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<ol><li> 1. Ads HubSpot Case Study Precise targeting and quality leads with LinkedIn Ads With LinkedIn, were able to truly identify our core audience by going a step further and targeting byChallenge company, job title, job function and groups. This Reacha professional audience in specific industries, gives us the unique ability to tailor messaging andcompanies, and job positions Increase quality of leads target the exact audience segment that we need. Encourage downloads of thought leadership materials Dan Slagen, Head of Paid Marketing, HubSpot Improve CPC ratesSolution Reaching their core audience Launchself-service LinkedIn Ads campaigns HubSpot, based in Cambridge, Mass., creates marketing Develop highly targeted campaigns for different software that helps businesses grow web traffic, generateaudiences inbound leads, and convert leads into paying customers. Offer free educational materials to prospects to HubSpots software platform allows professional marketerscapture lead information and small business owners to manage search engine Test and adjust campaigns to improve results in optimization, blogs and social media channels, landing real time pages, lead intelligence, and marketing analytics. Since its founding, HubSpot has worked with over 6,000 companiesWhy LinkedIn? in 45 countries. Precise targeting ensures campaigns reach the For its own lead-generation efforts, HubSpot providesright audience white papers that demonstrate industry thought leadership Professional members receptive to business messages and free educational resources to attract marketing Ad campaigns easy to launch and manage professionals to its services. High clickthrough rates and high-quality leadscompared to other social networks The challenge for HubSpot, explains Dan Slagen, the companys head of paid marketing, is finding advertising venues with the right mix of marketingResults professionals who respond well to HubSpots offers of CTRs of 1% to 3% 60% higher than other social free marketing materials. With LinkedIn Ads, we createnetworks ads with personalized copy for each campaign, says Average CPC of $3, lower than other channels for Slagen. The highly targeted ads speak to the pain pointscategories they target for each particular audience, such as lead generation or Higher-quality leads that convert faster maximizing SEO. Clickthroughs are directed to a Valuable insights on prospect preferences for free customized landing page, where prospective customers downloads can supply their contact info in exchange for a free download or a product demo. </li><li> 2. Precisely targeting campaigns High clickthrough rates deliver quality leadsHubSpot first experimented with ad campaigns on socialUsing LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot has been able to achievenetworks other than LinkedIn, but the campaigns did not yield clickthrough rates ranging from 1% to 3% with an averagesatisfactory results. Theres a lot of distraction on other social CPC of about $3, which is actually a fraction of the costnetworks, Slagen says. People are there for reasons besides of paid search advertising, Slagen explains. Onimproving their businesses, or networking with othertraditional PPC search engines, weve seen average CPCprofessionals. HubSpot also needed to precisely target its rates that are significantly higher as much as three timescampaigns beyond simply just location, keywords, andhigher in some cases.interests, drilling down into specific professional attributes ofits potential customers a capability that other socialWith LinkedIn Ads, weve been able to generate anetworks do not provide.clickthrough rate that is 60% higher than our average acrossother social networks and at the same time, the quality ofSlagen realized that LinkedIn, with its powerful targetingleads coming through LinkedIn is greater than through otherfeatures and professional audience, would offer the ideal social media channels, he adds. Theres no clutter onvenue for HubSpots campaigns. We need to connect with LinkedIn members are there to do business.B2B companies that are focused on lead generation, whichmeans LinkedIn is the place for us, Slagen explains. Inaddition, LinkedIn Ads provide the targeting precision thatHubSpot requires.Online Marketing Software More Leads. More Customers. SeeAny pay-per-click program these days provides the HubSpots All-In-One Marketing Software!functionality to target based on keywords, interests, gender,From: HubSpotage and geo-location, Slagen says. With LinkedIn, however,were able to truly identify our core audience by going a step Go To URL: and targeting by company, job title, job function andgroups. This gives us the unique ability to tailor messagingand target the exact audience segment that we need. TheseSlagen also likes the fact that he can continually testare unparalleled capabilities not only within the B2B space,campaigns and make adjustments on the fly to improvebut within the entire pay-per-click space.results. Were always testing new demographic segmentsand learning what types of offers B2B marketers find mostrelevant, Slagen says. For instance, weve found that new Fill Your Funnel prospects want to receive white papers and ebooks, while Generate leads from LinkedIn withqualified prospects prefer software demos or free trials. HubSpots free guide.Getting clarity on our customers preferences gives usvaluable insights into what offers are most appealing to From: HubSpotparticular segments. Go To URL: Get Leads From LinkedIn Use HubSpots free guide and generate leads from LinkedIn starting today. From: HubSpot Go To URL: 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LCS-077-G 0612</li></ol>