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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 1/7</p><p>Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p>Human resource planning is a process in which HR pairs candidates with new positions that a companyexpects to fill in the near future. HR examines workers internally and outside the company.</p><p>Forecasting</p><p>There are two components to human resource planning: requirements forecasting and availabilityforecasting. Requirements forecasting estimates how many employees a company will need to fill its newpositions, what skills and expertise they will need and where they will be deployed. Availability forecastingdetermines how many of these candidates are available in the marketplace and how likely the company isto hire them.</p><p>Forecasting is an ongoing process, because the workforce and the labor market are constantly changing.</p><p>Reasons for Human Resource Planning</p><p>The main goal of human resource planning is to ensure that a company always has candidates lined up totake on new positions, so that time and productivity are not lost. Long lag times between one employee'sdeparture and a new hire can weigh on a company's ability to compete.</p><p>Forecasting is an important component of this because it lets a company know how long hiring will likelytake and what it can do to speed up the process. If an HR department decides that a company needs alarge number of workers to staff a new division, but the job market is tight for workers with the skillsneeded, it will have to secure these workers. Because rivals are also seeking people with these skills, thecompany will have to step up recruiting efforts and increase compensation packages to lure talent. If acompany did not engage in human resource planning, it would not know how difficult it would be to hirethe necessary workers until too late. Potential employees would be lost to rivals, and the business would</p><p>be unable to build the team it needs.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 2/7</p><p>Exit Procedures for Terminating EmployeesPolicy 39</p><p>NOTE: THIS POLICY, LIKE ALL OTHER MUSC HUMAN RESOURCES</p><p>POLICIES, IS NOT A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT AND SHOULD NOT</p><p>BE RELIED UPON AS SUCH. THIS POLICY MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY</p><p>TIME BY THE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA.</p><p>I. POLICYAn employee who resigns, retires, is laid-off in a reduction in force (RIF), is</p><p>discharged, or transferred to another State agency shall be regarded as</p><p>terminated from employment with the Medical University and must complete</p><p>the exit procedures in this policy. This policy also addresses what actions need</p><p>to be taken in the event of the death of a current employee or an employee</p><p>who has been terminated or retired for less than ninety (90) days.</p><p>II. TERMINATION CATEGORIES AND REQUIREMENTSA. Preretirement Termination (Steps to Follow)</p><p>1. ResignationAn employee wishing to resign in good standing should submit a</p><p>written resignation to the department with a minimum of two (2)</p><p>weeks' notice for biweekly employees or thirty (30) days' noticefor monthly employees.</p><p>2. Completion of Exit InterviewEmployees should complete a confidential exit interview at the</p><p>Human Resources Service Center, Room 105, Harborview Office</p><p>Tower.</p><p>3. Filing for Return of Retirement System ContributionsEmployees wishing to have their contributions to the retirement</p><p>system refunded must complete an application which is available</p><p>in the Human Resources Service Center. An employee is "vested"after five (5) years of service credit. When "vested," the</p><p>employee has the option of leaving contributions with the</p><p>system and receiving a pension upon reaching retirement age, or</p><p>requesting return of the contributions plus interest. The Human</p><p>Resources Service Center is available to discuss "vesting" with the</p><p>employee.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 3/7</p><p>4. Insurancea. Continuation of Health and Dental Insurance</p><p>State group insurance coverage (health, dental, life and</p><p>disability) ceases on the last day of the month in which the</p><p>employee is in a pay status. Arrangements may be madethrough the Human Resources Service Center to continue</p><p>an employee's State health and dental insurance coverage.</p><p>This coverage is available as a result of the Consolidated</p><p>Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). This</p><p>Act requires employers to offer all employees and/or their</p><p>eligible dependents the option of buying extended</p><p>coverage for group health and dental insurance for up to</p><p>eighteen (18) months. The employee is responsible for the</p><p>total premium for the health and dental insurance. The</p><p>total premium includes both the employee's and the</p><p>employer's portions of the cost.</p><p>b. Continuation of Optional Term Life InsuranceEmployees enrolled in the Optional Term Life Insurance</p><p>Plan have the right to convert this term coverage, without</p><p>evidence of insurability, to an individual whole life policy</p><p>within thirty-one (31) days of termination. Employees</p><p>must contact the Human Resources Service Center to</p><p>receive the form to apply for continuation of coverage.</p><p>c. Continuation of Dependent Life InsuranceEmployees with dependents enrolled in the Dependent</p><p>Life Insurance Plan have the right to convert this term</p><p>coverage, without evidence of insurability, to an individual</p><p>policy within thirty-one (31) days of termination.</p><p>Employees must contact the Human Resources Service</p><p>Center to receive the form to apply for continuation of</p><p>coverage.</p><p>d. Continuation of Supplemental Long Term DisabilityInsuranceEmployees enrolled in the Supplemental Long Term</p><p>Disability Insurance Plan have the right to convert this</p><p>coverage, without evidence of insurability, to an individual</p><p>disability policy within thirty-one (31) days of termination.</p><p>Employees must contact the Human Resources Service</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 4/7</p><p>Center to receive the form to apply for continuation of</p><p>coverage.</p><p>5. Return Identification BadgeEmployees must turn in their ID badge to the Department of</p><p>Human Resources Management or have it forwarded by theirdepartment to the Department of Public Safety.</p><p>6. Tax Sheltered Annuity or Deferred Compensation PlanEmployees who participate in one of these voluntary plans</p><p>through payroll deduction should consult with the Human</p><p>Resources Service Center regarding available options.</p><p>7. Unemployment CompensationEmployees are covered by unemployment compensation and</p><p>should contact the South Carolina Unemployment Claims Office,</p><p>176 Lockwood Avenue, Charleston, South Carolina, to ask</p><p>questions or file for unemployment compensation.</p><p>B. Retirement1. Applying for Retirement</p><p>The Human Resources Service Center will assist employees in</p><p>applying for retirement and in completing all the necessary</p><p>forms.</p><p>2. Health and Dental InsuranceHealth and dental insurance coverage may be continued after</p><p>retirement as follows:</p><p>. Retirees employed prior to July 1, 1984, are eligible for State-funded insurance if they have five (5) years of creditable State</p><p>service.</p><p>a. Retirees employed on or after July 1, 1984, are eligible forState-funded insurance if they have at least ten (10) years</p><p>of creditable service. An employee retiring with five (5) to</p><p>ten (10) years of service may continue insurance coverage</p><p>by paying the full premium cost (no State funding),</p><p>provided the last five (5) years of employment have been</p><p>continuous.3. Social Security Benefits</p><p>Retiring employees who are at or nearing 62 years of age or older</p><p>should call or visit the Social Security Administration Office in the</p><p>Federal Building, 334 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina.</p><p>4. Follow steps 1, 2, 5 and 6 listed in Section II. A.C. Reduction in Force</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 5/7</p><p>1. Refer to Human Resources Management Policy No.34,Reduction In Force.</p><p>2. Employees affected by a reduction in force should follow steps 2,3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in Section II. A.</p><p>D.</p><p>DismissalAn employee who has been dismissed should follow steps 2, 3, 4,</p><p>5, 6, and 7 in Section II. A.</p><p>E. Transfers to Another State Agency1. Leave Credit</p><p>Classified employees transferring to another State agency will</p><p>not experience a break in service if no more than fifteen (15)</p><p>calendar days lapse between the last day on the payroll of MUSC</p><p>and the first day on the payroll of the gaining agency and</p><p>provided the employee does not receive a lump sum payment for</p><p>accrued annual leave. Contact the gaining agency regarding</p><p>transfer and credits.</p><p>2. Health, Dental and/or Life Insurance Plans0. Employees must contact the gaining agency regarding benefits</p><p>sign up.</p><p>3. Follow steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 listed in Section II. A.F. Death</p><p>In the event of the death of a current employee, or an employee who has been</p><p>terminated or retired for less than ninety (90) days, the department should notify</p><p>the Human Resources Service Center. Counseling and assistance will be provided tothe designated beneficiary or to the administrator of the estate.</p><p>Approved by: Information Contact Revised</p><p>Robert C. Gallager</p><p>Vice President for Finance</p><p>&amp; Administration</p><p>Human Resources</p><p>Development and</p><p>Performance</p><p>Management</p><p>May 1996</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 6/7</p><p>Staff exiting procedures</p><p>These guidelines are presented to assist staff and supervisors with administrative/procedural</p><p>requirements in relation to staff exiting the University.</p><p>Resignation, Termination, Retirement, Redundancy &amp; Voluntary Separation</p><p>These guidelines should be followed for all types of employment cessation. Check the relevant Employment Agreement,</p><p>Human Resources/Human Resources policies and procedures for additional information, giving due consideration to</p><p>individual circumstances.</p><p>Contract of Employment Period of Notice</p><p>Check the relevant Employment Agreement for details of appropriate notice periods. Areas should be aware of the</p><p>implications of clauses in the Agreement relating to notice periods and severance entitlements, particularly for fixed term</p><p>contract staff.</p><p>Giving Notice</p><p>An intention to resign or retire must be communicated to the staff member's Head of School/Area in writing. The Head of</p><p>School/Area should sign the letter in acknowledgement of receipt and copy the written notice to Human Resources as soon</p><p>as possible. On receipt of a copy of the written notice Human Resources will formally acknowledge the notice and</p><p>commence finalising remuneration arrangements.</p><p>Human Resources should be advised immediately of a resignation or retirement to ensure that all salary, leave credits and</p><p>other entitlements are attended to. This usually occurs either by the cease date or the pay following the cease date.</p><p>Superannuation</p><p>The Human Resources Superannuation Officer should be advised immediately of an employee's cessation date as the</p><p>University is required to advise the superannuation schemes of an employee leaving employment within 21 days of the</p><p>cease date in order for them to issue final benefits statements. The Superannuation Officer can be contacted on 9266 2726.</p><p>Salary Packaging</p><p>Employees ceasing employment with the University who have entered into packaged remuneration agreements must give</p><p>one month's notice in writing to cease such agreements with the University. The Salary Packaging Office must be advised</p><p>on 9266 3860 immediately of intention to cease employment so they can finalise salary packaging arrangements.</p><p>Deductions</p><p>If you have had fortnightly deductions from your pay for payment to external organisations you should inform those</p><p>organisations of your employment termination eg HBF, staff union etc.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Human Resource Planning Definition</p><p> 7/7</p><p>Security Considerations and Return of University Property</p><p>It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Area of any staff member who is leaving the employ of the University to</p><p>ensure that University property, including University records, are returned pr ior to the cessation date. A record of</p><p>'Company Issues' can be maintained on the HR information system (Alesco) by the Area to assist this process.</p><p>Keeping In Touch With Curtin</p><p>Staff who have ceased employment with the University and wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with Curtin in the</p><p>event of future association, should contact the Office of Alumni Relations to register their interest.</p><p>TheStaff Exiting Checklistshould be used by Heads of School/Area and staff to ensure compliance with the above.</p><p>Where it has been arranged for staff to clear leave prior to the actual cessation date, please note that all final payments,</p><p>packaging and superannuation matters are not processed until the final cessation date.</p></li></ul>


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