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Huit fall startup 2014 review


<ul><li> 1. Fall Start Up2014 ReviewPeter BasketteManaging Director, Support Services</li></ul> <p> 2. Fall Start Up isA complex choreography of activities, teams, systems, processes,events and the students, faculty, staff, and parents! that launcheseach new academic yearCrucial for many reasons: Represents an opportunity to create a positive first impression for newstudents and for parents Helps set tone for academic year Requires substantial coordinated efforts for many groups across FAS andHarvard Represents annual cycle of significant activity, starting in the Spring or earlierand culminating with the start of classes Puts many HUIT services through their paces 3. From HUITs perspective, Fall Start Up requires broadcollaboration and coordinationSome of our partners College GSAS Registrars Office Provosts Office DCE MTS Campus Services FDO OSL FAS PhysicalResources and most of therest of the universitySome key events andactivities Student registration StarRez and Move-inDay Placement Exams First Day of classes Study Card Day Cross-registration Classroom and labpreparation Faculty outreach Network deviceregistrationOur constituentsinclude 6,700 undergrads 4,000 graduatestudents 2500 instructors 76 course catalogcoordinators 17 resident deans Over 100undergraduate andgraduate programadministrators3 4. HUITs approach to Fall Start Up has historically beenfocused on functional areas Teams working within their areas on core activities onwell-understood activities such as:- Registration and enrollment activities- Classroom and lab preparation- Outreach to facultyStreams ofActivity HUIT preparatory activities include:- Weekly meetings leading up to arrival of students- Daily conference calls through first week of classes- Identification of systems and services critical to Fall Start Up- Change freeze and major incident process preparation- Implement improvements based on previous lessons learnedSpecificActions 5. Additionally this year, effort to Connect the DotsBuilding on strong individual streams of activity, this year we addedunifying coordination.A more holistic view that: Added role explicitly accountable for coordination of HUIT activity Synthesized Fall Start Up information into a packet Increased communication including SLT update emails and postingsto HUIT intranetLed to better cross-activity awareness, support, and execution. 6. How did it go? Positive feedback from many stakeholders Minimized impact of issues that arose Passed the Crimson Test: Stories were about expanding the weekendbrunch schedule, not technologyBy the numbers1650 freshmen registered for housing over 2 days5,137 calls answered10,264 study cards scanned10,554 students registered17,134 total tickets27,671 devices registered on the network 7. Tickets distribution was predictable with the majorityfocused on set up of computers, email, and accounts719091064948822701473395 393 386 38425002000150010005000Top Ten Services 8. Ticket distribution by team was also predictable withmajority resolved by service desk and field support8397529691189645 626458 453 430 399 367450040003500300025002000150010005000Top Ten Assignment Groups 9. 2012-2014 Retrospective HUIT has built a feedback/action item loop for improving Fall Start Upeach year. HUIT/FAS coordination and communication has improved with astronger partnership in all aspects of engagement.Fall Start UpFeedback andAnalysisAction PlanImplementation9 10. Some areas where we can improveCommunications Expanded Fall Start Up online presence Post relevant documentation Post event-driven updatesPartnercoordination Physical Resources better coordination with housing events DCE tighter coordination in support of their students Registrars Office continue to strengthen partnershipLearning spaces Increased coordinated support for technology is classrooms, labs, and other learningspaces Supports HUITs goal re learning spaces Opportunity to collaborate more tightly across HUIT and with partners like MTS,Physical Resources, Registrars Office, et. al 11. Thanks to all the teams!Questions? </p>