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Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia WA Branch Newsletter


  • ISSUE 11, APRIL 2011



    Welcome to the year - even though it is already near the end of April! As you all would know we have been very busy organising the years events. Some of you would have had the opportunity to attend the "In Office Tooth Whitening" course, I hope that you found it enjoyable and resourceful. We would like to run an-other one later in the year so if you are keen please email us with expressions of interest. Those of you that have already reg-istered for the waiting list will be informed of any dates first. Don't forget to register for the 1/2 day seminar - the details are on the web page and you can sign up straight away - we have a fantastic line up of speakers. The National Symposium is in Darwin this year, and is worth 13 CPD points, so its well worth the trip, check out the National web page for details on this. Note early-bird registration has been extended to the 30th April...get in quick! If you have friends that are not yet members of the branch please remind them to get on line and register, as not only is it a sure way of saving dollars for all your CPD but a valuable and resourceful network both on a state level and national level. The national data base for membership renewal going live is a fantastic achieve-ment, it took a while to get there and as with anything new there are always some teething problems but we are working on these issues to make it better. Aleisha, our Membership Officer, and Sherryn, our Secretary, are travelling to South Australia to attend a training course on how to use the data base and will brain storm with the rest of the states to see how it can be further improved - your suggestions are most welcome. The Events Calendar is up on the web page and we are starting to plan for our next full day seminar in 2012. Thankyou again for your support, I hope that we can continue to provide the sup-port and development that you need. Simone Mayne President


  • FROM THE COMMITTEE Since the advent of National Registration and compulsory Continuing Professional Development in October last year, the committee members of the WA Branch have been busy bees! Our Treasurer, Stephanie Pearce, has this to say: This has been a busy start to the year not only for myself but for every-one on the committee. We have all been working very hard to help the association grow and move forward with the technology side of things. Though we have had a few setbacks and delays, members are now able to renew or join the association online through the PAYPAL system. There have been a few misunderstandings in regards to PAYPAL. You do not need to join, be a member or have an account with PAYPAL to use it. Anyone can use PAYPAL, you just need a credit card. This new online pay-ment system will make things a lot easier on the administrative side of things, and save a lot of time for the treasurer and other committee members who were involved in setting this system up. It will also give instant confirmation and receipts for online registrations which will give members peace of mind that their payment has been received and processed. Though we are still in the early days of using this system and have had a few teething problems, we hope that in time everything will run smoothly and in turn the association will operate more efficiently for our members. Our Web Officer, Selina Lai, has - established the dhaawa.com website for easier management by the executive. - posts announcements and information of upcoming events on the website and on Facebook to keep all members of the Dental Hygiene profession informed. - recently integrated the online registration and payment of DHAA WA events into the website. This in turn allows registration to be less complicated and gives the executive easier control of data. - been handling ongoing issues with Paypal Our Secretary, Sherryn Cullen, and our Membership Officer, Aleisha Gin, have both been kept busy answering emails regarding upcoming courses and membership enquires. They are working on fixing any problems people are having renewing their online membershipsall states have been experiencing some glitches. Later this month they are both travelling to Adelaide to meet with other branch members and learn more about the new National Database. Aleisha recently went to the ADA Congress in Brisbane, check out her interesting report later in the newsletter. Sherryn is looking forward to meeting more WA members at upcom-ing events. Jenny Soo and Cherie Vojkovic, our CPD Coordinators, have been organising our CPD events, supper meetings and the AGM. They have to find appropriate venues, co-ordinate speakers from different organisa-tions, and plan supper snacks and lunches. They have been making a start to help organise our Dental Hygiene Week eventdetails are coming soon, if you would like to volunteer in any way, please contact us. ORAL B: PROUD SPONSORS OF HYGIENE HAPPENINGS

  • Since Emily See, our Vice-President, accepted her position in November last year, she has provided a huge amount of information and support for all committee members. She is the Proxy for Simone Mayne, the President, and attends Bi-annual National Council Meetings in March and September each year. She also: - Will represent the President for WA Branch at the National AGM to be held in conjunction with DHAA Inc. National Symposium in July, 2011. - Helps out with all events organised by the WA Branch. - Networks and outsources for speakers in our CPD program. - Keeps abreast on issues affecting the Dental Hygienist profession especially for WA Branch - Attends all Branch Executive Meetings. - Responds to correspondence to the Association. - Helps maintain good internal and external public relations for the WA Branch. Emily has this to say:

    First of all I wish to thank all the nine active and hard working executive committee members who have given me the support to be where I am today. I accepted Simones proposal to step up to be her Vice in order to share the Presidency since she became a mother last year. She was unable to travel interstate to attend meetings such as the National Council meeting. I must admit it is not an easy task to be in the Presidency position but it is a rewarding task at the end of the day. We are very busy organizing events to help accumulate our Continuing Professional Development points. We are lucky to have good member support as shown at our recent Supper Meeting at ADA House, First Aid Course in March, and Professional Development Day last October. Furthermore, Dr Laurence Walsh of the University of Queensland conducted a Dental Board-approved In Of-fice Teeth Whitening Course at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia on Saturday, the 9th April, 2011. This is one of the courses that is listed in the Add On Program for Dental Hygienists and Therapists to extend their scope of practice. Please visit the Dental Board website regularly for you to have first handed information regarding any new development that affect our profession. Also, friendly reminder: it is compulsory to have personal Indemnity Insurance coverage to remain Registered in our profession.

    NATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING REPORT On the weekend of the 26th and 27th March the meeting for the National Council of DHAA, took place in Sydney. This is held twice a year and is an opportunity for Presidents and National Councillors to meet together to discuss policies for the Association and also to meet each other. This was my first National

    Council meeting so it was an unknown but also interesting to find out what goes on. There were 14 people in attendance, two from each State and there were three members of the National Executive who ran the meeting. Branches brought up different items to discuss, some of it was relevant to all of us while other things were more important for individual branches. The meeting ran all day Saturday and until lunchtime on Sunday. On Satur-day evening we had a dinner which gave us more of an opportunity to chat informally. My overview of the meeting is that our Association is run by dedicated and passionate people for whom the welfare of Dental Hygien-ists is very important, and that each of us who volunteer our time to sit on our branch committees help make our Association the professional body that it is. - Deborah Tyler


    - There is to be National Data Base training for all States Membership Officers - to learn how to manage the new membership database; - There will be Finance Training for all States Treasurers - an added value skill to learn apart from being a good clinician;

    - There is a vacancy for Editor of the Bulletin , the national journal of the DHAA - training assistance will be given - please express your interest to us or direct contact with Ms Patricia Chan as below;

    - Planned Aged Care Forum - is this the area of your interest?

    - The Dental Hygiene Research Fund is introduced for DHAA members only - info is now available on the National Website: www.dhaa.asn.au Enquiries: Ms Patricia Chan, National Administrator at: contact@dhaa.asn.au The new National Registration and National Awards legislation has lead our profession in a new direction in terms of the Continuing Education that extends the Scope of Practice of dental practitio-ners including Dental Hygienists. These changes alone have cre-ated a new wave for our profession.

    Our current President Elect, Hellen Checker, chaired the meeting , and recommended that we, the National Branch, and all the branches, should streamline our movement and head towards the same goal. Hellen also encouraged the branches to