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Human Resources Collection. The BASICS!. Topics. Resources ADE Website Creating a File. Available Resources for Beginners. ADE Website: ADE Tutorial/Demonstration: Regular Ed HR Documentation: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The BASICS!Human Resources Collection

  • ResourcesADE WebsiteCreating a File


  • ADE Website:

    ADE Tutorial/Demonstration:

    Regular Ed HR Documentation: a File, definitions, edits, training and updates Highly Qualified Requirements:

    Available Resources for Beginners

  • ADE Website Review

  • ADE Website Review

  • ADE Website Review (cont)

  • ADE Website ReviewFor data submissions. Will have to log in:

  • Creating a File

  • Data Elements and Definitions found in the ADE Documentation- Human Resources

    Personnel Form available online with all data elements for individual staff use at in the ADE News and Updates- Human Resources

    Data needed for HR Collection

  • Personnel Info for ALL current regular ed staff as of December 1st 2011 such as:General Info: SSN, Name, DOB, Gender, and Race/EthnicityJob TitleContracted Days and hoursSalarySchool Building(s)Etc.Data needed for HR (cont)

  • More detailed info for administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals such as:Teaching subject AreaInstructional Area (program area)Education background-highest level, college, and degree if applicableExperience: Teaching, Education, In-State and Out of StateGrant/Funding Code-used for Title I status and not required otherwise.Etc.Data needed for HR (cont)

  • Title I Teacher data will be used for the Comparability Report

    Title I Teachers will be counted based on the Grant/Funding Source Code of 4010 (5010 and 6010 are also options)


  • Full time Equivalent (FTE) is calculated using:Job class code (for job categories)Hours per dayContract days

    FTE is calculated per record submittedAll Staff has an FTE calculatedEach job class code is categorized into 22 groups

    Categories, Mode Contract Days and Mode Hours per Day listed at beginning of Data Summary Report

    Full time Equivalent (FTE)

  • Full Time Equivalence (F.T.E.) is calculated individually within their job class category by:

    Each job class category has a mode contract days and mode hours/day based on the submitted data at the district levelFTE Calculation(Contract Days) x (Hours/Day)(Mode Contract Days) x (Mode Hours/Day)

  • Sally is reported with 6 hours/day and 180 contract days. Her job class is 201In the Data Summary Report, the mode contract days is 160 and the mode hours/day is 8 for his job class category (Instructional 201-206)FTE calculated by:FTE Example6 * 180 = 10808 * 160 = 1280= 0.8438

  • File A: Staff HeaderGeneral information per staffOnly 1 record per staffFile B: Staff DetailProvides specifics to actual duties and locationsMultiple records per staff allowedCreate files:Using Excel or Access Directions at: vendor software product

    Collection Files

  • Open Excel and create 2 filesHeaderDetail

    Use the first row to create headings for your data using the HR file layout found on the web at: a File in Excel

  • Change the column width to match the number of bytes indicated in the file layout for both files: Creating a File in Excel (cont)

    December Human Resource Header File Layout: Field NameNo. ofBytesFieldTypeStartPositionEndPositionSchool District Code4Code14SSN9Num513

  • Add Data to each column for each personOnly 1 record line per staffHave all entered fields be formatted as textCreating an Excel File- Header File


    District/BOCES CodeSSNFirst NameMiddle NameLast/SurnameRace/EthnicityGenderBirth DateSchool District Code of ResidenceHighest Level of Education CompletedInstitution or State codeYrs Prior Teach Exp InstateYrs Prior Teach Exp Out-StateYrs Ed Exp InstateYrs Ed Exp Out-StateBeginning Date at School DistrictEnding Date at School DistrictReason (Left the School district)Subject Area of DegreeSubject Area of DegreeSubject Area of DegreetenureYears Prinical at any schoolPassed Paraprofessional Test



  • More than 1 line allowed per staffFor teachers: if they teach more than 1 subject or teach multiple grade spans (Elementary and Secondary) then at least 2 records are neededHave all entered fields be formatted as textCreating an Excel File- Detail File


    District/BOCES CodeSSNSchool Building CodeEmployment Status CodeNumber of Contract DaysHours Worked per DayHourly Rate of PayBase Salary of WageJob Classification CodeTeaching Subject AreaAdministrator AreaGrant/Project Funding SourceYears Principal at this schoolGrade Level-InfantGrade Level-PreKGrade Level-KGrade Level-1stGrade Level-2ndGrade Level-3rdGrade Level-4thGrade Level-5thGrade Level-6thGrade Level-7thGrade Level-8thGrade Level-9thGrade Level-10thGrade Level-11thGrade Level-12thGrade Level-PG24 Semester HoursNumber of Classes Taught in SubjectPassed Elem/EC Content TestState Core Content Test Admin



  • Proceed to fill in the information for each regular ed staff personnel in the header file and then the detail fileCan only have 1 header record/employeeCan have multiple detail records per employeeTeachers teaching multiple subjectsStaff members that have more than 1 job title, or work at multiple schoolsSave each file periodically in an easily found location (i.e. your desktop)Creating a file (cont)

  • Once data is entered, Save both of the filesDelete the column heading row in both files so that it is not submitted with your dataSave the file again as aFormatted Text (Space delimited) (*.prn) file

    Saving Excel FileFormatted Text (Space delimited (*.prn)Choose from the Save as type drop-down menu

  • You will get 2 excel error messages-both are OK!First, you will need to click OK:

    Second, you will need to click YES:

    Saving Excel File (cont)*

  • Once the file is saved as a .prn file, you will need to find it on your computer and change the names:From Header.prn TO hd3333.01aAnd from Detail.prn TO hd3333.01b

    Saving Files for SubmissionTO


    Collection Process Overview*

  • Process Overview

  • Log into the ADE System for the Human Resources Data Collection: Submitting DataClick Yes to Confirm Choice

  • Colorado Department of EducationAutomated Data Exchange Main Menu2011-2012 Human Resources Data Collection StatusData file has not yet been submitted for this collectionSubmit New Data FileAfter logging into ADE, you will have the option to submit a new data file:Click the Submit New Data File button to begin the file submission processSubmitting Data (cont)

  • Preliminary:Initial review of fileEnsures the length of the files A and B

    1st Level Checks: Ensure all fields are entered with valid codesEnsure all required fields are completed

    2nd level Checks:Ensures data fields are accurately markedHQ status for teachers and paraprofessionals

    ADE Edits

  • All ERRORS must be corrected in order to approve and finalize your data reportIncludes HQ status of all teachers. Please ensure adequate time to resolve issues in HQ Online System. CDE needs lead time to review records in the Online System do not wait until the end to address HQ issues. All WARNINGS should be reviewed and the data associated verified as accurate prior to approval. However, these warnings do not have to be corrected in order to approve. ADE Errors and Warnings

  • Error report is the Failed Edit Checks report in ADE

    Fixing 1 error may fix other related errors

    First 100 records pertaining to error will be displayed beneath error message

    Reading Error Reports

  • Either file length is wrong or there is invalid text

    Open and review file in textpad (preferred), notepad or wordpadThis view is how CDE receives the dataCheck for column headings (need to be deleted)Check for file length by counting # of bytesReading Error Reports-preliminary

  • Check validity of all codes being used

    Verify all SSNs and EDIDs in the Header File are also listed in the Detail File

    Verify all SSNs and EDIDs in the Detail File are also in the Header File

    Reading Error Reports-1st Level

  • Code is invalidVerify code used is in Code documentation

    Data fields are required Some data fields must be completed. For example: SSN, EDID, School Code, Name field

    Detail record must have corresponding Header recordStaff member is reported in the detail file, but not in the header. Staff would need to be added in the header file

    1st level Error examples

  • All other edits are listed within this level

    Related Field Codes are checked for valid correlations

    Many edits regard the required fields for teachers and validity of each coding combination

    Teacher is NOT Highly Qualified (Non-HQ Error)

    Reading Error Reports-2nd Level

  • First, be sure the record is coded correctly, fix and resubmit file if necessary:Social Security NumberGrade Levels Teaching Subject AreaHighest level of degreeSubject Area of Degree (1-3)Out-of-State Elementary Test 24 Semester HoursYrs of Teaching Experience (In and Out of State) Second, if coding is not th


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