how to use ifttt as a qs tool - blog. your fitbit sleep logs to a google spreadsheet o on ... it...

Download How to Use IFTTT as a QS Tool - blog.   your Fitbit sleep logs to a Google Spreadsheet O On ... it to Google Drive at the path you specify. ... Google Google IFTTT IFTTT

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  • How to Use IFTTT as a QS Tool

    Simon Dennis

  • Head of the School of Psychology

  • Director of the Complex Human Data Research


  • Agenda

    1. What is IFTTT?2. Registering and

    connecting services3. Activating existing applets4. Creating new applets5. DO Buttons

  • What is IFTTT?

  • Stands for

    IF This Then That

    Allows you to make simple scripts where an event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another

  • Logging in and connecting services

  • Activating existing applets

  • Creating new applets

  • DO Buttons

  • Fini