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  2. 2. Solo dance: legnyesThe Legnyes: is a mens solo dance done by the ethnic Hungarian peopleliving in the Kalotaszeg region ofTransylvania.
  3. 3. Verbunk and the birth of nationaldance
  4. 4. Verbunkos In the 19th century, verbunkos was the mostpopular style in Hungary. This consisted of a slow dance followed by afaster dance; this dichotomy, between the slowerand faster dances, has been seen as the "twocontrasting aspects of the Hungarian character.
  5. 5. Verbunkos wasoriginally played atrecruitment ceremoniesto convince young men tojoin the army, and wasperformed, as in so muchof Hungarian music, byRoma bands.
  6. 6. TnchzTnchz is a dance music movementwhich first appeared in the 1970s as areaction against state-supportedhomogenized folk music.
  7. 7. Famous instrumentalistsMany of the biggest names in modernHungarian music emerged from theTnchz scene, including Muzsiks andMrta Sebestyn.
  8. 8. CsrdsCsrds is a verypopular Hungarianfolk dance thatcomes in manyregional varieties,and is characterizedby changes intempo.
  9. 9. salterioEvery country namedthe instrumentin English region differently: in Germain hammered dulcimer,region Hackbrett, in French regiontympanon,in Italian and Spanishregion salterio and inthe Hungarian languagecimbalom.
  10. 10. Ferenc Erkel - who was the founder ofthe Hungarian opera - used the cimbalomthe first time in the Hungarian classicalmusic. This opera Bnk bn had his premierin 1861.
  11. 11. Bla BartkBla Bartk observed that Hungarian "peasantmusic" use isometric (with an even number ofstructures) srtophe structure and certain pentatonic(five tone) formations, along with a liking for tempogiusto (rhythm consistingchiefly of equal values).
  12. 12. Bartk studied over 300 melodies, and noted thatmore modern tunes used for dancing featuredpentatonic turns with frequent leaps in fourths. These features jointly may be considered asaltogether typical, and differentiate "Hungarianpeasant music" from that ofany other nation.
  13. 13. Hungarian rock giantsThe three giants of Hungarian rock, Ills, Metr and Omega, remained very popular,especially Omega, which has followersin Germany and beyond.
  14. 14. MEGASTARSIn recent times, talent shows have become a notable genre ofreality television, such as Idol, Got Talent and The X Factor.