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  • 1. GlobalTalentDevelopment April2015 CICOMBRAINSInc.

2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Personalization Talent development rather than skill transfer Focus on inuencers (top management / leaders) Emphasize self awareness and individual goal setting - Hogan Personality Inventory (Approach to work & other people) - Hogan Development Survey (Derailers that emerge during times of stress) - Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (Personal goals, interests, and drivers) - Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory - Matrigma Assessment & feedback Assessment on: Personality Reasoning Ability (ProblemSolving,LogicalThinking,StressManagement) Training group work Personal development plan Applica@onto theworkplace Follow-up session 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Hybrid Learning 1. New way of training (CICOM BRAINS method) Video Lecture Class Session Output Eciency Training time Simpliedopera@ngsystem (TheAcademy) Know-how on ipped classroom training l Learning regardless of time and place l Providing multiple viewings of content l Consistent content in any language l Measures to make training more active and engaging l Delivered by the same instructor as in the video l Practice based class activities 2. Strong capabilities in content development l Highly qualied instructors and quality video content lLarge selection (50 courses as of March 2015) lMultilingual support (Starting in 2015) 3. Our plans l Increase the number of courses l Expand services throughout Asia (international sta training in English and Chinese) 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Sales Enhancement Sales Reps Mentors Follow-Up Training 1 Day UPC Mentor Training 2 Days On-the-job training3 Months On-the-jobtraining Visit customers together Coaching sessions Assessment UPC Skill Training Learn UPC 1 Day Role Play Inrealworld scenarios 0.5 Day < Expected Outcome > lFor individual sales reps - Understand steps and actions - Think like a partner (not a vender) - Gain long-term customer loyalty lFor managers or trainers - Easy to train junior sales people - Organize and clarify key sales skills lFor sales organizations - Develop benchmark skills - Build sales knowledge throughout the organizationUPC Sales Training Program: Overview Key Concept Follow-Up Training 1 Day 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Cross-Cultural Fit Prepare to deal with dierent cultures using Hofstede 6-D model Focus on communication to develop multinational capabilities Develop management skills through personal coaching during the initial stage of foreign assignment Cultural Compass The culture compass helps to make you aware of potential cultural pitfalls and to increase your eectiveness in dealing with those being born and raised in your country of interest. IRC Assess intercultural capabilities over 4 dimensions Intercultural Sensitivity Intercultural Communication Building Commitment Managing Uncertainty Training Coaching IRC (2nd) Learn theory Case study Country specic exercises IRC (1st) Cultural Compass Pre-Departure Post-Departure 6. Case Studies 6 7. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Case 1 : Logistics sector Participants: Regional Managers in Southeast Asia Goal: Executive Development Overview: GROWTH PHASE MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS TRAINING CURRICULUM Global business management Management of SBU Global Business - Business Model Creation - Global Level New Business - Global SBU Investment Decision Making Expanding into regional markets Management of Regional Business - Regional Strategy, Investment - Regional Strategic Team Management - Global Human Resource Development Crea@ngnewbusiness& expandingexis@ng business Leadership in Planning & Creating New Business - Strategic New Business Planning - Strong Leadership - Strategic Investment Plan Existing business management Good Management of Existing Business - P/L Management - Labor Management, H/R Management - Compliance 3rd STEP-UP 2nd STEP-UP NewBusinessModelCreaAon StrategicInvestment&Finance(M&A,ProjectFinance) CreaAngNewMarket GlobalBusinessStrategy GlobalOrganizaAonManagement ManagementProblemSolvingCapabiliAes InnovaAonStrategy OrganizaAonManagement,NegoAaAon ProblemSolving StrategicThinking,Leadership AccounAngSkills MarketAnalysis BusinessSimulaAon 1st STEP-UP 8. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Case 2 : Chemical sector Participants: All New Managers (3rd phase of Regional Management Training) Goal: Innovation Mindset & Skills Overview: SUBJECT CONTENTS TRAINING OBJECTIVES DAY 1 Learn from our history Talk by keynote speaker/ Video Discussion -Success factors -What we have to learn? -What is innovation to us? Internal case studies Understand why innovation is important by learning the companys history and its past projects Understand the companys medium-term management plan Change & Innovation Innovation theories & Idea generation Lecture: -Innovation as recombination -Six types of innovation Discussion: Innovative ideas prepared by participants Study dierent types of innovation and case examples Think of how the business can be developed in the future DAY 2 How to execute innovation Case Study : Innovative Organization Involving Team as a Leader Lecture: Change Management Action Planning Presentation Learn theory of organizational change while executing innovation Create a future action plan 9. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Case 3 : FMCG sector Participants: Managers in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan Goal: Leadership Development Overview: SUBJECT COURSE OVERVIEW TRAINING OBJECTIVES Understanding Leadership (Phase 1 over 2 days) Dierences between leaders & managers Leadership factors Understanding one's own leadership style - Leadership theory - Hogan AssessmentLeadership personality assessment / feedback Learn the basics of leadership Understand ones own strengths and weaknesses through Hogan assessment Leadership Experience through Virtual Project (over approx. 3 months) Instructor acting as coach Scenario making - Understanding the current situation - Setting the task Group project - Task setting - Practice - Individual coaching Group project planning and leadership practicing Review & improve leadership skills through coaching LeadershipReinforcement Trainingover2days Review Virtual Project Case study & role plays Group project presentation Feedback session Leadership reinforcement through group project & case study Create leadership development plan 10. CICOM BRAINS Inc. AsianNetwork 10 11. CICOMBRAINSInc.(HQ)/CICOMBRAINSLearningMediaInc. CICOMBRAINS(Asia)Pte.Ltd. CICOMBRAINS(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. CICOMBRAINSUBCLCO.,LTD. 7thFloor,AkihabaraDaibiru,1-18-13,Soto-kanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo101-0021,Japan Level30SixBaYeryRoadSingapore049909 7thFloor,HangSengBankTower,1000LujiazuiRingRoad,PudongNewArea,Shanghai200120,China 68/27,NorthSathornRoad,Silom,Bangrak,Bangkok10500,Thailand