HUMAN SETTLEMENTS PLANNING Presentation to Human Settlements Portfolio Committee 9 June 2009

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<ul><li><p>HUMAN SETTLEMENTS PLANNING</p><p>Presentation to Human Settlements Portfolio Committee</p><p>9 June 2009</p></li><li><p>IntroductionPlanning Requirements of the Comprehensive Plan The Plan advocates:Greater coordination between national, provinces and municipalities in planning.Confirms process of IDPs forming basis for provincial development plansMunicipalities to assume a leading role in the housing process.NB!! Proposes a Housing Chapter for all IDPs.</p></li><li><p>Structure of Presentation(Macro) Planning Cycle(Housing) Planning CycleIDPs &amp; Housing ChaptersAnnual Performance Plans (APPs) &amp; Multi-Year Housing Development Plans (MHDPs)Human Settlement Planning: Current Conjuncture</p></li><li><p>Electoral CycleFive-year Strategic and Performance Plans: Multi-Year Hsg Development Plans (MHDPs)5 Year Election Mandate5 Year Election Mandate5 Year Election MandateElectionElectionElection5 year Strategic &amp; Performance Plan detailing Targets &amp; priorities5 year Strategic &amp; Performance Plan detailing Targets &amp; priorities5 year Strategic &amp; Performance Plan detailing Targets &amp; prioritiesAnnual PerformancePlans and Budgets: Conditional Grant Framework(with 3 Year MTEF)(Macro) Planning Cycle</p></li><li><p>Housing Planning Cycle</p></li><li><p>Planning CycleNSPDMTSFPGDSIDPMacro Plng CycleHousing Plng CycleNatl Strategic PlanMHDPHousingChapterAPP:Conditional GrantBusiness PlanNatlProv.Local</p></li><li><p>PROGRAMMEfor theDEVELOPMENTofHOUSING CHAPTERSofMUNICIPAL INTEGRATEDDEVELOPMENT PLANS</p></li><li><p>Hsg Chapters of IDPsMFMA, 2003Requires municipalities to submit service delivery, multi year business and budget implementation plans for the budget year. Provides that these plans must take into consideration the IDPs for budget purposes.</p></li><li><p>Hsg Chapters of IDPsWhat is a Housing Chapter?A 5 year housing plan undertaken by a Municipality, &amp; subsumed into the Municipal IDP. Hsg Chapter reviewed annually as part of annual review of IDP. Comprises, among others, the following:Analysis of housing demand;Strategy for the supply of housing demand;Set of designed and prioritized housing projects;Integration of housing strategies and projects with the other sectors.</p></li><li><p>Hsg Chapters of IDPsPurpose:To achieve integrated development;To ensure that contents and process requirements of planning for housing are adequately catered for in the IDP process;To ensure effective allocation of limited resources;To ensure that there is indicative subsidy budgeting and cash flow planning at both the municipalities and provincial levels</p></li><li><p>DEVELOPMENTofPROVINCIALMULTI-YEAR HOUSINGDEVELOPMENT PLANS</p></li><li><p>Multi-Year Hsg Dev. Plans (MHDPs)The Housing Act, 1997Provinces must prepare and maintain multi-year housing development plans.</p><p>Housing Development at municipal level must be part of integrated development planning.</p></li><li><p>Multi-Year Hsg Dev. Plans (MHDPs)Purpose:Strong strategic focus Sets out the delivery strategy for a given Housing Department Serves as a management tool for Natl &amp; Prov housing departmentsInforms strategic decision-making, among others:Housing Vote &amp; Allocations to Provinces;Mitigation against risks in respect of housing delivery</p></li><li><p>Inter-relationship of PlansNSPDMTSFPGDSIDPMacro Plng CycleHousing Plng CycleNatl Dept Strategic PlanMHDPHousingChapterAPP:Conditional GrantBusiness PlanNatlProv.Local</p></li><li><p>HUMAN SETTLEMENTSPLANNING</p><p>CURRENT CONJUNCTURE</p></li><li><p>Multi-Year Hsg Dev. Plans (MHDPs)Provinces clear about their visions, missions, values, legislative and policy mandates, housing demand and need, housing strategic issues departmental policies, priorities and strategic goals. However, less so, in respect of integration &amp; alignment across the national, provincial and municipal spheres (sectorally).Variance, in terms of alignment between provincial and local plans:Free State, N/Cape, W/Cape &amp; KZN highlight lack of alignment between IDP housing chapters &amp; Multi-Year Housing Dev. Plan, as a risk. Gauteng highlights the IDP and MHDP as part of the core informants to central planning. </p></li><li><p>Hsg Chapters of IDPsOperational:District/Local MunicipalitiesLack of understanding around significance of developing the Housing Sector Plans, &amp; limited understanding of its relations to IDPs.Limited evidence of Spatial Development Plans (SDFs), which is key for planning, implementation and decision-making.</p><p>MetrosUse of housing sector plans in local planning processes is well understood. The challenge is lack of capacity and strategic direction to implement housing sector plans, &amp; housing delivery in general.</p></li><li><p>Hsg Chapters of IDPsSubstantive:Impact of urbanization, migration &amp; proliferation of informal settlements places pressure on housing development and management of open space.Maintenance &amp; operation of bulk &amp; internal infrastructure is problematic especially in informal settlements.Grants such MIG do not cater for shortfall in operating expenses and maintenance of existing infrastructure.</p></li><li><p>Human Settlements Plng:Current ConjunctureOverall:Lack of alignment of provincial multi-year housing delivery plans with approved IDPs;Non-alignment of financial streams of housing and social facilities and infrastructure;Lack of comprehensive planning within IDPs that would form the basis for housing development initiatives; andLack of meaningful Prov. &amp; National Housing Development Plans; that should form basis for accurate targeting and budget allocations.</p></li><li><p>Human Settlements Plng:Way ForwardWork towards having practical documents that can be used as reference planning documents for provinces,There is need to work towards achievement of MHDPs that are aligned with the national and provincial and municipal priorities.The MHDP needs to present a reference to operational and implementation issues and risks.Need for urgent sector support and proactive engagement with provinces, municipalities and service providers on the development of municipal sector plans;</p><p>The Strategic Planning CycleThe 5 year Strategic Plan is linked to the 5 year electoral cycle. In each year within the period covered by the Strategic Plan a Budget as well as an Annual Performance Plan is prepared. These should both be linked back to the 5 year Strategic Plan and should show how the targets and priorities set out in the 5 year Strategic Plan are going to be addressed. A budget and an Annual Performance Plan should also be prepared for the 2nd &amp; 3rd years of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).The next slide will drill down into one of the MTEF periods.</p></li></ul>