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Julia Boggio of Boggio Photography shares simple-to-understand photography tips and lighting advice for bloggers -- great for portraits and food photos


<ul><li> 1. Twitter: @juliaboggio Facebook: Julia Boggio Studios &amp; Julia Boggio Instagram: @juliaboggio </li></ul> <p> 2. What makes a portrait look professional? 3. What gives a photo value? 4. Your Shooting Recipe 1.Light 2.Location 3.Pose/Styling 4.Technical decisions 5.Expression/Finer details 5. 1 Choose your light 6. Locate window. Shoot next to it. 7. Big sliding glass doors in front of subject 8. Window above head of subject 9. Window up left, white walls to bounce light around 10. Three sash windows to the right, girls standing on desk 11. Egg light 12. 2 Choose your location in the light 13. But where do you choose? 14. Eggs to the north 15. Eggs to the north 16. Eggs to the south 17. 3 Pose/Styling 18. Rule of Thirds 19. The Rule of Thirds 20. For ideas on posing kids, just Google: Ideas for posing children 21. The Colour Wheel 22. Look at the childrens fashion blogs Fluxlings Pirouette Smudgetikka Little Style Fix Babiekins Hide &amp; Go (Style) Milk Papier Mache Now &amp; Then 23. 24. 4 Make technical decisions 25. Creative settings 26. Professional settings Ax = Aperture Priority Tx = Time Exposure Priority M = Manual 27. Apertures 28. F 5.6 F8.0 F11 F16 29. F 5.6 F8.0 F11 F16 30. 1/60 second 31. 1/125 second 32. 1/250 second 33. 1/500 second 34. Olloclip 35. Fisheye 36. Normal vs wide 37. Macro x 10 38. Macro x 15 39. Lens choice Telephoto (&gt;50mm)= Portraiture Wide angle (</p>