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Hypnosis Analysis


<ul><li><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com</p><p>SELF</p><p> ANA</p><p>LYSI</p><p>S FOR</p><p>MS</p><p>UPDATED</p><p>stagehypnosiscenter.com</p><p>STAGE </p><p>HYPNOSIS </p><p>SELF-ANALYSIS FORMS</p><p>GEOFFREY RONNING</p><p>Self Analysis forms including: </p><p> Hypnosis </p><p> Performance</p><p> Financial</p></li><li><p>The Stage Hypnosis Self-Analysis Forms Workbook</p><p>Legal Notice </p><p>All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or </p><p>transmitted in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical </p><p>without permission in writing from the publisher. The original purchaser is </p><p>authorized to make one printed copy for his or her personal use. All </p><p>violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. </p><p>Copyright MMVII by GRG Inc.</p><p>Published by Geoffrey Ronning Group, Inc. </p><p>P.O. Box 1131 </p><p>Litchfield Park, AZ 85340</p><p>Phone: 623-476-2437</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com</p></li><li><p>Introduction </p><p>Thanks for taking the time with this workbook. My name is Geoffrey Ronning.</p><p> In this workbook are a number of self-analysis forms for you to consider </p><p>and work with.</p><p>I find self analysis one of the most revealing and empowering ways to </p><p>determine my current skills and the tools required for a bright future. </p><p>Get started right away and I wish you much success.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Geoffrey Ronning</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [3]</p></li><li><p>Your Personal Road Map to Stage Hypnosis Success </p><p> Lets talk about YOU! </p><p>You personally. </p><p>Lets consider: </p><p>1. Where you are now with stage hypnosis</p><p>2. Where you want to be in stage hypnosis </p><p>3. What do you need to acquire to reach you goal? </p><p>Only through self-analysis can you really discover the answers to these </p><p>questions. Read each of the following questions and answer each question </p><p>carefully. Do NOT skip this part. This is a workbook; if you skip this you </p><p>will hinder your success and the value of this work book. </p><p>Hypnosis Self Analysis </p><p>1) Do you know what hypnosis is? </p><p>2) Can you explain hypnosis to the average person? </p><p>3) Are you able to hypnotize people from all walks of life? </p><p>4) Do you feel secure in dealing with issues or problems related to hypnosis? </p><p>5) Did you train with a successful stage hypnotist that has a record of verifiable students? </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [4]</p></li><li><p>Stage Hypnosis Show</p><p>Self Analysis</p><p>6) Do you have a rapid, entertaining induction you can use for your hypnosis show clients? Or are you using the old, boring progressive relaxation or </p><p> some other type that may not be suitable for your audiences? </p><p>7) Do you understand what the modern day audience wants from a hypnosis show? </p><p>8) Do you perform a real show with a beginning, middle and end or just a bunch of routines? </p><p>9) Do you know how to handle any situation or problem that may arise during a hypnosis show? </p><p>10) Do you know what to do if you dont get any volunteers up on stage to be hypnotized? </p><p>11) Do you know what to do if you do not hypnotize anyone? </p><p>12) Did you get the majority of your education through watching other stage hypnotists? </p><p>13) If you were going to perform a show that had to be great, would you feel confident getting on stage tonight? </p><p>14) If you could make one wish about your stage hypnosis show, what would it be?</p><p>Financial Stage Hypnosis Self Analysis </p><p>15) What geographical areas would you (are you) working? </p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [5]</p></li><li><p>16) What two specific clientele (comedy clubs, corp., schools, etc.) are you </p><p>thinking of working? </p><p>17) How many stage hypnotists are in your area/ markets? </p><p>18) How many shows do you think are potentially available each year? </p><p>19) What are you willing to sacrifice to work that number of shows per </p><p>year? </p><p>20) What rates are appropriate for you to receive at these shows? </p><p>$___________________ </p><p>21) What is the total dollar amount possible each year?</p><p>$_____________ x _____________ (# of shows) = _________________ </p><p>22) Would you be comfortable making that money? </p><p>23) Would you be willing to really make the sacrifices required to achieve </p><p>your goals? </p><p>24) Do you have any advantages in your current skills, job or background </p><p>that will give you an edge in booking your stage hypnosis shows? </p><p>25) Do you know any current customers that may be able to book you </p><p>immediately? </p><p>26) How good would it feel to have all the success you desire in hypnosis? </p><p>27) How would it change your life personally? </p><p>28) How would it change your life financially?</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [6]</p><p>If you have not gone through each question, and spent time with each </p><p>question, and REALLY answered each question, go back and complete the </p></li><li><p>The Next Step This workbook has helped you identify your current skills and the skills that </p><p>are important to achieve maximum success in stage hypnosis in minimum </p><p>time. </p><p>From this day forward, I would recommend you focus on three main areas: </p><p>1) Your hypnosis skills </p><p>2) Creating a modern, entertaining stage hypnosis show </p><p>3) Marketing your show so you have more bookings than you can </p><p>possibly work! </p><p>This workbook has given you a structure to work from. In addition, it is a </p><p>self-analysis tool to identify where you are. Only by knowing where you are </p><p>can you possibly begin to take steps to achieve you goals. </p><p>The rewards are great for a stage hypnotist. It is a profession that commands </p><p>respect, gives great personal satisfaction and offers shocking financial </p><p>rewards! </p><p>If you want to speed up the process of your stage hypnosis success and</p><p>save yourself money in the process on bad books, poor training, </p><p>unfortunate DVDs, etc. then you can visit our training page to see if we have </p><p>any scheduled trainings coming up for The Geoffrey Ronning Modern </p><p>Stage Hypnosis Training. It is an impactful training that has helped many </p><p>people launch incredibly profitable careers!</p><p>I look forward to being in your audience one day and hearing the roar of </p><p>laughter and seeing you shine in the stage hypnosis spotlight! </p><p>Best regards, </p><p>Geoffrey Ronning</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [7]</p></li><li><p>P.S. For all kinds of additional stage hypnosis information visit</p><p>http://www.stagehypnosiscenter.com</p><p>P.S. Check this out.... </p><p>Be Spoiled, Get Freebies, Learn More and Have Fun! </p><p>The Stage Hypnosis Center is updated constantly with FREE, FANTASTIC hypnosis information. In addition you may subscribe to the Modern Stage Hyp-nosis Journal Free E-zine. Your email address is completely confidential and you can unsubscribe at anytime. </p><p>For signing up today you receive: </p><p>1) One FREE Special Report today "How to Succeed with Hypnosis" 2) One FREE Special Report tomorrow "All About Hypno-Pretests" 3) Access to free invitation only online hypnosis sessions 4) Free invitation only hypnosis training tips 5) Free invitation only streaming hypnosis demonstrations 6) Free invitation hypnosis slide shows 7) Free invitation streaming audio hypnosis seminars 8) FREE Rapid Reprogramming Hypnotic Session - Instantly! and much much more... </p><p>I will reward you with so many freebies and valuable extras </p><p>it will BLOW your MIND! </p><p>http://www.stagehypnosiscenter.com/free.html</p><p>(if the links are not clickable, type them into your browser)</p><p>StageHypnosisCenter.com [8]</p><p>Visit the SHC today</p></li></ul>