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    How We All Win This eBook is a companion to the website:

    First eBook Edition by Larry K Cragun

    With Important Contributions by Jim Warner

    Assistance from Kathleen Cragun, Debbie Leavitt Jones, Jim Vanderwarker, and Carol Miller,

    and the techies:


    2014 by Larry K Cragun

    All rights reserved.

    Larry K Cragun



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    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Page 3

    Chapter 1: Having Business At Risk Page 6

    Chapter 2: Seeking To Be Champions Page 9

    Chapter 3: Football Analogies Page 11

    Chapter 4: Be Mentally Tough Page 13

    TIME OUT: Page 21

    Chapter 5: Especially For Real Estate Agents Page 22

    Chapter 6: Especially for Real Estate Agents Part 2 Page 26

    Chapter 7: Especially For Loan Originators Page 28

    Chapter 8: For The Rest Of Those In Sales And Marketing Page 30

    Chapter 9: Your Position Page 31

    Chapter 10: The Playing Field Page 32

    Chapter 11: The Game Plan Page 43

    Chapter 12: Training Camp Page 45

    Chapter 13: Pre-Season Page 51

    Chapter 14: First Game First Win Page 56

    Chapter 15: Each Week - Another Win Page 59

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    A Proven Approach

    About 20 years ago, having been a loan officer for three banks and four mortgage

    companies, believing that there was a better way to build a mortgage company, I started

    my own. I had three friends in the business who took my invitation to work as loan

    originators for this new enterprise. I told them that my success would be all about

    their success. It would be all about them. This is what I wanted from the previous

    banks and mortgage companies that I had worked for. I felt that as I brought them

    the business that I should be treated as the customer. This had not been the case,

    not even once.

    To define my efforts to my new loan officers I lived by three promises. 1- I would help

    them to make more money 2- I would find ways to make their job easier to do 3- I would

    help them to be more professional. These were my focus. Did keeping those promises

    deliver? It did. We grew fast by word of mouth. We started in the summer with the three

    original loan officers and quickly grew to over 100. From the next January to the end of

    the year we did over 1 billion in sales. All I had to do was to live up to my promises. I

    didnt advertise for business or loan officers. Good people just came to us. Our growth

    was incredible. Our people were incredible. As things progressed, several came to me

    with thanks that they had never made so much money in their entire careers. Mission

    accomplished. I embark on this venture with the same commitment. I offer a strategy and

    support in your becoming an elite performer. I challenge you to give this serious

    attention. I know it will work if you want it to work.

    Seahawks, Broncos, Patriots.

    February 2, 2015: the first edition of this book was written a year ago after the Seattle

    Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Today the New England Patriots are the champions. This

    book is about a championship strategy for you. The principles and comparisons to the

    Seahawks apply to the Patriots, to you, to any champion. This is a definite strategy. I

    congratulate the New England Patriots, they played great. I encourage you to embrace

    this championship strategy. We all can win each year. Who will be the next Super Bowl

    and Sales champions? Who will win? Here We

    All Win and here is How We All Win. Larry Cragun

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    Who should win with this strategy?

    Shouldnt We All Win?

    The sales person should win.

    The consumer should win by getting the attention and help they need.

    The person giving the referral, being a valued advocate, also should win.

    I am grateful for the feedback and assistance I have received from people whose opinions I

    value. This feedback has added greatly to the finished product, both the book and the website.

    This has been a longer journey than I had anticipated. It was over a year ago I thought I was

    close to delivery. I dont think I ever got discouraged but I can say that recent enthusiasm for the

    project has lifted my spirits. First lookers have voiced an excitement that this strategy will help

    them and that is the objective.

    I have been told by some that this is a surprising twist to some concepts that they already were

    familiar with. What they thought they were going to discover wasnt what I delivered. Getting

    that feedback from old pros was also exciting to me.

    I know that those who seriously implement this strategy will see their success results multiply.

    However, I warn you now that there will be some walls to break through.

    This is going to be difficult because its not about you, its about them. I am working on this

    every day. It is about you becoming a champion. To do so you must do what is for most of us, a

    huge shift in attitude. To implement the strategy you must be willing to implement a tool

    that most wont. You must also keep score and win consistently. The interesting part is that

    anyone can do this strategy. I mean anyone and everyone.

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    Dan Walsdsmidt has published a list of 19 hard things you need to know and do to be successful.

    They also apply. They are all good. However, seven really are applicable to this strategy.

    You have to make the call youre afraid to make.

    You have to give more than you get in return right away.

    You have to care more about others than they care about you.

    You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter.

    You have to lead when no one else is following you yet.

    You have to make mistakes and look like an idiot.

    You have to try, fail, and try again.

    How should a strategy help you win?

    This question addresses a key point. It is also a reason I am excited about the positive feedback I

    have already received. As Jim Warner told me call reluctance happens because people dont

    have anything interesting to say. Later I address the fatal role of call reluctance. The strategy

    obliterates this problem.

    Having a strategy is important. Having a great strategy is even better. It should identify winning

    plays. It should demonstrate by example how to execute those plays. It should show how to beat

    the competition. It should make the work we are in fun. It should play to our strengths. Most

    important it should bring out in us what is authentic. In other words, no games, not faking it and

    no razzle dazzle. I was called out by one of the edits for leaning towards the razzle dazzle. I hope

    that is tempered now.

    Contributor Jim Warner told me the How We All Win, the eBook and the website must provide four valuable consumables: 1- A network. This is tangible,

    valuable, and technical. 2- A path to follow. I have loved some of the motivational events I have

    attended. That is not what this is. It is an actual all day every day path. It begins with who is in

    your sphere, how to connect with that sphere, who to prioritize your time with, and how to

    expand that sphere in an effective way. 3- Coaching pathways. We encourage coaching. We

    also provide the path and the how to execute. The pathway is on how to generate referrals.

    4- Monetization. Isnt this the most important part? The book has a football theme. It proposes

    that your sites can be set on being a champion. We define what a champion is. In that vein, we

    want you to attain top of your industry income. Monetization is about generating income from

    referrals. Not just one referral. Not buying leads, but a steady stream of referrals.

    Jim used the word personify in describing how he saw the How We All Win strategy. He sees

    being able to teach this to other agents. He said that it shows what it looks like to be a champion.

    It maps out how to make it happen. He liked that it implemented what I learned from him, how

    to focus on being of value to others.

    Another Jim, Jim Vanderwarker and I have discussed the strategy over a lengthy period of time.

    Jim V was my favorite real estate broker. We recently met to discuss final markups of the book

    and the preparation for the website. He stunned me by opening up the meeting with these words,

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    words that personify the How We All Win strategy. He said, Larry, first of al