HTAF 2.0 - A hybrid test automation framework

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<ol><li> 1. HTAF 2.0 - A hybrid test automation framework.Domain experts dont have automation expertise; automation experts oftendont have functional knowledge: HTAF bridged this gap.HTAF is a Mindtree proprietary customizable framework developed overHP-QTP. This framework signicantly reduces test automation life cycle byaccelerating script development, execution and management. An hybridKey featuresdesign approach is followed that supports both data-driven and Intuitive, user friendly interfacekeyword-driven automation methodologies. Spreadsheet-driven HTAF test for test suite creationscripts can be used by QA / business users with minimal knowledge of QTP. and execution Detailed test results withHP-QTP is one of the industry leading tools for GUI automation with overconsolidated summary and60% market share. However, it requires expertise and programmingerror snapshotsexperience to use QTP eectively. HTAF is user friendly and especially Technology specic libs ( web,ideal for novice, SAP, PB, Java, Oracle, TE) Easy integration with HPQC withTest automation process simpliedsupport for HPQC versioningKey benets Automation test engineerManual tester Domain experts Reduces the test automationdevelopment phase by over 50% Create Reduces involvement of Create Create application QTP Spread Spread specic scripts transactional sheets use casesheetsautomation experts by enabling test cases scenarios functionsdomain experts to automate withminimal learning curve Role based involvement; reduced dependency on automation experts Integrates with tool like HP, QC,Bugzilla and SVN </li><li> 2. Modular design HTAF components are reusable &amp; plug-inSuccess storieseasily Automation for world leader inThird party tools custom solutions (QC, Bugzilla, SVN) The challenges Technology Creating a framework that isspecic &amp;utility compatible with multiplefunctionsKeywordapplications of the suite with engine minimal changesTest executionUserReporting Automation of complex web and summary &amp;dened engine detailed reports libraries windows applicationsExecution engineBenets QTP Object Time reduced by 70% to execute repository manual test cases Ease of result analysis based onFrameworkTestTest summary and detailed reports of conguration scriptssuite les failed test cases Domain experts were able toFramework componentsTest dataautomate scenarios on the yUser created Automation for an expert in workspace management servicesIntuitive, user friendly interface The challenges High degree of ERP application customization made automation a complex activity Benets Saved 300+ person days of regression testing for 14 cycles over a period of 18 months Reused automated scripts for version upgrades with minimal changes About Mindtree Mindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 400 million. Our team of 11,000 experts engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies ourish. We enable our customers achieve competitive advantage through exible and global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert Mindtree Ltd 2012 </li><li> 3. MINDTREE - TEST LABS Solutioning Capability building Consulting Address customer challenges Knowledge sharing and Exploring newer tools Cost eective solutions brainstorming session and technologies Eective use of latest Training on labs work Project specic PoCs and technologiesf/w Mindtree Ltd 2012</li></ol>