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    When you have worked hard and saved up everything that you have, finding the best

    used car dealer is important. You do not want to end up with

    a lemon that you cannot return. You also do not want to pay more than you should. Of course, the dealer will need to make a profit -- which is perfectly reasonable -- but you still should have an idea of the price you should pay for the vehicle you want the most.

    When it comes to spending money, there is always an intelligent process you must go through to avoid making mistakes that you cant take back. Here are some tips on how to choose a used car dealer.

    Choose Your Vehicle

    One of the worst mistakes that you can make is attempting to shop for a car without knowing what you want.

    The very first step in the process is deciding what kind of car you want. If you do not know the exact make and model of the vehicle you desire, you should at least narrow it down to the automobile type.

    Decide whether you would like a sports car, an SUV, a pickup truck or a van. That way you will not waste your time looking around at shops that do not have what you need.

    Search for a dealer with a service facility

    Buying a used car from a dealer that has their own service facility will usually translate into a vehicle with higher quality. Strong, reputable used car dealers will not sell a vehicle with mechanical deficiencies. A used car dealer that also has a service facility, in house, is more likely to perform the needed repairs before offering their vehicles for sale.

    A dealer that has a service facility can also provide future service for your new pre-owned vehicle. This will strengthen the customer relationship with your dealer to promote good, fair, solid transactions in the future as well.

    Talk to Friends and Family

    The first thing you can do to attempt to find a reputable dealer

    is speak to your closest friends and family

    members. If they buy used

    cars like most people do, they will be perfect sources of

    information on how

    their dealer treats its customers. If you come across more than

    one positive family review of a specific dealership, take that as a sign to check that dealer out. Your family will never steer you to give your money to a bad dealer.

    Search Locally and Online

    Next, you want to gather a list of local dealerships. You can find

    this information in your telephone book and online. Write down the addresses of the top used car dealerships.

    Call them up and make an appointment

    to come in and look at their inventory.

    You can even ask them what kind of financing they have and if they offer extended warranties on

    their vehicles and such.

    Visit the Dealership of Choice

    Stop by the dealership that you have received the best feedback on. Look around for cars that you want. Have in depth conversations with the sales clerk to find out if he is someone you are comfortable doing business with.

    Ask about the financing options, the warranty programs, the maintenance, past owner reports, and anything else you can think of that makes you feel more secure.

    This will help you find the dealership where you will receive the best value for your hard earned money. You will receive a fair price

    with the piece of mind that you have

    purchased a quality product and will receive a high level of customer service long after the sale.

    Have in depth conversations with the sales clerk to find out if he is someone you are comfortable doing business with.