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How to use Facebook to build a successful World Ventures Marketing business. This is applicable to any business.


  • 1. How to use Facebook to Market your WorldVentures Business.I have been on Facebook a lot recently and I have been watching how people are marketing theirbusinesses. Most people are simply going out to different groups and other peoples fan pagesand posting their links. This is SPAM...and you shouldnt do it.It doesnt work any way.Build RelationshipsFacebook and Twitter are about relationships. These sites are not about throwing links aroundand hoping someone clicks on them.So here is what I have to say about how to build your World Ventures business.First thing is to join groups on Facebook that are travel related and get in real conversations withpeople about their traveling adventures. Ask them questions about where they have been andwhat they enjoyed.Ask these folks what they do for a living. get really curious about them. Quit worrying so muchabout making money and start getting to know people.Only send them a link to your fan page once they have asked for it or once youve asked if it isok for you to send them your link. This is called permission based marketing.Position Yourself as the ExpertThis is a network marketing business. The best way to attract people to your business is to be anexpert at it. I am great at social media and that is what I teach people to do in various differentgroups.The more people you can teach the more you become an authority in their minds.People will follow people who give them value. You may not be an expert at Network Marketingbut you can leverage other peoples information to create your own.I am not suggesting stealing other peoples information but I am suggesting that you can pointpeople to resources you use while youre learning.
  • 2. Create your own ContentYou need to be creating your own content that you can give to people. Your own content reallyshows that you know what the heck you are doing.I am unwilling to go bother my friends with this opportunity. I will share it with them as it comesup but I wont hunt them down to share it.I HATE the phone when it comes to building my World Ventures business so I use Facebook,Twitter and blogging to build my business and once I have people who are really interested injoining my business then I will set up a 3 way call with my upline.Some content you can create is Videos, Articles, Blog posts, Facebook notes and MP3 Audios.Make sure you have a subject in mind when you are creating this content. Teach peoplesomething about recruiting or something about how to use social media but DO NOT JUSTPITCH YOUR PRODUCT!!! This will make you look like an amateur and no one wants to bepitched.Tools I am UsingTool#1 MLSPI have several tools that I can use to help people market their businesses.I use MLSP to open up conversations with people who are spamming on Facebook and Twitter.Most of these people are good people who dont know what the heck they are doing online andjust need a little help.MLSP provides quality information for network marketing and for internet marketing through 6and 7 figure earners in their prospective MLMs.They also pay anywhere from 30% to 100% on their products!Tool #2 World Ventures Internet Marketing ToolsWorld Ventures internet marketing tools. These tools are great because they provide all theinformation a person needs to sign up. They also have follow up emails and they allow you tokeep building your business online without picking up the phone.Tool #3 The Empower NetworkThe Empower Network is a blogging system that has high klout in the search engines. Thisallows for content to be found easily with just a little bit of key word research. The products havea ton of value and training for my team as well. It also pays 100% commissions to people whosell their products!
  • 3. Tool#4 AweberAweber is an autoresponder service that you can use to keep in touch with you leads. It has a tonof functionality that Im not going to get into here but its primary function is to send outprescheduled emails to people who have asked to receive them.Facebook ItselfCreate a Facebook fan page. Name it after yourself.The reason for this is quite simple, you are branding yourself as a leader. If your company shutsdown for any reason youll be able to keep the people that you have worked so hard to meet andbuild relationships with.Using Facebook as a PageAlso, there is another benefit to doing this. You can go onto other peoples fan pages and post asa page. You wont look like you are trying to build your fan page or your business because youare just there helping people in their communities.Every fan page you interact with can be interacted with as a page instead of your personalprofile. This will help you build relationships easier.Facebook VideosFacebook Videos are a great way to share content. Create instructional videos for how to teachyour down line how to build their businesses. This again positions you as the expert.Facebook NotesFacebook Notes are another powerful tool because with just a little keyword research you canrank these easily in Google and the other search engines. These should be used as instructionalarticles. Make sure to use great keywords in your title, first sentence and your last sentence. Thiswill tell Google what you Facebook note is about and this will help you drive traffic to your fanpage which will again position you as an expert and have people ask you to join your business.Facebook Wall PostsPost relevant and useful content to your Facebook Wall. You can find useful stuff on YouTube.Share other peoples blog posts, make your own content tag people if you have their permission,share photos tell stories share audios etc.The most important part of your wall posts is that they should be useful and entertaining. Providevalue for people and theyll come back.
  • 4. Facebook ImagesTake pictures or create them. Share them. Put keywords in your title for them and link back toyour website.Facebook Custom TabsCustom tabs can be created through a number of different services. I can help you with these ifyou contact me. Most people dont use these because they dont know how to create them butthey can be the best way to create a leads list. I can help you get these created for your WorldVentures business.Facebook GroupsFacebook Groups are great places to meet people. DO NOT JUST GO INTO GROUPS ANDPUT YOUR LINK EVERYWHERE!!!! This is not what groups are for. Groups are awesome tobuild relationships and if you are going to post anything at all make sure to post valuable contentfor people whether the content is created by you or not.If youd like to learn more about how to use Facebook tobuild your World Ventures Business then click the linkbelow.