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Stage Hypnosis Sucess Workbook


<ul><li><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com</p><p>STAG</p><p>E HYP</p><p>NOSI</p><p>S WOR</p><p>KBOO</p><p>KUPDATED</p><p>stagehypnosiscenter.com</p><p>STAGEHYPNOSISCENTER.COM</p><p>STAGE HYPNOSIS SUCCESS </p><p>WORKBOOK</p><p>GEOFFREY RONNING</p><p>Featuring: </p><p>The Five components of a successful show</p></li><li><p>The Stage Hypnosis Success Workbook</p><p>Legal Notice </p><p>All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or </p><p>transmitted in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical </p><p>without permission in writing from the publisher. The original purchaser is </p><p>authorized to make one printed copy for his or her personal use. All </p><p>violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. </p><p>Copyright MMVII by GRG Inc.</p><p>Published by Geoffrey Ronning Group, Inc. </p><p>P.O. Box 1131 </p><p>Litchfield Park, AZ 85340</p><p>Phone: 623-476-2437</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com</p></li><li><p>Introduction </p><p>My name is Geoffrey Ronning. You are reading this because you are </p><p>interested to one degree or another in Stage Hypnosis. This workbook is </p><p>insight into how you can achieve maximum success in minimum time </p><p>in stage hypnosis. </p><p>So why this workbook? This workbook is a companion supplement to our </p><p>comprehensive training. This is a sampler. For those attending our coming </p><p>training it will be a primer. For those who are not attending, it will give you </p><p>a foundation for your future stage hypnosis success! </p><p>You wont find any theory or armchair stuff here! This workbook is short, </p><p> sweet and instantly applicable! Take the time to read this and make sure you </p><p>also pick up the additional gratis workbook with the self analysis exercises. You </p><p>can find it at the StageHypnosisCenter, so you can experience maximum</p><p>success in minimum time! </p><p>Best, </p><p>Geoffrey Ronning, CH, CI </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [3]</p></li><li><p>How to Be an Exceptional Hypnotist </p><p>Hypnosis is a fascinating field. In order to be a successful stage hypnotist, </p><p>your hypnosis skills must be outstanding. I have personally been studying</p><p>hypnosis literally for 28 years. I suspect that If I want to continue to be a </p><p>success, I need to continue to study. </p><p>Just last year I attended two multi-day courses that were in total 21 days of </p><p>intense study. In addition, I read hypnosis materials constantly and study </p><p>videos and DVDs. </p><p>Hypnosis, while easy, is not simple. That does not mean its difficult, but </p><p>you need to really apply yourself. Its no different than any other field. </p><p>The nice thing about hypnosis is that the teachers are available, and very </p><p>reasonably priced. Its not like many fields where people are unwilling to </p><p>help you. I have a friend who recently went back to law school. The bills he </p><p>acquired will take him years to pay off. </p><p>So, the first step is to get a solid hypnosis education. You want to get your </p><p>instruction from a person who has been successful doing what you want </p><p>to do. There are tons of stage hypnosis resources and teachers out there </p><p>so you must choose carefully. </p><p>If you are serious about stage hypnosis and want to perform, I suggest </p><p>you dont study with anyone who has less than 100 training testimonials </p><p>and who does not have several examples of successful full-time stage </p><p>hypnotists that immediately come to mind. </p><p>Excellent instruction is the basis for the confident hypnotist and the </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [4]</p></li><li><p>successful stage hypnotist. If you go to learn from someone who has not </p><p>been successful in the past, you will probably only be learning how to be unsuc-</p><p>cessful in the future. </p><p>Perform a Successful Stage Hypnosis Show </p><p>For some people, performing a successful show means personal fulfillment; </p><p>for others, there is financial satisfaction. For most, its a combination of </p><p>getting paid really incredible money, for doing something that brings them </p><p>personal fulfillment! </p><p>The successful modern day stage hypnosis show is made up of five </p><p>audience pleasing components! </p><p>Without a successful, modern day show you will never reach any level of </p><p>success in this field. Lets consider the modern day stage hypnosis show...</p><p>The Five Components of a Successful Stage Hypnosis Show #1 The Successful Stage Hypnosis Opening </p><p>The modern stage hypnosis show must get the audience laughing, gain the </p><p>audiences trust, create excitement, expectation and introduce you as an </p><p>hypnotic entertainer that is confident, skilled and personable. </p><p>If you fail to achieve your goals in the opening it will be a long, long, </p><p>miserable show! It won't be entertaining, you will have trouble getting </p><p>volunteers, it will be slow, and youll end up doing a long induction, or </p><p>worse, not hypnotizing anyone! </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [5]</p></li><li><p>You need to learn the specific steps to grab the audience and kick start your </p><p>show to guarantee your hypnosis show success! </p><p>#2 Calling for Hypnosis Show Volunteers </p><p>You call for volunteers and .........nobody stirs....... </p><p>Does this ever happen? </p><p>Yes! </p><p>Does it happen much? </p><p>No, not if you know how to avoid it! </p><p>Before you perform your first show you need how to call for volunteers and </p><p>have more volunteers then you can possibly use! This is one of the </p><p>ingredients for a successful show. </p><p>In addition you should consider how you will react when you call for </p><p>volunteers and nobody comes up. Make sure you develop specific </p><p>techniques so that you can remedy that and bail your program out of stage </p><p>hypnosis show hell.</p><p>#3 Hypnotizing your Show Volunteers </p><p>The success of your hypnotic induction is the cornerstone of your show. The </p><p>faster, more entertaining your induction, the more enjoyable your </p><p>performance will be for your audience. </p><p>You need a powerful induction that will drop them fast and be suitable for </p><p>the performing venue. What that means is that in most performing venues</p><p>you dont want to use a PR Induction (Progressive Relaxation) and you dont</p><p>want any instant inductions either. </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [6]</p></li><li><p>A PR induction is one where you bore the person into hypnosis, the problem </p><p>is that you also bore the audience. An instant induction is usually one where you </p><p>shock a person into hypnosis. This usually appears very violent and dangerous </p><p>although it maybe neither. </p><p>It is not necessarily what is true that is important; it is what the audience per-</p><p>ceives. So if you are hypnotizing a CEOs wife he is probably not going to want </p><p>to see you do an instant on his wife (it looks violent) or if you are working a </p><p>school event you would not want to bore the audience to tears, nor do you want </p><p>to do an instant induction as the principle would never have you back. </p><p>That is not to say there are not places for those types of inductions. It is just </p><p>merely to point out that you need to be choosing the right induction based on </p><p>the needs of your audience. Only by having that type of induction will you be </p><p>able to focus on what you should be focused on: providing outstanding hypnotic </p><p>entertainment that your client will request again and again, year after year! </p><p>#4 The Show Routines </p><p>The modern show must create excitement, laughter and do so at a break </p><p>neck pace. You need to create two lengths of shows for marketing purposes; </p><p>one at sixty minutes and one at ninety minutes. The audience will judge your </p><p>show by the routines you use. This may be the most important consideration of </p><p>your show! </p><p>#5 Concluding the Successful Modern Stage Hypnosis Show </p><p>How you leave the audience often times dictates how they remember you. </p><p>Be sure to leave your audience wanting more, more, more! In addition under-</p><p>stand there are four main ways to end your show. </p><p>1) With post-hypnotics </p><p>2) Complete the show in the audience </p><p>3) Complete the show on stage </p><p>4) Offer suggestions for improvement </p><p>Conclude the show properly and you will end your program on a high note!</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [7]</p></li><li><p>How to Book Your Hypnosis Show </p><p>You can have the best show in the world, but if you do not know how to </p><p>market it, you are sunk! </p><p>Many people tell me I know all about marketing. I say, Right! </p><p>I have been marketing my show for my entire life and frankly, not a day </p><p>goes by that I do not study marketing myself.</p><p>Keep in mind that just last month, we hired in total FIVE stage hypnotists to </p><p>cover multiple dates that we could not do ourselves because our schedule </p><p>was too packed. And keep in mind that we are very successful financially! </p><p>So, when people tell me, I know marketing, I dont need anything else in </p><p>that area, I think to myself OK, I wonder, how much business they are </p><p>generating that makes them able to stop improving the marketing </p><p>components of business......in order for me to do that it would have to be </p><p>pretty damn significant...apparently for Microsoft as well since they </p><p>continually invest in marketing education.... </p><p>In my opinion, marketing your show and working on your marketing </p><p>knowledge cannot ever stop improving! </p><p>The Next Step This workbook has given you a quick overview of stage hypnosis. Your next </p><p>step should be to analyze where you are at, what your skill, interest, desire and </p><p>market interests are. You can do that with our companion workbook. If you do </p><p>not have that yet, it is available here. </p><p>Best regards, </p><p>Geoffrey Ronning, CH, CI </p><p>P.S. Check this out.... </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [8]</p></li><li><p>Be Spoiled, Get Freebies, Learn More and Have Fun! </p><p>The Stage Hypnosis Center is updated constantly with FREE, FANTASTIC </p><p>hypnosis information. In addition you may subscribe to the Modern Stage Hyp-</p><p>nosis Journal Free E-zine and become a member (it's free) of the SHC. 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