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<ol><li> 1. HUBSPOT AND CHARITY: WATERAgency Fundraising Competition </li><li> 2. AGENDA 1 Who is charity: water 2 What is the September Campaign 3 What HubSpot has done so far 4 How you can get involved </li><li> 3. charity: water is a non-prot organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. </li><li> 4. S E P T E M B E R CA M PA I G N 2 0 1 3This September is about dignity, health and the future. Its about clean water for 100 communities in </li><li> 5. -$2 Tweets with both #september &amp; #inbound13: 8,347 -Video views: 90,307 - Water walkers: 1,100 -Villages funded: Three -Total Donations activated at INBOUND: $60,000 </li><li> 6. HubSpot Employee Campaigns have raised so far:$49,2521,094 people will get clean water </li><li> 7. Our employee campaign alone has raised:$27,585 </li><li> 8. Ping Pong Tournament Fast-a-thon </li><li> 9. Help us reach our goal:$60,000 </li><li> 10. charity: water Partner Fundraising Competition </li><li> 11. How to get involved 1. Sign up: Google doc in follow-up email 2.Drive trac to HubSpots campaign page 3.Send out an email to your networks 4.Write a blog article about the campaign </li><li> 12. IMPORTANT: Donations made by your networks MUST have your company name in the comment section to count towards your total raised </li><li> 13. Contest ends December 31st. Winner will be chosen within the rst week of January. Prizes will include: Guest blog post by HubSpotter More to come </li><li> 14. QUESTIONS? </li><li> 15. Further questions or concerns: Contact me directly: Taylor Corrado @TaylorLCorrado</li></ol>