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HUL relaunch of Knorr Soupy Noodles


HUL Relaunch

World Overview-: Instant Noodle DemandFastest Growing Cities in INDIA

Amritsar, Meerut, Lucknow, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Jamshedpur, Vadodara, Kanpur, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Jabalpur, VisakhapatnamIndustry AnalysisEstimated at INR 1300 Cr- 1800 Cr.Expected to grow at CAGR of 20%Market is expected to reach INR 3000-4500 Cr.

Market Analysis


Current Scenario

D Mart Powai

Presence of Knorr Soupy NoodlesVisibility of CompetitionCurrent Scenario

Haiko Powai

Current Scenario

Wellness Care PowaiWhy Brands Fail?1. No USP/JND2. Irrelevant Product Concepts3. Poor Timing of Launch of a Product4. Omission of Cultural Dimensions5. Benefits of The Brand Not Communicated Clearly6. Poor PackingReasons of FailureUnder penetrated soup categoryKnorr as a brand always reminds of soup and not noodlesResearch shows that Indian Mothers were not comfortable with 7 pm snack, fearing that it will kill their appetiteMisfired line extensionPoor PackagingCultural Omission

RelaunchYummy Yoodles Healthy rehne ka, Tasty tarika!

SegmentationTarget Customer

Primary Target-: ChildrenTotal population: 1.25 billion Rich/affluent -: 10 million householdsMiddle classes-: 80 million householdsAspiring middle classes-: 100 million householdsPoor 50 million households

Positioning We offer a fun, convenient, tasty and healthy snack alternative for time pressed people which cater to the needs of easy cooking needs of Indian masses, between the age group of 24-50DifferentiationNew Brand Creation Focusing on Changing Lifestyle among urban populationYummy Yoodles-: Represents Taste, Fun, Convenience, Vibracy, Cheerfulness & HealthNew Story is told-: Healthy rehne ka tasty tarikaEliminate Brand Extension from Knorr

Focus on Kid & Mom Relationship where mom is just not the host for kids friend but a active participant in kids activitiesProduct

Ingredients Noodle-: Healthy (wheat, oats or rice based) Edible Vegetable Oil Masala Mix-: Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Carrot, Peas, Corn, Beans) Taste Enhancers-: Black Pepper, Condiments, Aniseed, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Chilli

PriceMRP-: Rs.5Package Size-: 50gMRP-: Rs.10Package Size-: 100gMRP-: Rs.20Package Size-: 200gMRP-: Rs.40Package Size-: 400gMRP-: Rs.50Package Size-: 500gPrice (Target Pricing)in.RSMRP205104050Distributor Margin @10%20.5145Balance184.593645Retailer [email protected]%1.80.450.93.64.5Balance16. Margin @10%1.620.4050.813.244.05COGS14.583.6457.2929.1636.45PlacePAN India LaunchSEC A,B,C Product will be launched in MTO, Retail Outlets, Kiryana Stores, Institutions, Other specialty storesSEC D Product will be placed in all the retail outlets which are selling Lifebuoy (One strip of Chotu Packs)PromotionStory of Color ( Psychology of Colors in Branding ) From Green which represents Peace, Nature, Prosperity, Growth ( BP, Animal Planet, John Deere) moved to Yellow which represents Happiness, Warmth( Subway, Mc Donalds, Ikea ) and Red that represents Excitement, Youthfulness (Coca Cola, Kellogg, Frito Lays, KFC)Introduction of a Cartoon Character represents YO or the Youthfulness or the Energy of the Urban PeopleIntroduce Tagline on the Pack to communicate the differentiation factorAppealing Food Shot (Noodles with Lot of Vegetables to represent Health)PackagingPromotion

Brand AmbassadorKey Focus of Yummy Yoodles is to empower HousemakersSushmita Sen is Perfect example of Urban Working Women striking perfect balance between Personal and Professional LifeShe represents young, vibrant, healthy, active motherMother who takes care of fun and health part of the food for kidsCompletely Involved in Kids ActivitiesReplace Kajol who was just a Housemaker and plays only a role of host to the kids friendsPrint CampaignRadio CampaignTVCOnline Marketing CampaignPromotion360 Degree Promotion Newspaper Magazines Social Networking Sites Radio Television Internet ( Social Networking Sites ) Broucher's Bill boards Promotional Event

360 Degree Marketing Campaign

Digital MarketingCreate a Facebook Page (Contests, Share Recipes & Stories)Online Print Ad CampaignYouTube Commercial CampaignTie up with Local Banaiya, Big Basket, Nature Basket, Big Bazaar Online PortalsTwitter FeedsSnapChat StoryGoogle Adwords ( Search & Display)SEO/SEMBloggingMobile AppYoodle App (Games)SMS BlastEmail Blast

GMC calculationSr. No.Name Pack (in cakes)MRP (Rs.)Volume (Cr)Revenue (Cr)1.Mast MasalaChotuConvenientStandardFamilyFestival510204050 Cr2.Tomato ChatpataChotuConvenientStandardFamilyFestival

51020405020.50.250.1250.1010555530Cr3.Chicken MasalaChotuConvenientStandardFamilyFestival

5102040500. ChowChotuConvenientStandardFamilyFestival

51020405010. Revenue=120 CRExpenses : A&P @10%= 12 CrS&A @6%= 7.2 CrGross Market Contribution= Total Revenue-( A&P+ S&A) =120-(12+7.2) =100.8 Cr GMC%= GMC/TR*100 =100.8/120*100= 84%Future Sales PlanPresent Sales Figure36000000Target sales120000000MonthMonthly Target(UNITS)Quaterly Target(UNITS)April40 Lakh1 CrMay30 LakhJune30 LakhJuly80 Lakh3 CrAugust1 CrSeptember1.2 CrOctober1.5 Cr5 CrNovember1.6 CrDecember1.9 CrJanuary1.4 Cr3 CrFebruary1 CrMarch60 LakhSales Target-: Acquire 4% of Market Share in the Year of LaunchThank You!