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<ul><li> 1. Once upon a time </li></ul> <p> 2. There were six exchange students in the most beautiful city in the world, named : Oslo 3. One of them has decided that they have to explore this beautiful city, but first she has had to buy a Norwegian sweater in the Fretex shop for just 249 NOK 4. She has decided that all the exchange students need new clothes, so that is why their story begins in the Fretex shop 5. Students cant live without cheap fruit and vegetables, so these princes and princesses has been to Grnland and theyve bought 1 kg tomatoes for less than 16 NOK 6. In this area theyve seen a miracle: theyve seen people who have changed by daylight in statues of clowns!! 7. These princes and princesses has been looking for something 8. They have been hoping to find that something on the beautiful peninsula Bygdy 9. They have thought: maybe we can find the men of our dreams on this ship 10. Sadly enough these men werent on board anymore, so these six princes and princesses have been walking around the whole island to find their princes!! 11. You cant go to Bygdy without knowing the names of all the museums, so you can find our answers on our answer sheet 12. Finally after a long walk theyve found their princes in front of the Fram museum and they will live happily ever after!! </p>