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Laura Fitton, Hub


<ul><li> 1. Real-time:CustomerAcquisition onTwitterData and tips from the trenchesLaura Fitton@pistachio </li> <li> 2. Laura @Pistachio FittonExcited &amp; geeky about where all this leads!" 4,000+ apps Twitter for Dummies 84,000 Twitter Readers @pistachio Founder </li> <li> 3. If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing. GUY KAWASAKI FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COMImage Credit: RangerRick! </li> <li> 4. Humans Are Changing ??? </li> <li> 5. Humans Are Changing </li> <li> 6. When I grow upI dont want to be a lead! 6 </li> <li> 7. Twitter is not a technology. Its a conversation. And its happening with or without you. CHARLENE LI CO-AUTHOR OF GROUNDSWELL Image Credit: ! THEMACGIRL*! </li> <li> 8. 100 Million Monthly Ac.ves 35 heads of state Every team: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL &amp; MLS 99% of top nonprots 87% of top 2010 musicians 50 top TV shows 17 Languages SMS in 80 countries = 230,000,000 tweets per day </li> <li> 9. SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 10 </li> <li> 10. Global Sensing and Signaling Network </li> <li> 11. Either write something worth reading ordo something worth writing about.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Image Credit:! lhalstead! </li> <li> 12. The Message is the Inuencer. </li> <li> 13. Any to Many </li> <li> 14. Inuence (was) ATract aTen.on to yourself </li> <li> 15. Inuence (is) Provide aTen.on &amp; value to others </li> <li> 16. TwiTer in 2 Words </li> <li> 17. Be Useful! </li> <li> 18. TwiTer in 4 Words </li> <li> 19. Listen. Learn. Care. Serve. </li> <li> 20. The Sales Playbook25 </li> <li> 21. The Sales Playbook IS BROKEN CALLER ID </li> <li> 22. WAS. IS. VSLEAD GENERATE LEAD QUALIFY COLD CALLING LINKEDIN EMAIL BLASTS SEGMENT EMAIL ROLODEX TWITTER OUTSIDE INSIDE </li> <li> 23. 3 Key Plays of Social Selling 1) Expand Reach! 2) Leverage Connections! 3) Use Social Intelligence! A) Qualify! B) Add Value! </li> <li> 24. Capitalize on Promoted Tweets 1. Hit Your Followers at the Right Time 2. Target Relevant Keywords 3. Find People Who Resemble Your Followers 4. Use for Events and Local Businesses 5. Promote Oers 6. Test Content and Messaging hTp:// </li> <li> 25. Understand Your Twi?er Trac NEW TwiTer website analy.cs will track: amount of trac TwiTer drives overall extent to which TwiTer users are sharing a sites content eec.veness of a websites Tweet buTon integra.on </li> <li> 26. Image Credit: Fotographia GuerillaMake the customerthe hero of yourstory.ANN HANDLEYCHIEF CONTENT OFFICERMARKETINGPROFS TWEET EBOOK! QUOTE </li> <li> 27. INBOUND MARKETING$ $ </li> <li> 28. Complicated Easy &amp; Integrated&amp; Confusing </li> <li> 29. Less of this. 45 </li> <li> 30. More of this. 46 </li> <li> 31. INSPIRED? Start working on your successstory online. Sign up for aHubSpot free trial and see howthe interaction of contentcreation, engagement andanalytics leads to awesomemarketing results. Sign Up for HubSpotsFree 30-Day Trial! </li> <li> 32. THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU </li> <li> 33. RESOURCES hTp:// How to Use TwiTer for Business Introductory Guide hTp:// </li> </ul>