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This is a highly motivational speech done by my self at the Speechcraft program of Toastmasters International at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Hope, you will find something significant on this document. This speech goes on to discuss about what you can do to enhance your personal lives. To do such a speech, I was inspired by reading Robin Sharma's several books. So, thank you very much Robin.


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Sanath Dasanayaka

Page 2: How would you like to die? Sanath Dasanayaka

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CC2 speech delivered by Sanath Dasanayaka at Toastmasters

International Speechcraft Program at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri


© 2014 by Sanath Dasanayaka

Page 3: How would you like to die? Sanath Dasanayaka

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How would you like to die? As a winner of your own life or a loser; a loser

with L.

“The ordinary focus on what they are getting. But the extraordinary think

about who they are going to become.”

Today, I’m going to give you three concepts to be successful in your personal

lives and to be the difference.

What are those concepts? “Do good to feel good, Listen twice as much as you

speak and Learn to say NO.”

Firstly, Do good to feel good.

Doing good makes people feel good.

People who do good have great feelings.

But, remember, when you do good, do not expect something in return.

Universe serves all of us equally. In this case, you will be served in the right


When I do good it feels better. I have felt that.

Go out and look. There are many things you can help with. Help your friend in

need, share your knowledge and think of what you can do world at large like

Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa did.

The world will remember you since you have done something different.

Then, listen twice as much as you speak.

When I was a little boy I used to speak too much. My mother was a wise lady.

One day she called me and told “My son, you have one mouth and two ears

for a reason; to listen twice as much as you speak.”

Page 4: How would you like to die? Sanath Dasanayaka

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Brilliant point.

So, what do you think of that?

Many people around us speak too much without considering others’ views.

Just imagine. When you meet a stranger in the bus, he gets know you and

begins to speak too much the only way you can escape is jumping out of the


I have experienced that and hope you also have.

Listening is the most root cause for deeper human relationships and it sends

the message.

“I value what you say and I’m humble enough to listen to your words.”

But, only few of us are really good at listening. Then, think of you. Which

kind of persons you are.

Once a wise man said, “Never talk when you can nod.”

Finally, learn to say no.

All of us have been asked to say yes to everything from our childhood.

But, do you know? There is a great value in saying no. you may think I’m bit

negative. No. absolutely not.

Every time, when you say yes to something unimportant you say no to

something important.

Say no to a person who wants to gossip with you.

Say no to your neighbors who spread their negative attitudes and laugh at

your dreams.

Say no to your friends who want you to go out and have a liquor party.

Page 5: How would you like to die? Sanath Dasanayaka

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When you say no people will leave you. Don’t worry. Success is not about

being liked, loved or popular. It’s all about doing what is right and how you

see yourself. It doesn’t matter how others see you.

Remember, a successful person should be part saint and a part warrior.

You are the masterpiece of your own life. You have the right to decide your

path. When you do something unique you will have the joy of doing something

different and becoming someone distinct from others.

Keep in mind. Everyone who achieved success walked on different paths.

Once great scientist, Albert Einstein said, “the one who follows the crowd will

usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to

find himself in places no one has ever been.”

Then, find yours.

Robin Sharma said, “Only follow the crowd when you are going to the exit.”

Do this. Establish a set of values and principles that you commit to follow in

your life and follow them.

Remember three points. “Do good to feel good, listen twice as much as you

speak and learn to say NO.”

Do not follow others. Find your own path. Be yourself. Always express

yourself and have faith in yourself.


“To be a star, you must shine your own light and follow your own path and do

not worry about the darkness. For that is, stars shine brightest.”

Do not be a dead star. Be the one who you ever wanted to be. When you go

home take a piece of paper and write down how you would like to die.