How You Can Help Market Your Book

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How You Can Help Market Your Book

1. Publicity

Send information about your book and/or copies of your book to media contacts who have previously taken an interest in your work or with whom you have a relationship (or would like to establish one), as well as any organizations, associations or web sites who would be likely to mention, review or otherwise promote the book.

Arrange to have articles based on the themes from your book appear in key magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, and online sites that reach a good target market for your book. Your in-house publicist can give you leads on places you should pitch to get articles placed. Be sure that a credit line is included that includes: Based on the book (Your title: subtitle), Copyright ( (Year) by (Your byline). Reprinted with permission of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, CA. or 800-929-2929.

Join This is a service that will put you in touch with reporters who are writing stories for major publications and are looking for experts to quote.

Write opinion pieces or letters to the editor of your favorite newspapers on topics covered in the news related to your book.

Work with your in-house publicist to arrange in-store promotional activities as appropriate for the book and as your travel schedule allows. Please note that bookstores often require at least three months (and often times more) notice to set up an event and any events must be set up after the publication date.

List your public events and speaking on your Amazon Author page via Amazons Author Central,, or

2. International Sales and Rights

If you plan to travel internationally in a region where we have distribution of the English language version of your book, please notify us at least 3 months in advance of your plans to travel, so that our distributors can support your publicity and promotion opportunities in the country while you are there. With advance notice we can ensure that there is adequate stock of your book in our distributors warehouses, they can alert the media, etc.

Please let us know if you have already worked with a training film company or if you have had previous audio products and with which company.

3. Organizational Sales/Speaking

Contact any association or organization that you think would be interested in selling your book and, if they are, please forward their contact information to Marina Cook ( or Mike Crowley ( Be active in speaking before as many groups of prospective buyers as your schedule will allow, especially during the first six months to a year after your book comes out. This can be one of the single most important factors in driving sales of a book. Marina will arrange to have books for sale when you speak at meetings and conferences, provided she is given information on the event one month in advance. If you are planning to speak at such an event, it is a good idea to require that the host of the event buy books to be sold there, as this provides an excellent opportunity to boost sales for your book.

4. Online Marketing

Arrange for fans of your book, colleagues, and friends to review the book on as soon as the book ships.

Link to the BK website and your book page. If the customer prefers they can easily click through to buy the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, or other popular e-commerce sites from our website. The reason to come to our site first is that we will offer digital goodies on your page that can only come from the publisher.

Create a discussion guide for your book to be posted on the BK website. Guides are posted at If youd like a guide to be listed for your book as well, contact Bonnie Kaufman at

Email all your contacts at pub date to let them know about the book and how they can buy it.

Promote the book online through any connections you have.

Act on the advice in our BK Author Tip Sheets to help BK authors introduce new Web 2.0 features and interactivity into their websites, plus learn how to be more effective in general sales and marketing topics. These tip sheets cover a wide variety of topics including online customer reviews, promotional book-based videos, blogs, podcasts, virtual book tours and seminars, website metrics, digital community building, how to do a great interview, grassroots marketing to your network, and To access the archives go to our website: and click on BK Authors Only. Also consider joining the BK author LinkedIn community.

Enroll in the BK Affiliate Program to receive a financial incentive for sales through that come through you, and encourage your community to enroll as well Endorsements

You are responsible for obtaining endorsements for your book. We encourage you to get endorsements from people in a range of industries representing the key audiences for the book (professional, academic, corporate, etc.). Please also try to get at least one or two endorsements from women. In addition, youre your book will be of interest to audiences outside of the U.S. it is also helpful to get some endorsements from international contacts, particularly in Canada.

For advice on getting endorsements, please read the Author Tip Sheet that Michael Crowley put together on it:

As soon as you receive an endorsement, email it to Zoe Mackey at As a general rule, paperbacks have room for about 3 to 5 brief endorsements, hardcovers have room for 5 to 7 assuming that some of them are put on the inside flaps.

The deadlines for endorsements are listed on the timeline.

6. Promotional Materials

Please contact Zoe Mackey ( by the date on your timeline to discuss what type of promotional piece you would like to have made for your book. (postcard, bookmark, business card, poster, etc.)7. Distribute copies of your book to key contacts

Per your publication contract, you will receive a number of free copies of your book. You should use these promotional books for the following purposes:

Send to the endorsers of your book with a thank you note

Send to media and other contacts to get publicity for your book

Send to other key contacts you have at corporations, organizations, or universities, particularly those that potentially would buy bulk quantities of the book or who are key contacts in the field

8. Buy Prepublication Copies of Your Book

You can also buy additional copies of your book at deep discounts on the first print run to give to more key contacts or to sell. Marina Cook is the contact person you will work with to buy prepublication copies of your book as outlined in Paragraph 6 in your Publication Agreement with Berrett-Koehler. If you want to take advantage of the higher discounts available to you by buying on the first printing of your book, please send your order and payment to Marina by two months before bound book date. If you do purchase large quantities of your book, we can store the books for you in our warehouse for $.05 per book per month of books stored in this storage area. After your book is published, you can contact our customer service department at (888) 880-0328, fax (802) 864-7626, or email to order your book.