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HUMANITARIAN RELIEF HAITI EARTHQUAKE. Passion, Strength, and Vision for Global Sewa. Chapters. Ten Chapters in Ten Years Asia: India, Malaysia Europe: United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Belgium North America: United States, Canada Australia Africa: Kenya. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HUMANITARIAN RELIEF HAITI EARTHQUAKEPassion, Strength, and Vision for Global Sewa

  • ChaptersTen Chapters in Ten YearsAsia: India, MalaysiaEurope: United Kingdom, France, Ireland and BelgiumNorth America: United States, CanadaAustraliaAfrica: Kenya

  • UNITED SIKHS AID Missions- 11 missions since 2004Nargis Cyclone, Myanmar 2008Tsunami, Asia 2004Hurricane Katrina, USA 2005Panjab Floods, India 2007Earthquake Haiti 2010The UNITED SIKHS AID team provides non-partisan global humanitarian relief services and rehabilitation help to the needy. SWAT IDP, Pakistan 2009

  • VolunteersOver 1,500 volunteers around the globe have registered with UNITED SIKHS since 2006, a testament to our vision and work.

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Dead bodies lie on the debris after a 7.0 richter scale earthquake

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Haitians in front of devastated building in Port-au-Prince

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief UNITED SIKH AID volunteers in Port-au-Prince, assessing situation and planning relief distribution

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Earthquake survived children waiting for food and supplies.

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Survivors are still searching for their family members

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Earthquake was followed by two major aftershocks that caused more damage

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Concrete roof falls on floor crushing people

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Thousands of Earthquake survivors sleep in the open

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Dead bodies lying in front of a morgue

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief UNITED SIKHS AID volunteers provide supplies to local hospital in Port-au-Prince

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Volunteers at make shift camps

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Amritpaul Singh and Harcharan Singh preparing food for survivors

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief UNITED SIKHS AID volunteer distributing food boxes

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Survivors standing in line for Hot Meals in Port-Au-Prince

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Volunteers with UN forces and Survivors

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief Manmeet Singh loading food and supplies for Haiti at ship yard in Miami

  • Haiti Humanitarian Relief UNITED SIKHS Volunteers serve meals to Haitian Survivors in New York



    Your Donation of any amount could help save lives

    UNITED SIKHS is a 501C3 tax exempt Org in the USA and a Regd. Charity in the UK, France and Belgium with tax exemption pending in many chapters., Toll Free: 1-888-243-1690Tel: UK (0044) (0) 870 1993328, Canada 1-905-672-2245,Australia +61 3 9005 1894, Malaysia +6 012-2155966

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