one among t

    hem in our world and in our time.

    61 Many Faces of Ancient and mysterious are the ways they and their vague desire

    for death, and one in which Spenta and Angra, and unfathomable relationship wit

    h each other and between them and the Senior.

    62 Therefore, in a moment they confronted each other in the same moment a favora

    ble one another, but the enmity and friendship for them - like the glare on the

  • surface of the lake.

    63 Do not think, however, that the Great Old Ones are dark, like Tsatoggua.

    64 Azathoth is the whole world and all the heat absorbed by them, and balls of Y

    og-Sothoth flickering flame of the stars.

    65 Attend the ancient land from time to time at the top stars of the metal unkno


    66 And the knowledge of Elders will not prevent the phenomena of symmetry, for t

    hey did not march on the ground in the guises of their exclusion.

    67 Attend the heavens are of unknown lands, and abandoned the high places of the

    earth and squeeze the heart of the horror of a lone traveler and everyone who s

    ees the signs of them.

    68 But none of the men did not foresee the dark purpose of their faces and do no

    t contemplate them, because they are carried with great speed on the back of the

    wind and tear of time online in their fury.

    69 "The beast will predict the arrival of the night."

    Sura 4. On-Ubbo Sutley

    A Recheno that most ancient of gods prototypes of all the gods of men, led by re

    spected and have been before, rather than humans have, and is also known that th

    e most ancient of all the gods come from a single source.

    2 The source of this call, sometimes Ubbo Sutley, and all are different manifest

    ations of the gods and the multiplication of Him.

    3 In the farthest limits of the universe where there are no faces and images, th

    ere are multicolored swirling haze kept secrets of the universe.

    4 And there, in the space now, purple haze, Sutley Ubbo can tell the ancient sec

    rets of the Ancients, because he - the oldest among them.

    5 But there is Ubbo-Sutley place, the essence of conscious il, il whirlwind of m

    ysterious unknown forces and properties outside the knowable universe, no one kn

    ows for sure.

    6 Indeed, Azathoth, insane and monstrous, that dwelt in the wilds so before, rat

    her than any star, wandering round the sun, and still resides here, the essence

    of the local vortex of immensity, koy-point Sutley Ubbo.

    7 A famous Nyarlathotep, the dark wanderer, and deceiver of all reasonable on th

    e ground, not only is there a hand of Azathoth, body, created in the image of th

    e earthly life and mind, in order to distort this very life and lead to death as

    the judges?

    8 And there are not very great Yidra, that there was life on earth and that thro

    ugh the era of endlessly interwoven with all the creatures of the earth, teaches

    reverence for the Ubbo-Sutley?

    9 For he is the beginning and end, the root cause of unforgettable, unbegotten.

    10 Prior to the arrival Tsatoggua il il Yog-Sothoth Cthulhu from the stars He se

    ttled in the swamps of the earth boiling the newborn: a crowd of flesh without a

    head il members of that gave rise to the gray, devoid of outlines beginning and

    newts terrible transforms the life of the earth.

  • 11 From him, and there were those who dared to oppose the Elder, who ruled from


    12 those that went to war Seniors, Great Old Ones,

    13 blind, insane predvodimye Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, koy are all-in-One and On


    14 and have no control over the koimi time and space

    15 and the display of which on the ground - at-Tawil Umr Smaller and Ancient,

    16 and koi ever dream of those times, when will rule again

    17 and whom rightly belongs to the earth,

    18 and whom the whole universe in a fraction.

    19 Protection suprotiv witches and devas, beside a deep Dwellers, dholov, Worms,

    cho-cho, mi th, shoggotov, ghastov, falushian and similar creatures, koi are th

    e Great Old Ones and their kind, there is a sign of the Senior, carved in gray s

    tone of the Mnara ancient, but much weaker than it is beside a Great Old Ones th


    20 Will the owner of the stone to command all sorts of creatures crawled koi swi

    m, sneak, prowl il fly, even at the source, from which no return.

    21 In Yhe as in great R'lehe,

    22-Y'ha ntlei in Yothe,

    23 to Yuggoth in Zotikov,

    24 N'kai in K'nyane,

    25 Khadafi, in an icy wilderness Kevaal, as in Lake Hali,

    26 Karkoze in Yibe abide its strength.

    27 As long as the stars are not reduced and did not cool down,

    28 stars until they die and space between them is not expanded,

    29 until the force of all things does not fade -

    30 Stone signed Agga assigned to the Great Old Senior beneficent spell.

    31 But the time will come, as there have been times before when they come back,

    because the manifest was this:

    32 That is not dead, that he was asleep: sometimes even death.

    33 In the madness of ages can die.

    34 And in the great return herewith the mighty Cthulhu will rise from R'leha tha

    t under the thickness of the sea;

    35 and Hastur unnameable izydet of his castle, Karkozy, near Lake Hali, on a dar

    k star in the Hyades, in the vicinity of Aldebaran, the red eye of Taurus;

  • 36 and the voice of the Nyarlathotep, finally, his word in the darkness, the way

    he lives, in order to hear him, and the Great Old Favorites them;

    37, and Shub-Niggurath, the black Kozlitsa forest with thousands of young, breed

    and brood again

    38 seed and brood her monstrous in its turn,

    She is 39 and will reign over all wood nymphs, satyrs, and a small peri narodtse


    40 and Ktugha embraces his possession at the Fomalhaut, and put his right hand o

    n those who opposed him, and destroy them;

    41 and blind, insane, evil will come from the focus of Azathoth world where all

    is chaos and destruction, where he bubbles and blasphemy;

    42, and Yog-Sothoth, koy are all-in-One and One-in-all, will reveal his balls;

    43 and Ytakua return;

    44 and Lloygor and cross the expanse of interstellar Tshar and dealt well with h

    is servants, cho-cho;

    45 and Tsatoggua Abhotom will come from a dirty muddy caves N'kai that in the wo

    mb of the earth.

    46 Expect them forever at the gates, for the time they close, and this hour in t

    he hand of them,

    47 and older are sleeping, dreaming, unaware of those who know the spell, superi

    mposed on the Great Old Senior, as well as about those people who learn how to d

    estroy them, as they have already tasted, wherewith the servants of ways to enco

    urage those that are waiting for the gates Outland.

    48 And they will gain power over the ancient land, and over all that dwells upon

    it, and get ready to battle again with the older, when the lord of the great de

    ep learns about them and will return with his brothers, in order to dispel evil.

    49 And recheno that all life on earth, the great circle of time proidya, come ba

    ck eventually to Ubbo-Sutley.

    Sura 5. On Azathoth, blind, insane god

    There is a reason why a pipe means so important to the ancient worship in dark p

    laces, and secret caves, away from the ears of the uninitiated.

    2 In the midst of fire and boiling of the universe on a black throne of Azathoth

    its sitting outside darkness.

    3 No single man koy saw Him and saved his sight.

    4 He is blind and insane, but always plays the flute of his, and pearl sounds ri

    se and descend in the dimensional bars, are the foundation of all worlds.

    Sounds of these five for more than a song, because they are numbers.

    Forever Azathoth 6 calculates the sounds in the fabric of space and time.

  • 7 It so happened that his flute suddenly fall silent, all the heavens razbiyutsy

    a one by one, and the darkness of the worlds to disappear and everything will be

    as it was before the creation.

    8 There is a mystery, a little slave, that his pipe cracked and can not make a c

    lean sound.

    9 Glagolyut others, that when he first blew a mighty sound, which began with the

    creation of the

    worlds, so great was the power of it, that no one tool could not carry it, even

    flute, izvlekshaya it.

    10 And behold there is an explanation for infants unreasonable, although there i

    s in everything, for a crack in the pipe is there a way to express the imperfect

    ion inherent in all created things.

    11 All created things perfect, because perfection is devoid of il appearance pro


    12 The very imperfect Azathoth, blind and weeping, when he plays the flute.

    13 But it may be imperfect uncreated Creator?

    14 Recognize that this very secret and become wise.

    15 It is only a breath, sound and carries it everywhere raznosyaschee widening c

    ircles, invisible and devoid of shape, because the sound is a way of breathing,

    but breathing fills.

    16 Otherwise, the sound would reach the remote corners of the universe?

    17 Do not eat these things breath, slave men, but the thin nature of respiration

    , invisible and imperceptible, and it will forever remain unknown.

    18 Pipe Azatotova simultaneously creates and destroys worlds in endless combinat

    ions, and they are like dancers, whirling on the woven carpet of time.

    19 There can be no creation without destruction, and there is no destruction wit

    hout creation.

    20 To destroy a thing means to create something different, and whenever somethin

    g is created, something breaks.

    21 Mad God on the throne of his black does not choose what to create, and that m

    ust be destroyed, but only maintains a constant balance and order in the amount

    and height of sound.

    Pipe 22 is the number of these sounds, because they are in the ratio and proport


    23 All that exists is made up of numbers.

    24 people are created in the flesh of his on Algebra Azathoth, gathers many guis

    es and is building up.

    25 None of the establishment is not beheld Azathoth, Nyarlathotep addition, cree

    ping chaos, sowing terror, whose name throws in awe.

    26 In Azathoth - The order in Nyarlathotep - Chaos.

  • 27 As if they were brothers, and can never be separated, because even when they

    are far away from one another, created by Nyarlathotep Azathoth destroyed.

    28 play of the flute has created a blind mad god of the universe, but recheno th

    at Crouching Chaos in the time of the last day of the flute snatch his pendulous

    lips and broke it, putting an end to everything.

    Nyarlathotep 29 looks at his brother with contempt, but He knows what He is also

    depends on the song flute Azatotovoy, like all the rest of creation.

    30 Because he angry and looks forward to the last day.

    31 As for the face Azatotova, none Kalam did not describe it, if not lied to wri

    ting, because no living creature can look upon Him, and to demolish the terrible

    heat and the black lights him like a trembling invisible rays of the red-hot ir

    on, and it strikes the skin and stabs it sizzles and crackles il, when too close


    Only 32 Nyarlathotep diverse beheld the mad god, and even blinded his flame, and

    had He was turned away after a moment.

    33 are asking ordinary people in the market at times of leisurely conversation,

    why the world was created, but there is no answer, because the world was created

    without a purpose of a madman, to whom good and evil are one.

    34 It Feels smooth and eat, but never saturated.

    35 plays and he hears, but does not see.

    36 In his grief he does not know anything.

    37 There is no happiness to him.

    38 Plays He patiently, and the song of His flute rolls smooth waves, rising and

    falling on the breath of the universe, and is filled with the sounds of things,

    and will inevitably move to the last day when the wrath of his brother, spill, a

    nd there was silence.

    Sura 6. About Yog-Sothoth and gates, that he is

    Open a pre mukarribom way - no one has known a long road, and sometimes that lea

    ds from the power of time in other worlds, and leads to the final void beyond al

    l lands, stars and universes.

    2 First, rather than to contemplate the unknown and hidden Kadafi, but you will

    comprehend the conductor.

    3 Yes posleduesh you a guide - a terrible conductor, who lived on the ground cou

    ntless times, long before the first of men, animals and plants, when wet, wrappe

    d in pairs firmament wandering confused, forgotten shadow.

    They built a four wonderful castles, the ruins of which sported the first of the


    5 The whole world is afraid of the genie of this since, when Lomar rose from the

    bottom of the sea, and the children were the fire-mist on the ground, in order

    to teach men the ancient covenant.

    6 And as long as there are those that dare to look at the radiance of the veil a

    nd accept Him as their leader, will become all the more careful they are canceli

    ng previous transactions with him.

  • 7 Woe to them! Prudence, right, left them.

    8 For Ibn Shihab told Saddam (Peace and blessings of the Ancients!) Inscribed in

    the Book of Thoth:

    9 "Terrible price of a single glance at his face, for the strange and monstrous

    these miracles.

    10 who left behind him the highest through the gate not to go back to the way;

    11 For in this boundless immensity that exceeds our peace, hover the ghosts of t

    he night, that the capture and captivate the soul.

    12 The evil deeds are happening at night, the sign violates the hideous guardian

    of the Senior,

    13 horrific creatures, fed grains burial, which grows up in the flesh decayed, t

    he secret guarded gates that are led by all the graves, and the celebration of a

    vicious ever be with them.

    14 Creatures of the vyskolzayut these moist and fetid den burrows its disgusting


    15 But they were less terrible than himself Yog-Sothoth, koy keeps the gate and

    path, and said the word.

    16 At the head of the hordes of the dead He passeth all the worlds and the overt

    hrow of all the nameless into the abyss of the womb.

    17 For behold there is a conductor and guardian of the gate, al-Tawil Umr, oldes

    t of the Ancients, whose call Ancient of Days. "

    He was 18 - the highest hatred, ever existed in any lands and there is ever any


    19 Al-Tawil Umr are people rasi Him - and himself razish, winning him a win.

    He was 20 - the threshold of the highest measure.

    21 Terrifying fear and surprise upset you.

    22 These things will tell you that is acquired He is one of the many guises of H


    23 There is no importance for appearances, for he is the master of guises.

    24 He calculates the essence, and with it you will fight.

    25 And do not give you victory nor glory, nor honor, but, in contrast, forces yo

    u to even more despised of men.

    26 This, despite the victory shall be yours, because you can not be more differe

    nt than in him, as one of his countless servants, swarming into the dust of his

    own, in the dust kind of Adam.

    27 Similar to the huge shadow he wrapped in a toga, and standing on a pedestal o


    28 And He has no eyes, otherwise he sees the world.

  • 29 Refers to the reason he no words, and do thou therefore.

    30 Treat the same to him in the highest degree of respect.

    Surrounded by 31 Al-Tawil Umr Ancients, as vague as he himself.

    32 Song of the essence of his gate by Ancient koi come into other worlds.

    33 may know these things and yes mukarrib proidet through the gate, if the condu

    ctor will allow it.

    34 And then the essence of mukarriba disintegrate and mix with the existence, fo

    r existence embodies the all-in-one.

    35 Rise up, thanks to him, because he - the last of his kind, and thanks to Him

    in the way you otyschesh Kadafi.

    36 Do not accept sin before he came to his, as that it should be.

    37 He suffers every life koyu repress, but such is the lot of Him.

    38 So fight as clean - and clean it, and win himself.

    39 In ancient times the priests of his secret teachings called Yog-Sothoth, and

    whisper his name passed from mouth to mouth.

    40 And he called his Mi-Go, krabopodobnye creature Yuggoth, the language of the

    twinkling lights of dwelling-per-edge and ruler inexplicable,

    41 and they revere him, things in the infinite unity with all the time and every

    one of the world.

    42 They dwell in the high lands of the east and north of the yellow desert, and

    continue to serve Him as His worshipers and messengers, and the wondrous designs

    on their heads.

    Only 43 of Yog-Sothoth has power opens the doors between the far country to that

    of a star Dubhe and villages on their Yuggoth, that the heaven of Saturn, but b

    efore the heavens stars motionless, for the zeal he keeps the gate, even creates

    and destroys them at times dancing multicolored their own.

    Yasna 44 words of mine to you, man, my congratulations to you!

    45 Other End of this Book appeared to intricacies and mysteries.

    46 Another mystery was solved.

    47 He will be able to get out of this good lesson?

    Sura 7. About thirteen divine spheres that make up the body of Yog-Sothoth

    Truly a verb Ibn Shihab (Peace and blessings of the Ancients) that the image of

    Yog-Sothoth are the face of heaven.

    2 And he - the gate, made up of thirteen balls of nothingness.

    3 But to say so would be a mistake, because there are thirteen balls, though dif


    4 They are flowing human scum, because they created the Yog-Sothoth in the meann

  • ess of his divine.

    5 And there are the end of the twisted creatures that could not win himself.

    6 He and the space around him a great one, and rotating intersecting spheres are

    orderly movement of his thoughts of Him.

    7 Some of them are moving quickly, otherwise the same - slow, noting the sim run

    ning wandering stars.

    8 Only his visage is visibly among men, and He has no body.

    9 His body are the universe itself: not the flesh of created it, but the size of

    the angles and spaces between them.

    10 For he generated from the intangible nature, and his face - forever shimmerin

    g colors, like a beetle's shell il speech silent winged mi-th.

    11 Those honored Him who admire the gates of the One who is All-in-One and One-i


    12 they serve Him within the community, built the great stone, and told me that

    the chief among them is on the grassy plains lands the Britons.

    13 builders forgotten it, but the creation of their perfect, because of it opene

    d the way into every corner of the universe and the countless small gate.

    14 Behold the gates is a great mother, and the palms of Yog-Sothoth - the keys t

    o her.

    15 Do not open it inadvertently, but only when the stars are arranged in a strai

    ght line at an angle suitable for transmission.

    The gates are opened 16 when He comes, and his visage from the glittering multi-

    colored balls, moving and intersecting, the essence of the gate, and a key and p


    17 great danger hidden in his balls.

    18 Can they come before you as a pure matter, but beware!

    19 They will crush you like a straw - a flame of fire.

    20 And do happen to meet them.

    21 He who passes through them, he becomes a moment of Yog-Sothoth, knowing all p

    ast, present and future.

    22 But, proidya through the gate, he forgets everything but the lingering sadnes

    s and sorrow unspeakable.

    23 And so deep and strong is this grief that many of his past life are unbearabl

    e after the opening face of the ineffable.

    24 But, bowed before the Lord thy before anyone otherwise not made this more.

    25 will serve you his balls, like obedient lambs, but vozleleyut bitter hatred,

    because it gives them life.

    26 And they - pure shells, devoid of higher life, but life for them constantly.

  • 27, they undergo a thousand years torment her, constantly destroyed and reconstr


    28 Do not you dare touch them, for they are being and nothingness, but serve the

    m, Rada, because the black power of their vicious and power them.

    29 Passion and the dark machinations of strengthening them.

    30 not get lost in their frantic network.

    31 It defies belief, that they deceived the deceit and praise, for you, my kind,

    genuine, and they - no.

    32 This is the last instruction!

    33 In the dark and damned balls Yog-Sothoth is no longer anything about what to


    Sura 8. About Yidre, evoke dreams

    Hundreds of a spring wind fluttering her perfume,

    2 Thousands of autumn rains wash away the traces behind it,

    3 Evil century echoes of her appearances blur.

    4 Where the song sounded Yidry ... just the memory of the hills will not melt,

    5 Before death came, it appeared;

    6 For countless times was life without death, life without birth, life unchangin


    7 And, finally, death came;

    8 birth appe