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Dreamtech Press proudly announces the release of its new book HTML 5 in Simple Steps. Simple Steps, published by Dreamtech Press is for the readers who wish to swiftly shift to new technologies in a short span of time. The current effort HTML 5 in Simple Steps is expected to help readers learn the basics of web development covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XHTML the core foundations of web development in todays world.This book has authored by Kogent Learning Solutions. The proficient team at Kogent Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of computer books bringing excellent content in software development to the fore. The team is committed to excellence excellence in quality of content, excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors; excellence in the attention to detail and excellence in understanding the needs of their readers.Book Info:ISBN: 978-93-5004-086-7, Price: Rs. 199/-


<p>An all-inclusive book to teach you everything about HTML 5</p> <p>BOOK DESCRIPTIONHTML 5 in Simple Steps helps you learn HTML 5 in the easiest possible way. An easy to understand style, lots of examples to support the given concepts, and use of practical approach in presentation are some of the key features that make the book unique in itself. Content in this book is presented in such a way that it will be equally helpful to the beginners as well as to the professionals.</p> <p>ISBN: 978-93-5004-086-7 Pages: 296 | Price: Rs. 199/Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.</p> <p>FEATURESIntroduction to HTML markup | Basic structure of an HTML document | How to create, save, and open an HTML document | The new elements that are introduced in HTML 5 | How to add and format text in an HTML document | How to create ordered and unordered lists | How to create and format tables and frames | How to create hyperlinks and image maps | How to add images to a Web page | How to work with multimedia | How to work with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) | How to create HTML forms and controls | How to work with JavaScript operators, control statements, loops, and functions | How to create arrays and objects, and handle events in JavaScript | How to create a basic structure of an XHTML document | How to validate an XHTML document</p> <p>TABLE OF CONTENTSGetting Started with HTML 5 | Introduction to New Elements in HTML 5 | Working with Text | Working with Lists, Tables, and Frames | Working with Hyperlinks, Images, and Multimedia | Working with Forms and Controls | Working with Cascading Style Sheets | Working with JavaScript in HTML Documents | Working with XHTML</p> <p>Published by:</p> <p>DREAMTECH PRESS</p> <p>WILEY INDIA PVT. LTD.</p> <p>4435-36/7, Ansari Road, Daryaganj 19-A, Ansari Road, Daryaganj New Delhi-110 002, INDIA New Delhi-110 002, INDIA Tel: +91-11-2324 3463-73, Fax: +91-11-2324 3078 Tel: +91-11-4363 0000, Fax: +91-11-2327 5895 Email: Email: Website: Website: Regional Offices: Bangalore: Tel: +91-80-2313 2383, Fax: +91-80-2312 4319, Email: Mumbai: Tel: +91-22-2788 9263, 2788 9272, Telefax: +91-22-2788 9263, Email:</p> <p>Distributed by:</p> <p>Dreamtech books are exclusively sold by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.</p>