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  • What is censorship?
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  • Writing an essay (minimum 5 pages) about freedom of speech,
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  • The liberal doctrine of free speech and freedom of historical expression The subject of this work is the question of the limits of the freedom of speech in contemporary liberal democracy with respect to the particular type of statements which are historical statements.
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  • 2. The essence and functions of freedom of expression in democracy. The fundamental question is: whether and if so, to what extent the principles underlying the liberal democracy allow the state to interfere in spreading certain views and opinions? As far as the freedom of expression is concerned, these are constitutional rules formed on the basis of the liberal doctrine of the freedom of speech.
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  • Widely defined freedom of expression, in which the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free access to information and the freedom of scientific research should also be included, does indeed constitute the essence of democracy. Due to this simplification citizens have an unrestrained opportunity to exchange opinions.
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  • Moreover, the freedom of speech is essential to achieve realization of other civic rights. In case of its infringement, other civic rights and freedoms, for example, the freedom of assembly or of organization become merely formal guaranties, which cannot be used practically.
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  • With its source in the inherent and inalienable human dignity, freedom of speech is therefore one of the pillars of contemporary democracy, especially the liberal democracy. The possibility of unrestrained exchange of opinions is guaranteed both in constitutions of different states and in the international law.
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  • It is worth emphasizing however, that the freedom of speech, as other laws and freedoms, is not an unrestrained right and its extent is regulated by law. The problem of marking out the appropriate limits of this freedom occurs when a particular statement causes controversy or is not accepted by the majority of the society.
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  • Nieznalska case In December 2001 one of the Polish politician attacked polish artist Dorota Nieznalska verbally in the Gdansk venue where her Passion installation was exhibited.
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  • Nieznalska case The work, an exploration of masculinity and suffering, consists of a video close-up of the face of an exercising bodybuilder together with a cross on which a photograph of male genitalia has been placed.
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  • Nieznalska case Born in 1973 in Gdansk Educated at State High School of Art in Gdynia-Orlowo. 1993 Student of Sculpture Departament of The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (prof F. Duszenko's sculpture studio and multimedia studio of prof G. Klaman). Graduated in 1999.
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  • Nieznalska case Coupling the cross with the genitalia was regarded as a violation of this provision of Article 196 of the Criminal Code. In July 2003, the Provincial Court in Gdask found Nieznalska guilty of "offending religious feelings," a violation of the Article 196 ban on blasphemy.
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