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  • 7/27/2019 Humanity B4 Profit.doc



    HUMANITY before PROFIT reviewed May 27 2!""


    #rea$i%& a %a$io% fro' (ri'eva) fore*$ 'o+%$ai% ra%&e* wi)d river* a%d d+*$y ()ai%*

    (o(+)a$ed by *ava&e 'e% a%d a%i'a)* wa* o+r be&i%%i%&. ,o'e-ow $-ro+&- $-e (er*evera%e of

    dedia$ed (io%eer* i$ wa* ao'()i*-ed. T-ere were a few *i'()e 'i*$a/e* 'ade a)o%& $-e way.

    Idea)i*' a%d rea)i$y &o$ a )i$$)e 'i0ed +(1 freedo' a%d e+a)i$y were *o'e-ow *e(ara$ed fro'

    -o%e*$y a%d i%$e&ri$y1 a%d $-e% )iber$y a%d 3+*$ie were f+))y di)+$ed by &rab a%d &reed.

    A* A'eria ()+%&e* f+r$-er a%d f+r$-er i%$o $-e 2"*$ e%$+ry o+r %a$io% i* *$r+&&)i%& wi$-

    i$* %eed for a 'ore )ear)y defi%ed -a%&e i% i$* o%fro%$a$io% wi$- o+r ow% -+'a%i$y $-e *e)f4*ervi%& fore* of 5$-e be*$ &over%'e%$ $-a$ 'o%ey a% b+y6 %e&a$ive)y affe$i%& $-e )ive* of every


    a)) ,$ree$ eo%o'i* -a* rea$ed a 'yriad of *erio+* a%d +%re*o)ved i**+e* for o+r

    %a$io%8* eo%o'y a%d $-e *oia) *$r+$+re of o+r %a$io%. T-i* ba%d of $a04*-e)$ered (rofi$eer*

    o%*$a%$)y *ee/i%& i$* ow% (ro)ifera$io% -a* )ead $o $-e de)i%e a%d fa)) of o+r A'eria.

    -i)e ra(id deve)o('e%$ i% $-e ba*e *ie%e* a%d ever4adva%i%& $e-%o)o&y -o)d* o+$ a

    (ro'i*e of aff)+e%e )o%&er )ife a%d a -o*$ of be%efi$* for a)) (eo()e o((o*i%& deve)o('e%$* of

    do'e*$i a%d forei&% ar$e)* are 'a%i(+)a$i%& *+(()y a%d de'a%d rea$i%& a$a*$ro(-i *oia)

    (rob)e'* -ere a$ -o'e a%d i%deed $-ro+&-o+$ $-e wor)d.

    A'eria -a* beo'e $-e )a%d of &reed a%d $-e -o'e of $-e de(raved. T-e be*$

    &over%'e%$ $-a$ a)) ,$ree$ a% b+y -a* a**+'ed i% I'(eria) (ower $o r+)e ra$-er $-a% )ead $-e

    (eo()e. -i)e we a* i%divid+a)* rae $o &e$ $o wor/ o% $i'e *o we a% /ee( +( wi$- o+r

    (ay'e%$* a%d (+$ food o% o+r $ab)e $-i* *e)f4a((oi%$i%& (o)i$ia) a%d eo%o'i ari*$oray i*

    a%e)i%& o+r ri&-$* a%d freedo'* a* fa*$ a* $-ey a%.


    T-i* $rea$i*e wi)) o%*ider $-e 'e%$a) a%d (-y*ia) fa$or* $-a$ affe$ $-e +a)i$y4of4)ife i% w-a$

    '+*$ o%e a&ai% beo'e 5o+r6 A'eria. 9very A'eria% '+*$ $a/e ba/ $-eir ri&-$f+) ae** $o

    a% e+i$ab)e e+a)i$y of )ife*$y)e1 aordi%&)y we '+*$ fo+* o+r a%a)y*i* o% w-a$ $-e i%divid+a)


  • 7/27/2019 Humanity B4 Profit.doc


    a% be: ra$-er $-a% o% w-a$ 5$-eir6 &over%'e%$ -a* 'ade $-e i%divid+a) beo'e.

    T-e &over%'e%$ deb$ b+rde% for every 'a% wo'a% a%d -i)d i% $-e U%i$ed ,$a$e* -ad

    &row% $o ;"!!

  • 7/27/2019 Humanity B4 Profit.doc



    Gover%'e%$ i% A'eria *ee'* $o -ave a (e%-a%$ for *(eia) i%ve*$i&a$io%* (re*ide%$ia)

    o''i**io%* a%d o%&re**io%a) -eari%&*. T-e (+r(o*e a%d $-e i%$e%$ of $-e*e a$ivi$ie* are

    +*+a))y a$ o((o*i$e (o)e*. T-e a%%o+%ed (+r(o*e i* $o (rovide a *(eia) i%*i&-$ i%$o $-e

    de*ribed a$ivi$y a%d $-ereby a**+re $-e A'eria% (eo()e wi)) be f+))y a%d (ro(er)y *erved.

    T-e a$+a) i%$e%$ -owever i* $o a**+re e0$e%*ive re(or$i%& overa&e by a)) bra%-e* of $-e

    'edia for $-e ()ayer4'e'ber* of $-e*e b+rea+ra$i &a&&)e* i.e. (o)i$iia%* +( for re4e)e$io% or i%

    $ro+b)e wi$- $-eir o%*$i$+e%$* or e04(o)i$iia%* defea$ed a$ $-e )a*$ e)e$io% w-o are %ow o% $-e

    i%3+red re*erve )i*$ or $-eir )obbyi*$ ro%ie* or *o'e o'bi%a$io% of $-e*e -a/* w-o '+*$ -ave

    *o'e$-i%& $o do +%$i) $-e %e0$ e)e$io%eeri%& ir+*.Power $o i%ve*$i&a$e ea*i)y beo'e* $-e (ower $o de*$roy. Po)i$iia%* vyi%& for $i'e i%

    fro%$ of $-e $e)evi*io% a'era* are *ee/i%& (ower %o$ 3+*$ie. i$%e**e* w-o do %o$ bow a%d

    *+b'i$ $o $-i* (o*$+red (o'(o*i$y beo'e *+*(e$1 *+b3e$ed $o a+*a$io%* of &+i)$ wi$-o+$ $ria).

    @ea+*e $-e i%ve*$i&a$i%& (ower i* a% o(e% a%d a))4(owerf+) $-rea$ $o a)) i$ beo'e* ea*y for

    $-e' $o avoid $r+$- or 3+*$ie.

    Po)i$iia%* a)way* *(ea/ of &rea$ Na$io%a) P+r(o*e*. I&%ori%& $-e fa$ $-a$ 74'i))io%

    A'eria%* are )ivi%& i% (over$y $-ey a%%o+%e '+)$i4bi))io% do))ar defe%*e *y*$e'*. More bi))io%*

    are o''i$$ed $o fi&-$ for de'oray for *o'e forei&% &over%'e%$ or oi) ar$e). Mea%w-i)e -ere

    a$ -o'e +$* are 'ade i% ed+a$io%a) f+%d* o+r 3ob* are *-i((ed over*ea* a%d &ra%d(are%$*

    -ave $o -oo*e be$wee% food o% $-e $ab)e or $-e 'edii%e* $-ey %eed $o *$ay we)).

    Pre*ide%$ 9i*e%-ower8* #o''i**io% o% Na$io%a) Goa)* a*/ed $-a$ we *o+%d a a)) $o

    &rea$%e** for a re*o)+$e (eo()e. Pre*ide%$ e%%edy $oo/ +* $o $-e 'oo%. Ly%do% Jo-%*o% &ave

    +* $-e Grea$ ,oie$y a%d Vie$%a' a%d $-e% Ni0o% &ave +* a$er&a$e. Pre*ide%$ Ro%a)d Rea&a%

    &ave +* $ri/)e4+( wea)$- for $-e *+(er4ri- a%d $ri/)e4dow% (over$y for everybody e)*e. e

    $-e% were a**a+)$ed by a *$ri%& of re(+b)ira$*...Geor&e @i)) Geor&e ... w-o 'a%a&ed wi$- $-e

    -e)( of $-e o%&re** a%d a bi& (+*- by a)) ,$ree$ a(i$a)i*$* $o )ead o+r o+%$ry eve% f+r$-er i%$o


    T-e #o%&re**io%a) @+d&e$ Offie o%$i%+a))y o%fir'* $-a$ $-e ri- are &e$$i%& ri-er. A$

    $-e e%d of 2!!2 =!4(ere%$ of A'eria% fa'i)ie* -ave *ee% $-eir i%o'e* a$+a))y de)i%e w-e%

  • 7/27/2019 Humanity B4 Profit.doc


    ad3+*$ed for i%f)a$io%. @+$ $-e ri-e*$ "!4(ere%$ wi)) i%rea*e $-eir i%o'e by "B4(ere%$1 $-e $o(

    ?4(ere%$ wi)) i%rea*e by 24(ere%$ a%d $-e *+(er4ri- $o( "4(ere%$ of o+r (o(+)a$io% wi)) *ee

    $-eir i%o'e* &row by ?!4(ere%$.

    Fro' o+r #ivi) ar a%d $-ro+&- $-e De(re**io% a)) ,$ree$ -a* bee% o% $-e 'ar-

    b+i)di%& *$re%&$- (re(ari%& i$*e)f for i$* bi&&e*$ o%+e*$. @e&i%%i%& i% "> K$-e Roo*eve)$

    year* or&a%ier* of )abor &rabbed (ower1 &over%'e%$ re&+)a$or* bea'e b+rea+ra$* a%d

    #o%&re** r+bber4*$a'(ed o+r )o**e* of )iber$y ever4di'i%i*-i%& $-e (eo()e8* (ower. FDR8* @rai%

    Tr+*$ deve)o(ed e%$ra)ied &over%'e%$ $o (ro(or$io%* beyo%d eve% $-eir ow% i'a&i%a$io%*.

    or)d ar II affir'ed $-e (rofi$eeri%& 'o$ive* of war (rod+$io% a%d o%$rived

    &over%'e%$. T-e war8* e%d bro+&-$ %ew eo%o'i 'a%i(+)a$i%& o((or$+%i$ie* o% a wor)dwide

    *a)e. #a(i$a)i*' wa* +%)ea*-ed a%d a))owed $o roa' free)y.

    A'eria% #a(i$a)i*$* -ave e*$ab)i*-ed $-e (ri%i()e $-a$ *o'e )o** of freedo' i* i%evi$ab)ei% a% effe$ive order)y a%d (rofi$ab)e *y*$e'. T-e*e fo))ower* of Jo-% May%ard ey%e* redi$

    -i* for'+)a* for o+r -i&- *$a%dard of )ivi%& i'(roved (rod+$ivi$y a%d &rea$ (er*o%a) wea)$-

    b+i)di%& for $-e a)ready *+(er4ri-. Fo+r 'a3or i$e'* o%$ai% -i* (ri'e o%$e%$io%*C

    E To *+((or$ 'a** (rod+$io% (rofi$eeri%& i$ i* vi$a))y i'(or$a%$ $-a$ $-e 'a** (o(+)a$io%

    o%*+'e $-e (rod+$*... $-erefore (rovide b+i)$4i% ob*o)e*e%e a%d )ow +a)i$y.

    E Ma** o%*+'($io% a%%o$ e0i*$ +%)e** $-e o%*+'er -a* ae** $o *o'e 'o%ey... a$ )ea*$

    e%o+&- $o /ee( +( wi$- $-eir redi$ re(ay'e%$*.

    E U$i)ie 'a** e'()oy'e%$ a%d )i'i$ed *oia) (ay'e%$* a* $-e be*$ 'e$-od* of a**+ri%& ade+a$e

    o%*+'er (+r-a*i%& (ower... /ee( $-e i$ie%* fa$ d+'b a%d -a((y.

    E Pro*(eri$y for $-e #a(i$a)i*$ i* de(e%de%$ +(o% f+)) e'()oy'e%$ $o di*$rib+$e o%*+'er

    (+r-a*i%& (ower. T-i* a% be a-ieved $-ro+&- (ro&re**ive)y favorab)e )e&i*)a$io% $o o%$ro)

    &e%era) wa&e* *oia) *e+ri$y (ay'e%$* +%e'()oy'e%$ o'(e%*a$io% a%d a&ri+)$+ra) (rie

    *+((or$*. T-e% $-ro+&- $-e +*e of $a0a$io% a%d o$-er &over%'e%$ (ower* o%$ro) $-e (eo()e by

    a$ )ea*$ (ro'o$i%& $-e idea of f+)) e'()oy'e%$... -owever. a+$o'a$io% e0(or$ed 3ob* a%d %o$

    e%o+&- do'e*$i wea)$- b+i)di%& wor/er a$ivi$ie* are o%f+*i%& $-i* f+)) e'()oy'e%$ o%e($.

    a)) ,$ree$ wo+)d -ave +* be)ieve $-a$ &rab &reed a%d (rofi$* are $-eir e0)+*ive ri&-$

    $-a$ a(i$a)i*' de)iver* be%efi$* b+$ i$ doe*%8$ -ave $o &+ara%$ee $-e'. T-ey ar&+e $-a$ (rofi$ '+*$

    -ave $-e (riori$y over -+'a%i$y.

  • 7/27/2019 Humanity B4 Profit.doc


    OUR TIM9 I, NO

    i$- e%viro%'e%$a) (o))+$io% eo%o'i ri*i* a%d a -o*$ of $-rea$e%i%& i*'8* o'i%&

    fro' every dire$io%... wi)) -+'a%i$y *+rvive -e$-er by aide%$ or de*i&% 'a% %ow *$a%d* a$

    $-e door of *e)f4de*$r+$io% a%d wi$- 'a*o-i*$i (+r(o*e o%$i%+e* $o -a))e%&e -i* ow%

    e0$er'i%a$io%. H+'a%i$y -a* a))owed i$*e)f $o beo'e $-e (rob)e'.

    Now i* $-e $i'e for we $-e (eo()e $o o%*ider *(ea/i%& o+$ o% $-e *+b3e$* a%d i**+e* of

    o+r &e%era$io%. Per-a(* we *-o+)d *o+%d a a)) $o &rea$%e** for we $-e (eo()e. e 'i&-$

    eve% &ive o%*idera$io% $o re()ai%& $-i* Re(+b)i of ,$a$e* wi$- a De'oray of H+'a% @ei%&*

    *o we a% 'ee$ $-e dead)y 'e%ae of ()+$oray a%d ab*o)+$e r+)e4by4wea)$- $-a$ i* devo+ri%&

    $-e A'eria we $-o+&-$ wa* o+r*.

    A'eria%* -ave a)way* )ived o% b)i%d $r+*$ i% $-e -o%e*$y of $-eir &over%'e%$ w-o*e(ri'ary $a)e%$ *ee'* $o be $-eir abi)i$y $o (erfor' a$ $-e (ar$i*a% (o)i$ia) (odi+' 4(rovidi%&

    *y'bo)i e%$er$ai%'e%$4 w-i)e $-ey (ro'i*e (or/ barre) fa%ie* drea'* a%d $o$a) o%f+*io%.

    A'eria i* a% e%i&'a... e%vied by $-e e%$ire wor)d. O+r a&ri+)$+ra) $e-%o)o&ia) a%d

    e%$re(re%e+ria) re*o+re* 'a/e +* a(ab)e of e0eedi%& -+'a%i$y8* %eed for food *-e)$er

    o'for$ a%d eve% )ei*+re for a)). -a$ do we do wi$- $-i* o((or$+%i$y e (+$ i$ o% -o)d w-i)e

    $-e &over%'e%$ fi&+re* o+$ a way for a)) ,$ree$ $o -ave a)) $-e (rofi$*.

    T-ere wa* a brief 'o'e%$ i% $-e ear)y ">B!8* w-e% a &)i''er of -o(e for -+'a%i$y