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Choosing a software program that's right for you is one of your first critical decisions in starting a website or a blog. Listen to what Hubspot Partners had to say about the pros and cons of Hubspot or Wordpress.


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  • 55 comments Jump to most recent commentsJon Nugent | Business Intelligence Solutions We recentlymoved off HubSpots CMS to a Joomla website with aWordPress blog. The variety of designs and capabilities ofthe Joomla and WordPress templates is astounding whencompared to HubSpots CMS.The opportunity to take advantage of current HTML5 andresponsive technology with Joomla and WordPress isunquestionably an advantage for us. We have the ability toredesign landing and blog pages and WordPress emailtemplates that arent relegated to 3 columns and canincorporate mobile technology.WordPress is so easy to use and learn.Follow ThomasThomas Zoebelein I agree. Im redesigning my websiteright now and Hubspots CMS just doesnt cut it, Ill probablyput it on wordpress as well. Havent made a final decisionyet though. 3
  • 1Rebekah Donaldson Im floored by this perspective beingvoiced by HS partners. HSs value proposition is a heck ofalot stronger than is being acknowledged here.Im short on time so Im pasting here something emailed toa client recently:>> Lets call a solution constructed around WordPress "B"and the Hubspot all-in-one solution "A". The goal is tocompare A and B in meaningful ways to make an informeddecision about the platform. There are both soft and hardcosts associated with B. For example wed be trying toanticipate:Additional tools (MailChimp for nurturing and contactmanagement? Custom config of goals in Google Analytics toapproximate conversions tracking and do A/B testing?WordTracker for SEO progress? Hootesuite to manage SMM?Others?)Work process (would a developer be involved in commontasks? for example if youre rolling out a new landing pageand need data to dump to mailchimp, who hooks them upand is it a rapid process?)Support (how to troubleshoot if tools/services arentworking? Im not referring to troubleshooting individual toolsbut rather the entire integration)Purchase cost (what is the base price to get the neededfunctionality?) 4
  • Recurring costs (would we pay per email distribution basedon # of contacts, for example?)Look and feel (ability to customize template, forms, etc)Compatability of new marketing system with existingsystems (CRM, online catalogs, etc)TimothyUnfollowTimothy Lorang I completely understand the frustration ofweb developers to get the look and feel that they want andthis is the most common complaint that I hear. Especially fordesigners who have been working in WP or with HTML5.Although I think that a talented web designer can makesome very nice websites on HS, least 90% of the businesses can make something thatwould be just fine and work very will for them. But the bigadvantage that I see in HS, that Rebekah points out, is howeverything works together. As far as the restrictions of webdesign, if it is an issue, build the website off the HS platformand connect to HS for all the other advantages. 5
  • Lisa Ellington When a potential client comes to me andwants a truly responsive website, which is happening moreand more these days, I have to steer them away fromHubspots CMS. The CMS just doesnt support it.I hear that a newer, better CMS is supposed to be releasedand is in beta but havent been given any details about it nora timeline for its release. If it doesnt have the ability tocreate my own framework, I will be hard pressed to call it anupgrade.There are many good features about the HS CMS and youcan tweak the code to get quite a bit of good detail into asite, but this lack of true responsive support is somethingthat really needs to be changed. Slapping a menu on top ofthe site if the viewport is small is helpful, but as a designer,it makes me want to cry :)Simon Yohe Comparing HubSpot and WordPress is likecomparing Apples to Oranges. These are not the same typesof systems, not positioned the same, and dont provide thesame services and solutions. HubSpots Core Strength is nota CMS platform for your website. WordPress core strength isnot Marketing Automation / Analytics.WordPress is a blogging tool that has morphed into a CMSthat many uses to build their site. It has an extensive librarythat allows you to add features and services to grow yourfeatures and functionality on your website.HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software solution. Itprovides tools and services to allow clients the ability to 6
  • perform all sorts of inbound marketing initiatives, automatedmarketing campaigns, and creates analytics and reports thatconnects all of your marketing efforts into one place.Remove the equation about what a client site needs to bebuilt in, and instead, understand and identify what theywant to achieve from a marketing and sales perspective, anduse that understanding to see if HubSpot is the right choicefor them to succeed to achieve their goals.It also doesnt necessary matter what CMS you use, whetherit is WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, MODX, etc...What is important is that no matter what choice you use, itis configured and optimized for optimal organic growth.FYI, we do not use HubSpot CMS for any of our clients atthis time, and our preferred CMS is MODX.Alexandra Gibson @Rebekah I dont think that its aquestion of not using Hubspot, but it is a question of thecapabilities and robustness of Hubspot as a CMS alone.I agree with the other posters that Hubspots CMS is reallylacking. Its proprietary software which is notorious forhaving slower development times; its just the nature of thebeast. Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla are superior becauseof the ability to quickly add modules/plug-ins and theopensource aspect.Hubspot can still be used with Wordpress or Drupal (we useit with all of our clients) but I think its important toacknowledge that while Hubspot is excellent in many ways, 7
  • it is only "fair" as a site platform.You can still use Hubspot for your landing pages, leadmanagement, automation, and the like (integrated withWordpress or Drupal) but I would not recommend puttingclients on Hubspot for everything.Follow RobbRobb Bailey I second Simons comment - why on Earthwouldnt one use Wordpress AND Hubspot together? We areusing Hubspot for what it was built for together withWordpress, using it for what it was built for.Simple, right?John Reeve We use both HubSpot and Wordpress. Wewere using Wordpress long before we became a HubSpotcustomer and were not going to transfer 400+ blog postsover to HubSpot. So we use the plugin instead.Anyways, there is a HUGE difference between the two.Wordpress is strictly a CMS. There are some plugins that willgive you visitor stats, and possibly some plugins that will doconversion assisting. But thats it. Wordpress is for writingand delivering content on your web site. 8
  • HubSpot, on the other hand, is so much more. Its a CMSwith advanced tracking bolted onto it. We can use HubSpotto analyze site visitors to see what they are doing beforethey convert. We can A/B test Landing Pages and Calls-to-Action. We can segment and send emails to our contacts tofollow up with them after theyve signed up for our services.But the advanced tracking is really the primary differentiatorfor us. We had theories on how our customers interactedwith our site before they would sign up. HubSpot hasconfirmed many of those theories and has helped us reviseareas of our site to help increase those conversions.If you are going to use HubSpot for just a CMS, dontbother. Use WordPress instead. But if you need advancedanalytics, tracking and conversion assisting / lead nurturing,you will need something like HubSpot.John Campbell Im a new partner and was asked this sameexact question by a WordPress developer. It took me about2 minutes to explain the OBVIOUS difference between thetwo on what I would consider limited product knowledge atthe time. As stated previously, one is a marketingautomation tool, the other is not. Is this seriously somethingthat partners are facing and having trouble explaining toclients? 9
  • Rhonda Hurwitz @John, if you feel like being specific, Idlove to know more about what you meant here:"... the advanced tracking is really the primary differentiatorfor us. We had theories on how our customers interactedwith our site before they would sign up. HubSpot hasconfirmed many of those theories and has helped us reviseareas of our site to help increase those conversions".Ellie Becker This is a timely conversation. We are workinghard to understand what we gain and lose for clients invarious WordPress/HubSpot integrations in terms of theanalytics capabilities. And in terms of CMS...From myexperience, its not always a piece of cake to build out pagesand landing pages in Wordpress without IT help in verydesigned sites. There are other issues too. For example, theYoast SEO plugin for Wordpress is very robust. But in my