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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6HOW ONLINE VIDEO CONTENT IS RESHAPING THE ENTERTAINMENT LANDSCAPENON-TRADITIONAL TVONLINE VIDEOS ATTRACT A HUGE AUDIENCE... ...AND AN AUDIENCE THATS HIGHLY ENGAGED:AGE 16-24: MORE THAN HALF WATCH EVERY DAY 53%WATCH AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK76%ALL RESPONDENTS 77%AGE 16-24 88%ONLINE VIDEO VIEWERS SPEND MORE THAN 8 HOURS PER WEEKONLINE VIDEO: 8 HOURS 12 MINUTESTRADITIONAL TV: 22 HOURS 6 MINUTESHAVE WATCHED ONLINE VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT IN PAST 6 MONTHS:AMONG THOSE THAT WATCH ONLINE VIDEO AT ALL:MEAN VIEWING TIME PER WEEKONLINE VIDEO CUTSINTO REGULAR TV VIEWINGBUT STILL: THIS APPEARS TO BE A CATEGORY WHERETRADITIONAL MEDIA COMPANIES CAN DO WELL: YOUNGER ONLINE VIEWERS SPEND ALMOSTAS MUCH TIME WITH ONLINE VIDEO AS TRADITIONAL TVThey're shorter 63% They more creative/inventive62% They're more relevant to my interests59%Download more data from this study at www.hubresearchllc.comWe surveyed 1,246 TV consumers Age 16-74 Watch at least 5 hours of TV per week Have broadband at home Data collection completed February 2016AGE 16-24AGE 25-34AGE 35+15 hours per week20 hours per week9216TOP MENTIONED ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE VIDEO OVER TRADITIONAL TV:ONLINE VIDEOTRADITIONAL TVESTIMATED HOURS PER WEEK:would feel positive about an online video personality they follow signing on with a major media company48%34% say theyd rather watch online videos from big media companies, while only 14% prefer online videos to be from independent creatorsVS. 14%34%24