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Learn about Hue, the UI for Apache Hadoop. Presented by Enrico Berti at the Hadoop Singapore meetup. Find out everything you need about Hue at


<ul><li> 1. HUE THE UI FOR APACHE HADOOP Enrico BertiHadoop.SG Apr 10, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. WHAT IS HUE? WEB INTERFACE FOR MAKING HADOOP EASIER TO USE SuiteofappsforeachHadoopcomponent, likeHive,Pig,Impala,Oozie,Solr,Sqoop2,HBase... 3. VIEW FROM 30K FEET Hadoop Web Server You and eventhat friend that uses IE9 ;) 4. ECOSYSTEM PIG JO B BRO W SER JO B DESIG N ER O O ZIEH IVE IM PALA M ETASTO RE BRO W SER SEARC HH BASE BRO W SER SQ O O P ZO O KEEPER U SER ADM INDB Q U ERY SPARKH O M E ... FILE BRO W SER 5. YARN JobTracker Oozie Pig HDFS HiveServer2 Hive Metastore Cloudera Impala Solr HBase Sqoop2 Zookeeper LDAP SAML Hue Plugins APPS 6. TARGET OF HUE GETTING STARTED WITH HADOOP BEING PRODUCTIVE EXPLORING DIFFERENT ANGLES OF THE PLATFORM ! LET ANY USER FOCUS ON BIG DATA PROCESSING BEING COMPATIBLE WITH ANY HADOOP VERSION (0.20/1.2.0/2.3.0) 7. OPEN SOURCE ~3000 COMMITS 33 CONTRIBUTORS 648 STARS 212 FORKS ! 8. THE CORE TEAM PLAYERS ABRAHAM ELMAHREK ROMAIN RIGAUX ENRICO BERTI CHANG BEER 9. TALKS MeetupsandeventsinNYC,Paris, LA,Tokyo,SF,Stockholm,Vienna, SanJose,Singapore ComingupinLondon,Westcoast AROUND THE WORLD RETREATS Nov13KohChang,Thailand May14Curaao,NetherlandsAnTlles 10. FAST PACE LAST 30 DAYS 41issuescreatedand38resolved. Coreteam+Community 11. NEW APPS IN 6 MONTHS PIG JO B BRO W SER JO B DESIG N ER O O ZIEH IVE IM PALA M ETASTO RE BRO W SER SEARC HH BASE BRO W SER SQ O O P ZO O KEEPER U SER ADM INDB Q U ERY SPARKH O M E ... FILE BRO W SER 12. GROWING COMMUNITY hue-user@ 0 125 250 375 500 Posts Jul 12 Aug 12 Sep 12 Oct 12 Nov 12 Dec 12 Jan 13 Feb 13 Mar 13 Apr 13 May 13 Jun 13 Jul 13 Aug 13 Sep 13 Oct 13 Nov 13 0 17,5 35 52,5 70 Topics 13. HISTORY HUE 1 Desktop-likeinabrowser,didits jobbutpreyslow,memoryleaks andnotveryIEfriendlybut denitelyadvancedforitsTme (2009-2010). 14. HISTORY HUE 2 Therstatstructureport,with TwierBootstrapalloverthe place. 15. HISTORY HUE 2.5 Newapps,improvedtheUX addingnewnicefuncTonaliTes likeautocompleteanddrag&amp; drop. 16. HISTORY HUE 3 ALPHA Proposeddesign,didntmakeit. 17. HISTORY HUE 3 TransiTontothenewUI,major improvementsandnewapps. 18. HISTORY HUE 3.5+ Wherewearenow,newUI, severalnewapps,themostuser friendlyfeaturestodate. 19. DEMO TIME 20. ROADMAP CDH5withHue3.5+ hp:// tutorial-new-impala-and-hive- editors/ CDH5.1withHue3.6: CHARTS,Yarn,Spark,SEARCH createindex,Loaddata, Dashboard,UX...youridea? Inter-appintegraTon(e.g.scheduledailyHivequeryinoneclick),versioning,export/import.Oozie revamp,dashboard,reporTngCometalktousaboutyourusecasesandwhatyouwouldliketosee nextinHue! Hue3.5OSSrelease hp:// and-its-redesign-are-out/ DECEMBER 2013 LAST WEEK Q2 2014 AFTER 21. MISSED SOMETHING? 22. LINKS TWITTER @gethue USER GROUP hue-user@ WEBSITE hp:// LEARN hp:// 23. GET HUE Tryinadvancethelatestand greatestbutyoullhaveto configureeverythingonyour own. GettoplaywithHueand variousHadoopcomponents in5minutes.Itsaself containedCDHenvironment readytouse. NewerversionthanHDP,close totheoriginal2.5minusapps likeHBase,Impala,Sqoop, Search. Thenewestaddition,ships Hue3.0throughthe GreenButtonproducts. Stableandhighlytested releasesperfectlyintegrated withtheHadoopecosystem, automagicallyconfiguredby ClouderaManager. InHDPtheresanoldforked versionofHue2.3. CLOUDERAS CDH TARBALL CLOUDERAS DEMO VM HORTONWORKS* MAPR* HP CLOUD* * YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. BIGTOP EMBEDDED/DEMO IN IND. COMPANIES 24. WHAT ARE YOUR USE CASES? WHICH COMPONENTS DO YOU USE? WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN HUE? INTERESTED IN CONTRIBUTING? WANNA SAY HELLO? DO YOU WANT A TAILOR MADE TEAM RETREAT? TEAM@ GETHUE.COM 25. THANK YOU TERIMA KASIH </p>