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+ Sweden HTA 2013 Hayley Nicole Varela

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  • 1. + Sweden HTA 2013 Hayley Nicole Varela

2. + Vlkommen!!! 3. + How to make some sense of this binder So as you can tell, we are the coolest kids around. This binder will be a representation of what 18 cool kids can learn during 3 weeks abroad in Sweden. Each folder is linked to a PowerPoint or two that you can flip through. My suggestion to you is to click blindly until you come across a picture. As we all know a picture is worth 1000 words so I hypothetically wrote a novel on this trip. I had the time of my life during these three weeks but hopefully this binder proves to you that I learned a little something along the way! 4. + What I have learned This binder is a collaboration of things I have learned and what I have found most interesting about those things. I of course got an education on the Swedish and American health care systems but I also got to make comparisons about lifestyles and priorities in these places as well. In the next few slides you will see some highlights of the trip and a preview of the binder. Enjoy! 5. + The Slatt 6. + Jnkping 7. + Mid Summer Dinner 8. + Gothenburg We sure do love some statues.and Margos faces 9. + Granna 10. + Uppsala 11. + Museums 12. + Woo Pig Sooie! 13. + Fika Fika! 14. + Fooood 15. + Last but not leastjust a little reminder of what you all had to put up with for 3 weeks. 16. + So enjoy my binder! I want to thank everyone of you for an unforgettable experience. Hope you all can enjoy a well deserved break now that we are all home safe and sound!