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  • 1. Whether you have always had a dream to write afiction book or if you are researching a topic you areinterested in for a book, there are plenty of tips on howto write a book available to help you along the way.With the use of various tips, you can easily write a bookthat is thorough, appealing, and that has the potentialfor success, regardless of your target demographic andaudience.
  • 2. Planning the idea for your book can help you toget off of the ground to get started with the writingprocess. Draw venn diagrams to represent charactersand write about the main plot as well as any sub-plotsyou have occurring in the book as well. This will helpyou to create an outline of your book and the chaptersit needs. It also helps to guide you with characterdevelopment for all of the characters you choose toinclude in the book.
  • 3. Or simply an ordinary guy who just got jilted by thelove of his life? This technique has worked so well forsome writers that it has not only been proved to be theideal way of how to beat writers block but it has also helpedthem create unforgettable characters for their books orstories. Sometimes avoiding writers block is as simple ascarefully setting up a daily writing routine where you choosea specific time of the day and sit at a particular quite placewhere you cannot be disturbed and you just write yourbook. This must be a place where you do nothing else butwrite.
  • 4. When you write your first draft, attempt to do sowithout the urge to edit or change what you have firstwritten. Leave these tasks for re-reading and goingthrough your first draft, to keep your thoughts freshwhen you have them and recorded as much as possible.
  • 5. Writing a book does not have rules that are set instone, as many writers prefer various techniques when itcomes to brainstorming and planning out a piece ofwork. When you write a book, you can write frombeginning to end, or you can write various chapters at atime, depending on how effective each method is whenyou are writing.
  • 6. Setting goals when you write a book is essentialand allows you to stay focused and on task as much aspossible. When you begin to write a book, make aspecific goal to write a certain amount of words eachday (or to conduct a specific amount of research everyday as well). This will help to prevent you from feelingoverwhelmed. It is also vital to stay as focused aspossible when you are writing and to avoid distractions,such as playing games, browsing online, and readingother material.
  • 7. Even if you have household chores or if you arein need of cooking dinner for your family, it isimportant to set aside time each day for you to writeand to commit to the project. This helps to preventprocrastination and it will help you to keep yourstoryline and current plots fresh for better writing(especially when working on a first draft).
  • 8. Finding inspiration for writing can be doneoutside of researching online and should be done inreal-life locations including parks, restaurants, and insituations that include crowds and groups of people.This can help you with character development andgetting a better idea for different storylines and plotsthat you may want to add into the book eventually.
  • 9. It is also possible to find inspiration for your ownbook by reading relevant books and research papers to findaccurate material to use and to reference in your own work.Looking online for character and plot ideas can also giveyou additional ideas to incorporate in your writing.