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  1. 1. You can make a three inches long nail,using all the iron in your body. You can light up 21 bulb,using the electricity your brain generates when you are awake.It only takes seven seconds for food to reach your stomach. When you are born,you have 300 bones,but as an adult you only have 206. Some bones fuse to become a single bone as you grow. Your body produces enough heat in - half an hour to b0ll nearly 2litres (or half a gallon) of water. Your bones are stronger than steel. Your eyes can identify 10 million colours and your nose can @remember 50,000 scents. If your eye was a digicam,it would have576 megapixels.Your eye's cornea is the only part of your body with no blood supply.It gets its oxygen directly from the air. If your saliva can't mix with food,you can't taste it. How many atoms does your body .,/ contain?Seven octillionatoms / ~me. mi Visit ITI[I[! [II'lII. C[III'I for more cool stuff! Copyright 2015 Mocomi 8. Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt.Ltd.All Rights Reserved.