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mcq of html css and javascript


Web Programming MCQs (HTML , JAVASCRIPT CSS) By WAHEED ANWAR1. Which organization defines the Web Standards?a. Microsoft Corporationb. IBM Corporationc. World Wide Web Consortiumd. Apple Inc.2. Whichg of the following is used to create web pages?a. HTMLb. Cc. JVMd. DTD3. HTML is considered as ___ languagea. Programming Langaugeb. OOP Languagec. High Level Languaged. Markup Language4. HTML language is a set of markup ___a. Attributesb. Tagsc. Setsd. Groups5. HTML tags are used to describe document ____a. Definitionb. Languagec. Contentd. None of these6. HTML document can containa. Attributesb. Tagsc. Plain textd. All of these7. Page designed in HTML is called aa. Yellow Pageb. Web Pagec. Server Paged. Front Page8. We can write HTML code using ____. Select appropriate option(s).a. VLC Mediab. Notepad++c. Microsoft PowerPointd. None of these9. HTML document is saved using ____ extension.a. .htlb. .htmlc. .hmld. .htnl10. The software that can read and render HTML documents isa. Serverb. Compilerc. Interpreterd. Browser11. PCs running Windows 3.x will have ____extension for html pagesa. .htlb. .htmlc. .htmd. .hml12. Which of the following is not an example of browser?a. Netscape Navigatorb. Microsoft Bingc. Mozilla Firefoxd. Opera13. Who is the primary author of HTML?a. Brendan Eichb. Tim Berners-Leec. Web Programmerd. Google Inc14. HTML was first proposed in year ___.a. 1980b. 1990c. 1995d. 200015. HTML tags are surrounded by ___ bracketsa. Angleb. Squarec. Roundd. Curly16. Opening tag of HTML is calleda. Ending tagb. Starting tagc. Closed tagd. Pair tags17. HTML document contain one root tag called ____a. HEADb. Titlec. Bodyd. HTML18. Basic fundamental block is called as ___a. HTML tagb. HTML bodyc. HTML Attributed. HTML Element19. Is it possible to insert a table within another table?a. Yes, but there must be exactly 2 rows and 2 columns in first table.b. Yes, table can be inserted into cell of another table.c. Yes, but there must be no border in second table.d. No, its not possible.20. What is the usage of alt value in tag?a. Alternative text for an Imageb. Alternative source of an Imagec. Caption of an Imaged. All of above21. Which of the following is the correct regarding meta tag in HTML?A. B.C. D. 22. Which of the following is correct to set Black color as Background of page?A.bgcolor = #000000>B.C.D. All of Above23. Which of the following is correct to align H1 tag to Right AlignmentA. B. C. D. H1 cannot make Right Alignment24. Which of the following is correct to change font face in Web PageA. B. C. D. Font Face cannot change25. Which of the following is incorrect regarding Logical styles?A.Code looks like teletypeB.Sample looks like teletypeC.Keyboard looks like teletypeD. Variable looks like teletype26. Which of the following is correct character entities for Copyright symbol?A.B.C.D. 27. Which tag is used to display Preformatted texts?A. B. C. D. 28. Which is the correct to create an Arabic numeral listA.B.C.D. 29. How to add alternative text for an Image?A.B.C. src = alternate text = Brand of website />D. 30. How to embedded Audio Files in HTML?A. B.C.D. 31. In HTML, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is used toa. To create a frame document .b. To create a image map in the webpage.c. To customize the image in the webpage.d. To identify a name or a resource on the internet.32. CSS is an acronym fora. Cascading Style Sheetb. Costume Style Sheetc. Cascading System Styled. None of the Above33. Which of the following protocol is not used in the Interneta. Telnetb. WIRLc. HTTPd. Gopher34. Who invented World Wide Web (WWW)?a. Blaise Pascalb. Charles Babbagec. Herman Hollerithd. Tim Berners-Lee35. What is the use of Web Font in HTML ?a. that is the core font that is use to develop Web Pages.b. that enables to use fonts over the Web without installation.c. that is the special font that developed by Microsoft Corp.d. All of the Above.36. What is tag in HTML?a. It renders fonts as teletype text font style.b. It renders fonts as truetype text font style.c. It renders fonts as truncate text font style.d. None of the Above.37. What is the use of Forms in HTML?a. to display contents of email.b. to display animation effect.c. to collect users input.d. None of the Above.38. What is the use of iframe in HTML?a. to display a web page within a web page.b. to display a web page with animation effect.c. to display a web page without browser.d. All of the Above.39. FTP is an acronym fora. File Transaction Protocolb. File Transmission Protocolc. File Translation Protocold. File Transfer Protocol40. Which HTML Tag will use to scroll a text in web page?a. b. c. d. 41. How to define the link should open in new page in HTML?a. Click Hereb. Click Here c. Click Here d. Click Here 42. How to set a picture as a background web page?a. b. c. d. 43. Which of following HTML Tag will inserting a line break?a. b. c. d. 44. Which of the following tags are related to Table in HTML ?a. b. c. d. 45. Which of the following is correct HTML for inserting an image?a. b. c. d. Choose the correct HTML tag to left-align the content of a cell.a. b. c. valign= left>d. 47. Which tag is used to lists the items with bullets?a. b. c. d. 48. Pick the odd outa. Tableb. TRc. TDd. Form49. The first page of a website is calleda. Designb. Home pagec. First paged. Main page50. The version of HTML isa. HTML0b. HTML1c. HTML2d. All of these51. Head tag is used for?a. Writing styleb. Writing Java Scriptc. Including CSS, JS Filesd. All of these52. How many heading tags are supported by HTML?a. 3b. 4c. 5d. 653. Which is the largest heading tag?a. H1b. H3c. H4d. H654. Which of the following are attributes of Font tag?a. Faceb. Sizec. Colord. All of above55. . connects web pages.a. Connectorb. Linkc. Hyperlinkd. None of the above56. Internet is .a. a network of networksb. an ocean of resources waiting to be minedc. a cooperative anarchyd. all of the above57. is suitable for remote administration of a computer.a. FTPb. Shellc. Remote Procedure Calld. Telnet58. Title tag is nested within the .. tag.a. Bodyb. Headc. Listd. Table59. .. is a webs native protocol.a. SLIPb. TCP/IPc. HTTPd. PPP60. The Internet uses the as the protocol engine.a. SLIPb. HTTPc. TCP/IPd. PPP61. A .. is a symbolic name a network administrator assigns to a machine.a. URLb. DNSc. IP addressd. Host name62. Which of the following protocol is used for e-mail services.a. SMAPb. SMTPc. SMIPd. SMOP63. . is the incoming e-mail server.a. POPb. SMTPc. SMIPd. PPP64. .. is a uniform naming scheme for locating resources on the web.a. URLb. HTTPc. WEBNAMEd. RESOURCENAME65. The attribute of tag sets color of hypertext links.a. linkb. vlinkc. alinkd. hlink67. This is a networking device that passes data between networks having similar functions but dissimilar implementations.a. Hubb. Modemc. Gatewayd. Repeater68. In order to connect to ISPs server you need .a. Hand glovesb. Printerc. User name and Passwordd. None of the above69. DNS translates a. domain name into IPb. IP into domain namec. both a & bd. domain name into physical address70. In order to upload a HTML file to a web server, you usea. HTTPb. SMTPc. SIPd. FTP71. IEEE stands for ..a. Institute of estimated elevator efficiencyb. Institute of electrical and economical engineersc. Institute of Eurasia engineering eventd. Institute of electrical and electronics engineers72. The regional networks are connected to the corporate networks, this is also called as ..a. Backboneb. LAN COMc. WAN COMd. Intranet73. Once the email is sent, the message is broken into pieces called a. Packetsb. Processc. Digitsd. Bytes74. . is known as father of World Wide Web.a. Robert Cailliaub. Tim Thompsonc. Charles Darwind. Tim Berners-Lee75. . are the physical meeting points of backbones.a. Gatewaysb. Pathwaysc. Routersd. Domains76. CuteFTP is an example of client program.a. FTPb. Telnetc. Web browserd. Mail77. Which of the following is best suitable for remote administration of a computer?a. Telnetb. WAISc. Browsersd. HTML78. The leading bit pattern of class B network is a. 0b. 10c. 110d. 1179. The . attribute adds space within each cell.a. CELL SPACINGb. CELL PADDINGc. WIDTHd. ALIGN80. Which of the following are two popular protocols that allow home computer users to connect their computers to the internet as per hosts? i) SLIP ii) PPPiii) HTTP iv) SMTPa. iii and ivb. ii and iiic. i and iid. ii and iii81. A computer that translates of another computer into an and vice versa, upon request is known as DNS server.a. Domain name and IP addressb. Host address and Domain namec. Domain name and server addressd. Server name and IP address82. Identify the uses of URI in HTML.: i) Link to another document or resource ii) Link to external style sheet or script iii) Create an image mapa. i and iib. i and iiic. ii and iiid. i , ii and iii83. An ordered list is a . list and an unordered list is a .. list.a. bulleted & numberedb. bulleted & tabularc. tabular & numberedd. numbered & bulleted84. Linking to another place in the same or another web page requires two A (Anchor) tags, the first with the attribute and the second the .attribute.a. NAME & LINKb. LINK & HREFc. HREF & NAMEd. TARGET & VALUE85. What type of information should you avoid including on your Web site?a. Links to sites of interestb. Private personal informationc. Work and academic experienced. Graphical86. Which of the following web elements should you know about before building your web site?a. The web audienceb. The operating environment of your ISPc. The operating system of your visitord. Each consideration should determine your web design choices87. What is the language of the Web?a. Basicb. C++c. MS Visual Basicd. HTML88. What does an HTML tag do?a. It specifies formatting and layout instructions for your web page.b. It hides programming instructions from view.c. It determines the organizational structure of your Web site.d. It connects your web site to an operating environment.89. A Web document is broken into sections. What are the tags called that create these sections?a. Structure tagsb. HTML tagsc. Heading tagsd. Body tags90. What should be the first and last pair of tags in your Web document?a. and b. and c. and d. and 1. What can be define within a single font tag :A. Only faceB. Only sizeC. Only colorD. All of the above2. To change default font face or size of a Web-page, use :A. base tagB. basefont tagC. baseface tagD. None of the above3. Select true statement:Statement 1:You can assign multiple valuest to face attribute of font tag.Statement 2: If you specify a font name as face value of font tag, that is not installed on users computer, text will be displayed in browsers default font.A. Only Statement 1 is true.B. Only Statement 2 is true.C. Both, Statement 1 and Statement 2 are true.D. Neither, Statement 1 not Statement 2 is true.4. There are sets of HTML tags that form the basic structure needed for every HTML file:A. oneB. twoC. threeD. four5. Which tag is used to a command that is used to instruct the computer (specifically browser)?A. B. C. D. None of the above6. The Heading tag and Paragraph tag can be represented asA. and B. and C. and D. None of the above7. The HTML syntax of HTML5 requires a . to be specified to ensure that the browser renders the page in standard mode.A. DOCTYPEB. HEADC. BODYD. TITLE8. Which tag is used to identify the beginning and end of the HTML document?A. B. C. D. None of the above9. One of the most popular way is to specify character-set using aA. meta dataB. meta elementC. meta valueD. None of the above10. The doctype declaration for the HTML isA. case-sensitiveB. case-insensitiveC. case-impsensitiveD. None of the above11. The sets of HTML tag isA. B. C. D. All of the above12. A list which is provided with numeric digit is called anA. Ordered ListB. Unordered ListC. Definition ListD. None of the above13. An Ordered List can be represented asA. B. C. D. 14. A list which is provided with a bullet(a black dot) is called anA. Ordered ListB. Unordered ListC. Definition ListD. None of the above15. How many list of HTML is/areA. oneB. twoC. threeD. four16. Defination list can be defined as :A. B. C. D. None of the Above17. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?A. B. C. image.gifD. 18. What does vlink mean ?A. visited linkB. unvisited linkC. active linkD. vertical link19. one attribute is used to identify an image as image map?A. MAPB. SMAPC. ISMAPD. IMAP20. Which one attribute is used to send the coordinate of image to the server When the user clicks on the image?A. COORDB. SMAPC. SIMAPD. ISMAP21. If you want to be sure that the image is indeed the same one that the author intended, and hasnt been modified in any way, which one attribute inside tag is used?A. MDB. SDC. NOCHANGED. LOCK22. The value of MD attribute of tag can beA. MD=MD5:some textB. MD=DSS1:some textC. MD=SHA512:some textD. Any of the above23. Which one is the mandatory attribute of the tag?A. SRCB. HREFC. IDD. ALT24. Statement1:The tag is used to incorporate in-line graphics (typically icons or small graphics) into an HTML document.Statement2:The element is also intended for embedding other HTML text.Statement 3:For large figures with captions and text flow see FIG element.A. Statement 1 and Statement 2 are true.B. Statement 2 and statement 3 are true.C. Statement 1 and statement 3 are true.D. All three statements are true.25. Which tag is used to define an image in HTML?A. B. C. D. None of the above26. Which type of parameter specify the path where your image is placed?A. pathB. scrC. srcD. None of the above27. GIF stands for:A. Graph Interchange FormatB. Graphics Interlinked FormatC. Graphics Interchange FormatD. None of the above28. Which attribute can be used to position the image?A. position attributeB. align attributeC. margin attributeD. None of the above29. The .. and .indicates vertical space and horizontal space respectively.A. verspace and horspaceB. vspace and hspaceC. vertspace and hortspaceD. None of the above30. The tag attributes areA. Size attributeB. Spacing attributeC. Border attributeD. All of the above31. Which attribute define the width and height of the image?A. Size attributeB. length attributeC. margin attributeD. All of the above32. Which attribute can be created between image and its surrounding text by specifying horizontal and vertical space?A. space attributeB. whitespace attributeC. backspace attributeD. All of the above33. Which address is include the entire pathname?A. RelativeB. MixedC. AbsoluteD. None of the above34. PNG stands for:A. Portable Network GraphicB. Pivot Network GraphicC. Pichart Network GraphicD. Pythagorus Network Graphic35. HTML provides a functionality to connect one or more pages in web-pages or resources.A. linkB. srcC. nodeD. tree36. The tag is supported byA. internet explorerB. mozilla firefoxC. google chromeD. All of the above37. HTML provides which control to use arranging text and also in defining the things more understandable manner.A. TablesB. FramesC. DivD. None of the above38. A table contains rows which is defined byA. tagB. tagC. tagD. None of the above39. Table data may containA. textB. linksC. tablesD. All of the above40. Which attribute in Html table is used to give a border to your table?A. lineB. borderC. margin-left borderD. All of the above41. A table with no borderA. B. C. D. None of the above42. .. tag is used to define a table header.A. B. C. D. None of the above43. A table can be spanned either inA. rowsB. columnsC. columns or rowsD. All of the above44. Which controls will be used in space between table cells?A. CelpaddingB. CelspacingC. CelshiftingD. All of the above45. .. and .. are used to define a span in column and rows respectively.A. colspan and rowspanB. celpadding and celspacingC. either (A) or either (B)D. neither (A) or nor (B)46. tag stands for:A. table dimensionB. table dateC. table dataD. None of the above47. Which element in HTML defines sections of a web page?A. tableB. divC. frameD. None of the above48. The DIV element is aA. block-level elementB. High-level elementC. low-level elementD. middle-level element49. In HTML the DIV element can be found inside any element that can containA. high elementsB. low elementsC. flow elementsD. All of the above50. From which element has very similar properties to the DIV element?A. strong elementB. span elementC. table elementD. All of the aboveJavaScript MCQ1. Javascript is a ______________A.server side scripting language.B.client side scripting language.C.Either (A) or (B)D.Neither (A) nor (B)2. Using which tag we insert an JavaScript in HTML page?A.B.C.D.3. Which of the following is not true about JavaScript?A.It is a scripting language.B.It execute with preliminary compilation.C.It is a lightweight programming language.D.It can be embedded directly into HTML pages.4. Which of the following JavaScript can do?A.JavaScript can react to events.B.JavaScript can manipulate HTML elements.C.JavaScript can be use to validate data.D.All of the Above5. What is the output of the following javascript code? x=4+4; document.write(x); A.44B.8C.4D.Error output6. Script in an external file and then include inA. sectionB. sectionC. sectionD. section7. Which section where javascript code can be placed?A. sectionB. sectionC.Either (A) or (B)D.Neither (A) nor (B)8. What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called abc.js?A.B.C.D.None of the above9. What is meant by this keyword in JavaScript?A.It refers current objectB.It referes previous objectC.It is variable which contains valueD.None of the above10. Who is to be introduced JavaScript?A.MicrosoftB.IBMC.GoogleD.Sun Microsystems11. In JavaScript, common uses isA.Interact with user using prompt(), alterB.Client side validation like checking forC.Creation of complex user interfaces.D.All of the above12. _________ keyword is used to declare variables in javascript.A.VarB.DimC.StringD.None of the above13. Which one is the advantages of JavaScript?A.SimplicityB.SpeedC.VersatilityD.All of the above14. Javascript has capability to interact withA.userB.control the browserC.alter the document contentD.All of the above15. Being client-side reduces the demand on the website serverA.Server LoadB.Client LoadC.endclient loadD.endserver load16. The JavaScript file inside the ________ tag in ________ section of HTML document.A.,B.,C.,D.,17. Which is the extension of javascript file?A. .jcB. .javaC. .jsD. .jp18. _____ JavaScript statements embedded in an HTML page can respond to user events such as mouse-clicks, form input, and page navigation.A.Client-sideB.Server-sideC.LocalD.Native19. What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write Hello World?A.System.out.println(Hello World)B.println (Hello World)C.document.write(Hello World)D.response.write(Hello World)20. Which operator can be used to Joins(concatenates) two strings and assigns the joined string to the first operand?A. &B. +=C. +D. &&21. What language defines the behavior of a web page?A.HTMLB.CSSC.XMLD.Java Script22. A single-line comments starts withA./B.//C.\*D.\\23. A function in javascript takesA.parametersB.operates on themC.returns the required resultD.All of the above24. Which event can be generated when data changes in a control,such as a text field?A.onchangeB.onwriteC. changetextD.None of the above25. Which event can be generated when the mouse leaves an element?A.onmouseoutB.onmousedownC.onmousemoveD.onmouseover26. Which event can be generated when a drag-and-drop operation is undertaken?A.ondropB.ondragC.ondragdropD.None of the above