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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How to useCANVAto create aFACEBOOK POST</p> <p>In your browser, go</p> <p>This screen appears</p> <p>Sign up </p> <p>Choose from the sign up options:</p> <p>Click this if you want to sign up using your Facebook account</p> <p>Choose from the sign up options:</p> <p>Click this box if you want to sign up using your Gmail or Google account</p> <p>I choose to Sign up with Google</p> <p>This screen will appear</p> <p>Click Allow</p> <p>This screen will appear</p> <p>Lets start!</p> <p>Click Create a Design</p> <p>Click Facebook Post</p> <p>A new screen appears</p> <p>This is your Canvas.</p> <p>Choose a LAYOUT</p> <p>Click LAYOUTS</p> <p>Choose a Layout. Click to Select</p> <p>Your layout will appear in the canvas</p> <p>CHANGE the BACKGROUND</p> <p>Click the background photo</p> <p>Click the icon and select Delete Image</p> <p>12</p> <p>Go to BACKGROUND</p> <p>Use the Search box to browse the Web</p> <p>Type the keyword then Press Enter</p> <p>Browse from the Search Results</p> <p>Drag and Drop the photo to the Canvas</p> <p>Change the Text</p> <p>Highlight the quote.</p> <p>Type your own TextSuccess is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.</p> <p>Type your own Text</p> <p>Done!</p> <p>Changeyour Design title</p> <p>Click here</p> <p>Change the design title.</p> <p>Click Done.</p> <p>Post on Facebook</p> <p>Slide Make Public button</p> <p>Click Share</p> <p>This screen will appear.</p> <p>Click Post</p> <p>This screen will pop out.</p> <p>Finally, Click Post to Facebook</p> <p>This is how your post looks like </p> <p>Download your Design</p> <p>Click Download</p> <p>This menu will appear</p> <p>Click the arrow to choose Format</p> <p>Choose from the Dropdown.</p> <p>Click Download.</p> <p>Wait until the progress bar is completed.</p> <p>Uploading your ownBackgroundPhoto</p> <p>Click UPLOADS</p> <p>Click Upload your own Images</p> <p>Browse and Click Open</p> <p>Drag your uploaded Photo to the Canvas</p> <p>EditingPOST</p> <p>Click the text.</p> <p>Click to Change the Alignment</p> <p>Click to change the Font</p> <p>Click to change the Font Size</p> <p>Click to change the Font Color</p> <p>Make it BOLD letters</p> <p>Make it Italic letters</p> <p>Change the alignment</p> <p>Change the height and spacing of letters</p> <p>Drag the dots to reposition the text</p> <p>Click the Background Image</p> <p>Click to Apply Filter to the background</p> <p>Click to Crop and Resize</p> <p>Crop and Resize.</p> <p>Click Check when done. X to Cancel</p> <p>Click to Flip the Image</p> <p>Click to add space border to the sides.</p> <p>Click to zoom your Canvas</p> <p>Go to TEXT to add more stylish Texts</p> <p>Creating aCustom-sized Design</p> <p>At the home page, click Use Custom Dimensions</p> <p>This screen will appear.</p> <p>Enter the desired Width and Height</p> <p>Click Design.</p> <p>Custom-sized Canvas is ready</p> <p>Creating a Facebook Cover Photo</p> <p>Click Create a Design</p> <p>Scroll down to Social Media &amp; Email Header</p> <p>Click Facebook Cover</p> <p>This page will appear.</p> <p>Choose a LAYOUT</p> <p>Download and Update your profile.</p> <p>What else can you do with Canva?</p> <p>Various Social Media Posts</p> <p>Design Banners, Headers and Cover Photos</p> <p>Cards and Invitations</p> <p>Thank You!</p> <p>Ads</p> <p>Marketing Materials</p> <p>E-Book and Blogging Needs</p> <p>Documents and Presentations</p> <p>Thank you! </p>